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Executive Secretary / Senior Document Controller

United Arab Emirates
January 17, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae-Executive Secretary / Senior Document Controller


Tel. No. 00971(50)7649655 / Tel. No. 00971(50)4096565

E-mail: and

Professional Experience:

21 years UAE experience (working in UAE since September 1996). 7.5 years’ experience with Oil and Gas Projects (Takreer / ADNOC’s EPC Projects); in the field of Secretary / Document Controlling. Experience in operating 6 different software for Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). These softwares are used to upload / download / save / archive all the documents and to distribute to the Concern Staff / Management. I am also having 6 years’ experience in operating the Aconex software as an Administrator and 2.5 years’ experience in operating Webtop Software.

I have worked 8 years in the Head Office of Construction Companies and 13 years in Site / Project Offices. I have worked in several projects from the very first day to the hand-over of the project, hence I know how to set-up the filing and document system and to handover the Project to the Client; once the project is completed. As a Senior Document Controller, it is my responsibility to take care / save each and every document / paper and to provide it to the staff / management, once required. To provide the list or summary of the documents / letters to the Staff / Management, as which documents / letter are overdue from our side or other side/party. As a brief, I hereby confirm that I am able to manage every single document properly.

I am having self-correspondence ability and I am self-motivated and I take initiative. I am able to take the note of the meeting and to prepare the Minutes of Meeting. I am capable to work individually and as a team member. One of my biggest abilities is that I am able to work as an Executive Secretary as well as Senior Document Controller / Document Control Manager. I can work in the Head Office as well as Site / Project Office.

I am having very good experience in handling all the Technical, Subcontractor and Vendor documents and to assign the document number for them. I can simply understand that whom should the particular document distributed. I am having self-correspondence ability.

I am having 6 years’ experience as Aconex Administrator and know how to use Aconex at its best way. I used to conduct Aconex training for the staff, Subcontractors, Consultants and Suppliers etc. I know how to create Aconex account / guest account for suppliers, subcontractors etc. I used to update the metadata in Aconex; I used to configure the forms and signature in Aconex. I can export the documents / mail from Aconex to MS Excel (to prepare the report). You can expect anything from me regarding Aconex and in relation with the Document Controlling / Secretarial work. I am able to establish the Filing System from my own way or as per the Company’s Project Quality Plan. I am able to make the transparency as well as the confidentiality of the documents (as per the company’s policy). I have even worked as Document Control Manager for one of my previous projects (MASDAR Pile Caps and Foundation Works, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi), where I was supervising 3 Document Controllers.

I am having very good experience in preparing the drawing and document register (by exporting the documents in excel sheet) I am very good in multiple file uploading and downloading. Apart from operating Aconex; I have very good experience in operating Claromentis, Build on Line, Primavera Contract Management, Project Wise and Focus Software. I am also having very good knowledge to utilize the Professional Acrobat. While working on Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre Project, Ed. Zublin AG awarded with (ISO 9001:2008) and I was appreciated by our QHSE Management Manager for my effort / co-operation to achieve this award for the company.


Project Name NORM Handling Treatment & Disposal Project at BeAAT

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services

TAKREER Project No. 5640 / Agreement No. 11-5640-E1


Employer / Client I am under the sponsorship of a Contractor (M/s Intecsa Industrial, Abu Dhabi) but working for M/s TAKREER and M/s Tebodin / Bilfinger

Duration & Position 19 April 2015 to Till Date:

Senior Document Controller for NORM Handling Treatment & Disposal Project at BeAAT, Ruwais.

Responsibilities To receive the documents from the Contractor as a hard copy / webtop link and to update and distribute the Engineering, Vendor and Subcontractor’s documents to the concerned staff / parties. To update the status of the documents such as latest revision or superseded. To notify the staff and to archive the document, which has superseded and to get back the superseded documents from the staff so that everyone should have the latest revision of the document.

To update Document, Drawings, RFI, letter register and all other registers / log and to circulate to the concerned staff.

To prepare the letters as a reply of all the Engineering, Subcontractor and Vendor Documents and to submit to the Contractor and distribute to the concerned staff / parties. To prepare the report for the overdue / outstanding letters and document and to notify to the staff.

. To Upload and download all the documents to and from Webtop.

To make sure that each and every documents and letter is available in Webtop, Server and as a hard copy for easy access.

