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Engineer Project

West Des Moines, Iowa, United States
January 22, 2018

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Dedicated Aerospace Engineer with excellent technical analytical and communication skills demonstrated by 5+ years of experience in Aeronautical Industry. Track record of improving designs while reducing costs and streamlining manufacturing processes. Goal-oriented and highly motivated with strong project management and team leadership abilities.




Major Specialization


Bachelors in Engineering

Indian Inst of Aeronautical & Marine Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering



Government Tool Room and Training Center

Electronics & Communication



Auto Cad, Auto wire, EChange, Drawing tracking system, Eroom, Wiring design manufacturing system.


Aerodynamic Analysis Tools: Basics in FLUENT, GAMBIT, AVL, XFLR-5.


Airbus CATIA V5 Validation, PDM Link SSCI, VPM, Trend

Special Achievements

Research on Stability & Flying Qualities of Micro Air Vehicle using Vortex Lattice Method.

The purpose of the work is to evaluate the static stability and dynamic stability for Micro Air Vehicle for Military surveillance. Forces and moments were computed for different values of angle of attack, sideslip angle, aileron, rudder and elevator deflection, the longitudinal and lateral–directional derivative to show that the airplane is statically stable.

Professional Experience

Tech Mahindra Private Ltd Mar-2014 to Feb-2015

Designation: Senior Aerospace Engineer

Work Location: Bangalore, India

Client: Bombardier Inc., Montreal, Canada

Project: Creation of Electrical Wiring/Design diagrams for Business Aircrafts (G5000/G6000)

Project Description:

The project deals with studying the schematics, validation of inputs and creation of wiring Diagrams as per the Bombardier Aerospace standards. The scope of work also includes validation of ground studs, production disconnects and wiring database checks.


●Study the inputs and A/C specification.

●Study of Engineering system schematic diagrams (ESSD)

●Validation of lighting schematic (system definition drawings) and integrated configuration list for specific aircrafts.

●Designing of wiring Diagram using customized Wiring tools. (Auto wire)

●Support for Change management

●Preparation of EDRN and generation of harness Reports

●Validation of ground studs and production disconnects.

Tech Mahindra Private Ltd Sep-2012 to Feb-2014

Designation: Senior Aerospace Engineer

Work Location: Hamburg, Germany

Client: Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Project: A350-XWB Batch 3 New crown Re-design


●Involved in preliminary Design (SAM) for Electrical System Installation (ESI).

●Involved in the TRS Queries activity for design support to provide new solutions.

●Exposure to Project Management in creation of Action Reports for 3D & 2D checks for V924 Brackets and for ESI.

●Worked on V928 and V929 Harness Design for A350 program.

●Interacting between Airbus focal points and Design Team in resolving queries and in developing new FLTs.

●Involved with Interface Requests and related tasks for ATA 92 which deals with the attachment of ATA53.

Tech Mahindra Private Ltd Dec-2011 to Aug-2012

Designation: Junior Aerospace Engineer

Work Location: Bangalore, India

Client: Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Project: System Structure Cabin Installation check for A380


●MSI and RUZO check done for A380 for different ATA chapters using CATIA V5 and TREND software.

●Good knowledge of TDD and SIDP guidelines.

●Recording the issues such as clash, clearance and segregation, which are not meeting the design principles and addressing the same to the design team responsible.

●Report generation for SSCI check & involved in team discussions with the client in terms of delivery & quality management.

National Aerospace Laboratories Feb-2009 to Nov-2011

Designation: Junior Project Engineer

Work Location: Bangalore, India

Project: Micro air vehicle design and development


●Design and analysis of different plan forms.

●Worked on Performance testing for MAV wings using Wind tunnel to ensure good Quality

● Testing of motor and propeller for Micro Air Vehicle.

● Designing of “Black Kite” Micro Air Vehicle having 300mm Wing span.

● Obtain stability derivatives for Black Kite 300mm span by varying aerodynamic parameters and control deflections.

●Literature survey for flapping wing of Micro Air Vehicle and its configuration.

● Selection of fabrication material, motor, sensors for Micro Air Vehicles.

● Aerodynamic calculation of wing for fixed wing Micro Air Vehicle.

● Active participation for flight testing of Micro Air Vehicle.

● Calculation for designing unmanned Air vehicle.

Internship Projects

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Feb-2008 to May-2008

Designation: Project Intern

Work Location: Bangalore, India

Project: Root Cause Analysis of HPCR Blades

The project work was focused on the manufacturing in quality aspects of one of the most critical components – “High Pressure Compressor Rotor Blades” of stage 1 and stage 5 of Adour MK 811 engine fitted on the Jaguar aircraft. Quality aspects of these components are being addressed to ensure the reduction of rejection rate.

Bharat Heavy Electronics Ltd. Dec-2004 to May-2005

Designation: Project Intern

Work Location: Bangalore, India

Worked with Photovoltaics, also called solar cells, are electronic devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Used with the wafer-based crystalline silicon (c-Si) technology to be soldered using electronic equipment’s providing a module Assembly.

Involved in furnace testing to ensure Quality of solar cells

Worked with PC (Printed Circuit) Boards Design for circuits using Software AUTOCAD and developing into real by assembling into circuit Board by using Etching Process and been soldered.


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