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Air Force Management

Moreno Valley, California, United States
January 22, 2018

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Dr. Robert J. Batiste

***** ******** **.

Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Home Phone: 951-***-****

Cell: 951-***-****

Retired USAF Management Engineer/Consultant

Resume: Award Winning Industrial Engineer/Educator/Researcher (Qualitative & Quantitative)/, Data Scientist, Statistician

Job Objective:

Position in the field of quality/industrial relations, utilizing personnel, data science, science, industrial engineering, business, facilities, or Aerospace Defense


Desired Salary/Wage: Negotiable

Current Career Level: Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff) – assistant, and associate professor

Years of relevant work experience: More than 20 Years

Date of Availability: Flexible

Security Clearance:

Top Secret (Inactive-1988)

Secret (Inactive-2012)


Researcher(applied) and Facilities Engineer: Aerotek 1/2016 to 1/2018 (contract expired)

1.Developed a 400-page research report on pollution control and employee health. Report was very well received and implemented. The outcome was to help reduce pollution and increase employee health. Outstanding results!

2.Conducted analysis on various electrical systems (turnstiles, card readers, and access control elements); able to resolve issues and effect results. Achieved the desired objectives for the system(s). Improved the assets!

3.Conducted layout studies to improve efficiencies for strategic, tactical, and operational elements of several organizations. Influenced operations and reduced associated wastes.

4.Air Pollution Control and Process Safety. Conducted rule specific inspections of permitted sources of air pollution to ensure compliance (OSHA and NFPA). Made recommendations to management on the conditions of dust collectors (dry and wet), ducts, grinders, flash booths, spray booths, paint booths, spencer vacuums, and downflow tables.

oMade assessments of process safety culture and organizational reliability

oConducted prestart-up safety reviews (PSSR)

oStudied operating and maintenance practices in the plant

oEvaluated the safety features in process design and control.

oCoordinated annual preventive maintenance (PM) inspections for dust collectors (dry and wet).

oCoordinated quarterly inspections of dust (aluminum & titanium) per OSHA 1910.119, and NFPA 652 and 654) to determine their explosiveness. Collected and recorded samples of dust particles and sent in to designated (DEKRA) labs for testing and process recommendations.

oSearched for ways to eliminate: dust, smoke, fumes, or odors from grinding, sanding, deburring, welding and other hot work operations.

oCoordinated the collection of water samples according to protocol.

oCoordinated on the maintaining of pollution control and monitoring equipment.

oProvided advice and guidance on the storage, use and preventive measures for pollutants.

oAbility to wear personal protective equipment and possess an understanding of personal equipment required for job tasks.

oOrganized pickup/delivery of various waste types (aluminum and titanium fines).

oDeveloped and conducted routine meetings with personnel to collaborate reports, issues and safety requirements.

5.Site Safety Training for New Employees on fall protection, and cardinal rules for


o Arc Flash and other electrical safety procedures

oWorking at heights, including the use of ladders

oConfined space

oSafe driving on site

oMachine guarding

Data Scientist

Lead initiatives to build statistical models using historical data to predict manpower (and other resources) in multiple markets. Focused on analyzing factors affecting the values and costs to markets.

Developed prediction algorithms using advanced data mining algorithms to classify similar properties together to develop sub-markets; each zip code was divided into submarkets using advanced data mining and statistical techniques.

Conducted data preparation, and outlier detection using MS SQL server; built using python, EXCEL, and SPSS.

Created and presented executive dashboards and score cards to show the trends in the collected data using EXCEL and VBA-Macros.

Furnish executive leadership team insights, analytics, reports, and recommendations enabling effective strategic planning across all business units, distribution channels, and product lines.

Developed intricate algorithms based on deep-dive statistical analysis and predictive modeling that were used to deepen relationships, strengthen longevity and personalize interactions with customers.

Analyzed and processed complex data sets using advanced querying, visualization and analytics tools.

Identified, measured and recommended improvement strategies for KPIs across all business units.

Teaching Appointments: Teach undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level business statistics and economics as an adjunct faculty member for Brandman, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical universities (2011 to 2015) and (1992 to present).

Statistician: USAF

Designed sampling plans and assisted in the identification of population elements. Evaluated population elements and work load items. Used simple to complex sampling processes and methodologies to assist other USAF civilian and military members in assessing their audits, research methodologies, and collected data. This research was conducted in qualitative and quantitative modes. The results were positive, substantive and supported decision making!

Using management consulting techniques - improved operations and unit(s) procedures.

Conducted Statistical Survey Designs

Made quantitative management assessments – results were validated and used to improve model development.

Conducted studies to design organizations – the results were better structures and, rapid decision making.