Project Name Takreer Non-Process Building Refinery Project (EPC6), Ruwais

Employer / Client M/s TAKREER

Duration & Position 21 June 2010 to 15th April 20105:

Senior Document Controller for Takreer Non-Process Buildings, Ruwais, EPC6 Project (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Project).

Responsibilities To submit the Engineering documents to the Consultant and Client.

To update the EDDR Register.

. To Upload and download all the documents and drawings in / from Aconex

To make sure that each and every documents / drawings, Letters, RFI, etc is available in Aconex and as a hard copy for easy access.

To prepare and update the letter register and to notify the concerned persons.

Duration & Position JANUARY 2010 TO 20 JUNE 2010

Document Controller for Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

Project, Al Ain (U.A.E.)

Responsibilities To update and download all the documents and drawings from / to Aconex and to prepare and update the document register and to distribute the latest drawings to all the Engineers, Architect, Surveyors etc. and to notify to Zublin’s staff about all these drawings and documents. To make sure that everyone should have the latest revision (drawing and document).

To make sure that each and every documents / drawings should be available in Aconex so that every person can access them at any time and from anywhere (through Aconex).

All other duties and responsibilities are same as my previous project (MIST 1B Pile Caps and Foundation Works, Masdar Institute).

Duration & Position April 2009 to Dec. 2009 Worked as a Document Control Manager with Ed. Zublin AG on MIST 1B Project, Abu Dhabi:

EDMS Software Zublin (Contractor), RW Armstrong and Parsons Brinckerhoff (Consultant) and Masdar Institute (Client) were using Primavera Contract Management (PCM) and ProjectWise Software for this project. It was a fast moving project of 9 months, where Zublin did the Pile Caps and Foundation Works for Masdar.

Project Name MIST 1B Pile Caps and Foundation Works

Duration & Position July 2008 to March 2009

Worked as a Document Controller with ED Zublin AG, Abu Dhabi for Khalifa Bin Zayed National Stadium Project, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E

Employer / Client M/s Mubadala Development Company PJSC

Work Assignments / Job Description:

Responsible for receiving and dispatching all the incoming and outgoing documents / drawings. I used to keep these documents and drawings as a hard and soft copy in the specific place. I update the log for all the incoming and outgoing documents and attach the soft copy of these documents as a hyperlink. After stamping the circulation stamp for all the documents / drawings (incoming and outgoing), I forward them to Project Directors and to the concerned persons. I Follow the instructions of Project Directors for these documents / drawings and put them in circulation folder for all other managers. I upload the registers in Claromentis for the information of Zublin’s Staff, Client and Consultants, etc.:

I have used the following software for the documentation:

1. Aconex: This is one of the best EDMS Software for the documentation and can be access from any

part of the world. Aconex is very reliable and easy to operate. Duplication and deletion of the document is not accepted by the Aconex. There is a transparency in this software as well as we can

keep the email / documents as Confidential too.

2. Webtop: This is EDMS Softwares, where we can upload and download all the documents and letters and can be easily accessed. There is no any restriction of file size (to upload and download)

3. Claromentis: This is the software, provided by the Client / Consultant for the documentation with the Client, Consultant, and Designers. I am fully responsible to upload all the documents and drawings in to the claromentis along with the messages to the concerned persons / parties that for what these documents / drawings are being uploaded.

4. Build on Line: This is the software of Zublin for the internal documentation along with the subcontractors. I used to upload and download the drawings which we receive / send to our Sub-Contractors.

5. Lotus Notes: We used to use this software for receiving and sending the e-mails. The Company is having one unique E-mail Id where all the companies, Client, Consultant, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, etc send their e-mails related to this project. It is my responsibility to forward these e-mails to the concerned persons and print them out and give a hard copy to Project Directors.

Duration & Position: September 1996 to June 2008



Work Assignments:

From 5th September 1996 to June 2008 I worked in four different offices with MACE Contractors Company and having vast experience to work in Head Office as well as Site Offices (PGD-O&M-103, Contract O-1203, PGD-205 and Lagoon Hotel and Offices – Packages 6 – Diversion of Existing Sewerage Lines).

A. Branch Office (MIDFA MACE Co. Dubai) - from Sep. 1996 to May, 2002).

B. Head Office (MACE Contractors Company), Abu Dhabi - from June 2002 to October 2006.

C.Site Office (PGD-O&M-103) from October 2006 to December 2007.

