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High School Sales

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
January 22, 2018

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Hi, my name is Patrick Finlay. I live in Des Peres, Missouri and I would like to work for your company.

I have P & L responsibility,

executive management experience, high level sales

experience, strategic marketing experience, administration experience, recruiting and hiring experience, courier experience, promotion experience, high school sports experience, retail experience, manufacturer experience, distributor experience and volunteer experience, etc.

Following is an extended list of Companies/Jobs I've had up to this point. There is hardly any business activity that I haven't performed.

Work History

Jobs During High School

1.) Normandie Golf Club

2.) St Ann Department Store

Jobs During College

3.) Northwest Plaza

4.) Grey Eagle AB Distr.

5.) Silk Screen Printing Inc

6.) MODOT (4 Summers)

7.) Jake Evans Mfg. Co

8.) Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.

9.) Hussman Refrigerator

Jobs After Undergraduate

10.) Parts Fabricators Inc 11).) Rush Machinery

12.) JL Brown Co. (6 yrs)

Jobs After Masters Degree

13.) Seven-Up Co (10 yrs)

14.) Purina PetCare (23 yrs)

CYC Soccer Coach (14 yrs)

CYC B- ball Coach (6 yrs)

Jobs During Retirement

15.) Doctor Recruiting Co.

16.) Wine Distributor

17.) St Louis Courier

18. Repertory Theater

19.) Hallmark Cards

20.) T&T Courier Service

21.) Access Courier

22.) Condo Painter

23.) American Red Cross

24.) MICDS Sports Timer

25.) Wash. U. Bookstore

26.) SLU Bookstore

27.) Missouri Election Poll

28.) Metro Senior Golf Ass.

29.) Auto Trim Refurbishing 30.) Crescent Golf Club

31.) Movie Actor


1.) To more than 30 states

2.) Canada

3.) Mexico

4.) England

5.) Ireland

6.) Germany

7.) Switzerland

8.) Denmark

9.) Russia

10.) 5 Cruises (Bahamas, east, west and southern Caribbean and the Baltic Sea

Major Sporting Events Attended

1.) World Series

2.) Super Bowl

3.) Masters

4.) Cotton Bowl

5.) NCAA B-ball Champion

6.) Stanley Cup Finals

7.) Senior PGA Golf Tourn.

I can meet with you at any time. I look forward to your response. Thank you. My phone number is 314-***-****.

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