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Security Training

Savannah, Georgia, United States
January 22, 2018

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William L Hibbs Jr

**** ****** **** **.

Savannah, GA.

912 *** **** Cell

Professional Profile

While enlisted in the USMC I was assigned to 2nd Marine Division Amphibious Assault Crewman. I was delegated additional duties as the unit trainer, unit reporting NCOIC(S-2), education NCO. I taught Amphibious Assault Crewman skills to newly arriving re-assigned marines to conform to the units operational tasking’s and TTPs. I have received various awards and citations for performance of duty and operational ability.

After separation from the Marine Corps Honorable, I was employed at the National Security Agency. I was assigned to M group tasked to the director of NSA LTG W.E.Odom staff conducting security operations. Upon LTG Odom retirement I was assigned to V/ADM W.O.Studeman Staff. Tasked with the same mission statement.

My career path led me to the security contracting upon my departure from NSA. I have worked with and for U.S. government organizations namely, Department of Defense, Department of State and Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Justice on a contract or sub contract basis. I have also worked for various private military companies and various private security companies.

My primary areas of security work have been the Middle East/Central America and South West Asia. I have learned to a greater or lesser extent various languages to be better able to conduct the scope and detail of the work. Spanish being my stronger and Arabic/Dari being the weaker skill set.

I have meet and worked with many foreign nationals either being military/civilian government/diplomatic. I feel very fortunate to be able to have worked with all of these different persons in their own respects. I still maintain relationships with some of these persons to this day.

My focus with the security contracting has evolved from operational to training aspects. I have trained various standing armies’ (PMC) in military skill sets from basic to advanced tactical disciplines. I have also trained various private security companies’ (PSC) clients in their respective disciplines.

Professionalization stems from my tenure at NSA. I have received advance adult education in matters of federal law enforcement centering on criminal and constitutional law enforcement. I have also been certified by the state department mandated T/3 train the trainer program for protective security operations in conflict and post conflict nations. These programs are for protective security operations that have contract security assets providing services. With this I conducted the research necessary to develop and revise training courses and prepared appropriate training catalogs and materials. I also prepared all instructor materials (course outline, background material, and training aids). I prepared all student materials (course manuals, workbooks, handouts, completion certificates, and course critique forms).Trained personnel by conducting formal classroom courses, workshops, field training and seminars. The final output as to provide daily supervision and direction to staff and students and finally to assess the effectiveness of the course taught to the subject audience.

I have also completed aviation technology programs that ran concurrent for the scope and detail of other security contracts that I was involved with. I have also completed certified adult leaning courses in remotely operated vehicles, again following in the same vain with other security programs.

I have had budgetary, findings, and policy, procedural and audit authority at varying levels throughout my career. I have conducted risk assessments in numerous foreign counties from embassy’s to industrial, and commercial structures. In particular being physical, industrial security programs.


Military and civilian certified trainer.

NSA/CSS directorate staff position.

Federal law enforcement training center.

State department protective security operations.

Team leader various PSD missions in Israel,Iraq,Afghanistan.

Budget and audit authority, on various projects.

Coauthored findings and standard operating procedures.


1.Federal Law Enforcement FLETC

2.Protective Security Operations State Department

3.Aviation Technology Pompano School Aero.

4.Robotics remotely operated vehicles Institute of R.O.V.

5.Certified Military/Civilian Trainer State Dept. T/3 program(PSD)

6.Cryptologic service date Seven years 4/81-11/88

7. IDPC instructor development Military/Civilian Instructor

All of my security contracting time is through 1990-2013 time frames. I have worked for these companies on multiple occasions in various locations.

AT Solutions10/2012-6/2013


FoM Program Instructor /Trainer

Conducted Instructional training for the Provincial response company (PRC) in Explosive reduction course, that was operationally controlled by the Ministry of Interior in Afghanistan.

AECOM National Security Programs 8/2011-2/2012

Springfield, VA.

AP/A Program Atmospherics Manager

Ghazni, Afghanistan. CJTF-1 CJ2

Conducted open source reporting requirements under P.O #12333 for the Atmospherics program reporting to the theater commander and subordinate commands. I was responsible for the subcontract employees (afghan nationals) reporting and distribution of product province wide. Product client included DOS,DOD,PRT all elements within their respective organizations.

Asia Security Group 6/2008-5/2011

Kabul, Afghanistan.

Team Leader /Program Coordinator /Trainer

Afghanistan country wide

I conducted protective operations throughout Afghanistan utilizing local afghan elements. These elements were trained and operationally controlled at the Kabul main office 10th district.

The program coordination efforts were established and operated to accommodate the ISAF and coalition forces contractual agreements.

The training of security contractors that were employed by local Afghanistan security company's

to achieve the standards set forth in U S Government requirements. ASG also trained private security firms in skill sets that allowed for custom training packages.

SCG International Risk 8/2007- 3/2008

Virginia Beach, VA.

Military Tactics Trainer

Conducted military tactics training for Seabee elements that were attached to Naval seal teams that were forward deployed in Afghanistan.

Dr. Jamie Smith owner S.C.G.International

Aegis Defense Services 6 /2006-6/2007


Security operations

Ramadi, Iraq. PSD Operations

Fallujah, Iraq. PSD Operations

Blackwater USA 5/2004-6/2006


Baghdad, Iraq. IRI Program PSD Operations

Baqubah, Iraq DSS Program PSD Operations

DYNCORP International 11/2003- 4/2004

Ft. Worth,TX.

State Department Mission U. S. Embassy Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Conducted security operations in Gaza and the West Bank for embassy employees that mission operations required them to travel to these areas.

MPRI 3/2003-11/2003


NIAT Program Iraqi Army Kirkush, Iraq. Trainer NCO Branch

ISG-88/224 Program DIA Doha, Qatar. Document Exploitation

Conducted Military training for the New Iraqi Army in basic and advanced military skill sets.

on the first interaction of my work for MPRI. The second interaction of my work for MPRI was document exploitation for the Iraqi Survey Group-88 for the defense intelligence agency.

Temple Tactical Training & Consulting 5/1989-1/2003


SELF Employed

Conducted Training and consulting encompassing weapons system and tactics

Department Of Defense 5/1986-11/1988

Ft Meade, Md.

National Security Agency/Central Security Services

Director NSA staff security officer M5 Group LTG W.E. Odom

RADM W.O.Studeman

Mission statement for my activities at Ft.Meade,Md are classified.

Department of Defense- United States Marine Corps


Amphibious Assault Crewman/Beirut, Lebanon BLT 2/8 32 MAU

Unit reporting (S-2)

Unit Training NCOIC

Training programs conducted

1. USMC Unit trainer 2nd Mar Div/1st Mar Bgd

2. FID Active duty Marine Corps- North Africa/Morocco- Amphibious Assault

3. NIAT Iraqi Army Kirkush,Iraq

4 Afghan PSC Kabul, Afghanistan.

5. Afghan 213th commando, Mazar e shrif, Afghanistan.

6. Costa Rica Police NON sanctioned intermediate/advanced skill sets.

7. Afghanistan MOI Country wide, Afghanistan.

Corporate entities

1. ANAWILL S.A. Costa Rica corporation

2. Temple Tactical Training & Consulting, INC. Texas, corporation (Closed)

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