Worked as an Assistant Planner from April 2007 to July 2007. I worked as a Planner, Document Controller cum Secretary. I used to prepare the daily schedule for Soft Landscape, Irrigation, Hard Landscape (Civil and Electromechanical Works), Storm Water, and Irrigation Mainlines and for the Pest Control Activities.

I used to prepare Daily Report, once we get our Consultant, M/s Hyder's comments on our Daily Schedule.

I also used to prepare Monthly Schedule and Monthly report for all the works. I am able to prepare these schedules in PRIMAVERA.

Other Duties and Responsibilities on Contract PGD-O&M-103:

To receive and dispatch all incoming and outgoing document and to file them as a soft and hard copies.

To forward all the documents to the concerned people and get their acknowledgement.

To control more than 200 box files.

To keep the record of every incoming and outgoing document and able to produce to the Manager whenever he asks for it.

To arrange meetings for the Contract and Project Manager.

To prepare letters / Notice of Intents (self correspondence ability) and arrange to send them to concerned parties.

To prepare credit application forms and Local Purchase Order for various suppliers.

To prepare Work Order / Request for Inspection.

To prepare and update Organization Chart.

To update database of Company's key personnel, suppliers, subcontractors, Client, Consultant, PGD / Municipality.

To keep the records of all manpower and equipment.

To keep the records of stationeries and prepare the requisition.

To keep the records of various companies' documents such as Trade License, Chamber of commerce, Technical Specifications, Company's profile etc.

To keep all forms such as Passport Withdrawal Form, Labour Transfer Form, Plant / Equipment Transfer Form, Requisition Form, Leave Application Form, Material issue form, Incident / Accident Report Form etc.

To prepare log book of office employees with their signature for arrival and departure time.

To prepare the day book and secure signatures of the key personnel so that they will be aware with the daily activities in the office.

To keep track of acknowledgement of all the outgoing letters / correspondence from the concerned parties / employees so that no one can deny that he has not received the letter.

To issue Internal Memos as per the instructions of General Manager / Contract Manager.

To attend office meetings and keep a record of the minutes of those meetings.

To keep records of the minutes of meeting with Clients / Consultant and remind to the Managers about the forthcoming meetings.

To prepare of Roster for the Manpower Distribution and keep checking through their Foreman whether the Site Staff is working fully present or not.

D.Site Office (Contract O-1203, PGD-205 & The Lagoon Hotel & Offices)

From January 2008 to June 2008-Worked as an Executive Secretary / Document Controller. I used to work for 3 different projects (Contract O-1203 - Abu Dhabi Island Sewerage Collection System - Operation and Maintenance Contract, PGD-205 and Lagoon Hotel & Offices, Package 6 – Diversion of Existing Services).

Duties and Responsibilities on Contract O-1203 (In addition to the responsibilities of Contract PGD-103):

To control and manage to circulate the documents and drawings to the Project Manager and to the concerned person and arrange the document properly so that I can produce them whenever it is required.

To prepare the Roster [to depute the workers on difference job location, as there were three shifts on this contract (24 hours open)] and make sure that all the employees should get equal overtime.

To monitor the Telephone Operators of the Call Centre. We had a Call Centre (24 hours open) for any emergency or normal blockage work.

To update the records of all the vehicles of this contract.

To update the records of all the residents of Labour and Staff Camp

To arrange meetings for the Projects Manager.


Knowledge in the following Computer Applications / software for EDMS:

a.Microsoft Word

b.Microsoft Excel

c.Microsoft Access

d.Microsoft Power Point




h.PRIMAVERA Level 1 and Level 2


j.Claromentis (Software for Documentation)

k.Build on line (Software for Documentation)

l.Project Contract Management (PCM) and Project Wise (Software for Documentation).

m.Having practical knowledge of using FOCUS Software for the inventory and creating LPOs, Requisition, and Stock Issue Voucher etc.

n.I completed a course for the document controlling from TIMEX Institute, Abu Dhabi.

o.Having very good knowledge to utilize the Professional Acrobat

p.Proficiency in typing using manual & electronic typewriter


Date of Birth October 24, 1968

Language Known English, Hindi, Panjabi & little Arabic


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