Engineering Project Manager: NASA -SBIR/STTR

Under general direction of sponsored research administrator, managed and encouraged technology transfer activities and intellectual property issues relating to scientific discoveries and inventions; advised and educated the campus community regarding relevant intellectual property and technology transfer issues, including developing and interpreting policy; and representing the university’s interest in intellectual property and technology transfer to external organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Managed, encouraged, and supported the development, disclosure, and protection of the university’s intellectual property, including reviewing proposals, ensuring adequate documentation and compliance with federal laws and policies related to intellectual property, technology transfer, and applications for patents, etc.; negotiated ownership issues between co-investigators; negotiated cooperative agreements, license fees, royalties, etc., for technology transfers; developed research partnerships to commercialize research results; wielding collaborative “Power of Attorney” in intellectual property matters for the site.

Identified technologies best commercialized by a university spin-out company; provided leadership and oversight for such development and collaborated with appropriate organizations to provide support.

Assisted faculty and staff in establishing collaborative relationships with industry, including acquiring industrial grants and contracts; supported these efforts through meetings with faculty about their research, identifying external entities with interest in faculty research area(s), and developing research partnerships.

Developed and maintained strong working relationship with departments, colleges, and research centers to disseminate information regarding technology transfer and intellectual property; made presentations to trustees and legislators as requested.

Monitored and advised on the application of intellectual property policy and relevant federal regulations.

Developed, administered, and monitored office budget and major federal program budgets as assigned.

Hired, trained, supervised, and evaluated staff as assigned.

Collaborated with the university’s sponsored research office on grant and contract administration as needed.

Participated in institutional professional development and training.

Performed other related duties as assigned by the site director.

Processed Technology Transfers - achieved outstanding results!

Senior Industrial Engineer: Ingalls Shipbuilding

Cost-conscious and analytical with history of success optimizing quality and production processes in fast-paced organizations to include manufacturing, quality, and probability of predictive events through keen data analysis and process design; significantly improved operations and provided efficient resolution of production issues. Identified opportunities for honing safety standards safety and maximizing ROI. Excel at completing projects accurately, on time, and within budget. Proficient in MS Office (EXCEL, Word, Power Point, & Access), MATLAB. Understand and use AutoCAD for basic projects.

Areas of Expertise

Lean Manufacturing-Supply Chain Management-Just in Time (JIT)-5S and Kaizen Cost Reduction & Avoidance – Statistical Process Control (SPSC) ~ Process Redesign

Resolved issues at all levels of the organization. Industrial engineering assignments included office systems and methods, plant layout, production methods, and cost studies.

Productivity Improvement completed study in superb manner!

Designed, implemented, and managed a “Suggestion Program,” achieve outstanding results! Improved operations by implementing quality suggestions!

Managed time studies and work sampling initiatives – achieved outstanding results for organizations under review. Used results to make predictions for operations and resource loadings.

Conducted studies to improve work methods and reduce organizational disarray and mission creep!

Conducted audits of complete systems from tops down to bottoms up. Achieve the structure for efficient organizations!

Staff Management Engineer: USAF

Here, I managed resources (manpower, materials, space, time, technology and capital). The work was akin to monitoring a complete village (town). The AF village included all elements necessary to be self-sustaining.

Conducted efficiency study of cafeteria operations to minimize annual six-figure loss: Result: major reduction of loss to manageable level.

Coordinated and directed the relocation of the industrial engineering department. Involved working with construction engineers, planning, and operations to time move sequences to eliminate work interruption. Completed the move precisely on schedule.

Moved to management engineering division, and promoted to department head of other management engineers. Supervised 3 different sections with 20 personnel, whose functions were manpower standards (statistics and advanced mathematics) development, job and organization assessment, operational audits and consulting.

Department was disorganized due to transfer of previous department head. I met the challenge. Streamlined operations, handled increased workload from production increases with the same work force; boosted moral. I received a pin on medal from a four-star General for this effort.

Move included supervising:

Organizational assessment

Statistical data collection

Consulting studies

Model development and management development.

Senior Professor (Instructor) Management Engineering

Selected to head the agency (Management Engineering Agency Training Branch)

Used management techniques to instruct:

Model development (for over 40 different career areas within DOD)

Development of simulation models

Management of manpower elements

Job development (evaluated position descriptions)

Resource manager opportunities

Inflight Shutdown Specialist and Jet Engine Systems

Achieved results (52%) by evaluating and making recommendations on all Jet Engine Systems – all suggestions were received and implemented by staff and operators

Managed program (42%) for complete Quality Assessments (zero defects, lean manufacturing, inspections, test plans, standards), and statistical acceptance elements. Prepared work instructions and procedures for operations and all elements of the organization. In this capacity, facilitated the investigation and the elimination of causes identified quality problems. Implemented initiatives and conducted follow up tests to evaluate the outcomes.

