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mohamed mohamed borham

Cairo Governorate, Egypt
January 17, 2018

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Seeking a challenging position in the field of marine construction where my knowledge and skills can be utilized.


Date of birth : 4/8/1980

Place of birth : Suez

Nationality : Egyptian

Marital status : married

Military service : Completed


Arab company for shipping.

El salam company for shipping.

International company for rapid ships.

Ahram company for petroleum products.

Saint gobain glass.

Arab contractors company, division construction.

Maritime Inspection Organization.

/savola egypt


Diploma: Industrial Secondary School: Suez secondary Navy

Department: Construction Graduation year: 2000



ability to sustain responsible.

good at solving problems.

good at managing time.


The ability to use computer programs such as Word, Excel.

Achievements &Awards

I got a degree experience of the arab contractors company in the field of occupational Safety, health.

Participate in many the insurance operations of the naval base of the egyptian army during the period of military service.




English: good.

Interested/ Hobbies

Reading in many fields.

Playing swimming,dive .


1.A course in crowd management.

2.the safety of life and search and rescue techniques.

3.The number of full cycles 4 Osha.

4.A course in fire prevention and control.

5.cycle in the efficiency of floating facilities and rescue boats.

6.Crisis Management and Emergency.

7.evacuation procedures in case of emergency.

8.Emergency First Aid course.

9.A course in safety procedures.

10.Prepare and vocational training.

11.Professional Risk Classification.

12.course in the rules of international safety on board ships.

13.cycle in crisis and human behavior.

14.personal safety and social responsibilities.

15.Training in what respect the safety of ships.

16.Full environment work certified by, Jordan academy for maritime studies.

17.Test fit gear weighlifting certified by, Jordan academy for maritime studies.

18.Rating working safety professional certified by, Jordan academy for maritime studies.

19.International ship &port facility certified by, Jordan academy for maritime studies.

20. fitness professional certified by, Jordan academy for maritime studies.

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