Created statistical models to access the results of historical data and its utility. In all cases, made recommendations to implement solutions to target areas of the organization.

Resolved issues to improve procedures for evaluations and process capability, process control plans and statistical data analysis of control elements. Instrumental in the improvement of all areas of product improvement and new product development.

International Experience:

Thailand: 3 years; Japan: 3 years; Korea: 5 years; and Canada: 2 years


Married; Good Health; own home will relocate for proper opportunity

Computer Skills:

I have over eight years experience with the MS Office tool suite and database management. Also, I completed courses in FORTRAN, PASCAL, and Object data base programming.

In the MS Office suite, I am experienced with EXCEL, Power Point, MS Word, and Access. Understand basic Design CAD (CAD) and blueprints.

I managed computer resources for four years to include hardware and software (at Ingalls Shipbuilding). Developed databases to track events and operations. Used the data to develop regression models to support strategic thinking.

Teaching Experience:

Business and Management, Central Texas College, Killeen TX

August, 1987 - 1988

Taught Business, statistics, systems, and management

Industrial and Management Engineering, College of the Air Force, Biloxi, MS,

August 1988 to November 1990

Taught statistics, industrial engineering, project management, operations research, organizational analysis, resource management, mathematics for statistics (mathematics from basic to intermediate algebra)

Statistics and Economics, University of Southern Mississippi, Long-Beach, MS

August, 1989 - September 1990

Taught Statistics, management, and operations

Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, MS,

October 1992 to present

Taught statistics, quantitative studies, information systems, organization, management, and operations research and management science

English as a Second Language, (conversation English), Goldstar Electronics, Republic of South Korea

August 1987 to 1988

Taught English to engineers and scientists


Doctorate of Philosophy, Organization Management, 2007

Capella University

Dissertation: Consulting

Professional Development (PD) Management and Statistics 2005-Capella University

Program: Research and Statistics

Doctorate of Philosophy, Industrial Engineering

La Salle University

Dissertation: Elements of Industrial Engineering applied to Government industries

Masters of Arts, Procurement & Material Management

Webster University

Thesis: Organization Effectiveness (evaluating organizations); electronic systems

Profession Development, Systems Engineering

University of Southern California

Projects: Information Systems Management

Professional Development, Management Engineering

College of the Air Force

Projects: Management Advisory Studies for US Air Force Organizations

Bachelors of Science, Business; Industrial Engineering Technology

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Diploma, Electronics

Los Angeles College

Projects: Circuit design and analysis; designed and constructed a multi-tester.

Diploma, Management Engineering

College of the Air Force

Projects: developed and implemented organization and systems design for USAF organizational elements.

Diploma, Resource Management

College of the Air Force

Projects: Designed, and lead an organization study to determine organization resource requirements for managing and operating organization elements. In this capacity, I performed operations research for Aircraft Management to determine the number of people required to produce the required output (15 engines per month). It included hypothesis testing, evaluating sample results, and developing engineering models (under the rational system) from the population of historical data.

Diploma, Toxicology

University of Wisconsin

Projects: inorganic poisons, organic poisons, and poisoning and diagnosis and treatment.

Diploma, Propulsion Systems

Rantoul, IL

Propulsion Systems Maintenance & Management

Certificate, Hazard Recognition for General Industry

30 Hour OSHA Hazard Recognition Training for General Industry

USC San Diego (America Safety Council)

Current: Company courses in:

Statistics, industrial engineering, conference leadership, reliability, human relations and work measurement. Design CAD, Calculus (review), real analysis, big data, reliability, and operations

OSHA Managers Safety Course

OSHA Safety Training

OSHA 30 Hour Training Course for Construction and General Industry

OSHA Fall Protection certificate

OSHA Lockout/Tagout Certificate

OSHA Machine Guarding Certificate OSHA Electrical for Construction Certificate


Batiste, R. J. (on going) Research on Statistics and Data Analysis

Batiste, R. J. (on going) Research on the benefits of Strategic Decision Making

Batiste, R. J. (on going) Research to revise the text Multi Actor Consulting

Batiste, R. J. (on going) Research on Elements of Industrial Engineering

Batiste, R. J. (2015) Published through Scholars Press Multi Actor text available on

Batiste, R. J. (2007): Multi Actor vs Single Actor Consulting (

Batiste, R.J. (1990): Work measurement: United States Air Force Institute, Gunter, AFB, AL.

Batiste, R.J. (1990). Foundations of Management Engineering: United States Air Force Institute, Gunter AFB, AL.

Batiste, R.J. (1990): Manpower and Organization: United States Air Force Institute, Gunter, AFB, AL.

Batiste, R. J. (1990): Manpower Data Systems: United States Air Force Institute, Gunter AFB, AL.

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