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Director Contracts & Procurement and Project & Strategic Planning

Doha, Doha, Qatar
January 18, 2018

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J-C Blondeau +974-******** */*

Jean-Christophe Blondeau


Contracts & Procurement

Project & Strategic Planning

Po Box 34 282 Doha (Qatar)

Mobile : +974-****-****


LinkedIn: Here

Nationality: French


Board manager; Experienced contracts & procurement manager; Project & strategic planning manager, business developer with international profile in Industry (Nuclear, Military, Aero & Space, Security, Automotive), Construction, Oil & gas.

EDUCATION (Refer below for detailed chronology):

Master Degree in International Business Management, specialization: contracts & procurement.

Master of Art in industrial contracts & procurement management.

Higher National Diploma in Maintenance Engineering in: heavy trucks & construction machinery.

Higher National Diploma in Maintenance Engineering in: heavy trucks & heavy equipment.

A Level in IT systems management.


Executive Management; Project Management (EPC & EPCM); Project Mode & Operations Management.

Design, Build, Organisational change management (Teams & Tools).

Contracts & Procurement; Negotiation; litigation & claim; SRM to CRM Management.

Project & Planning; Supply chain, Cost Control; QS & QC control and Risk Management.

Business model, Business plan, Budgeting, Roadmap design and management. PROFESSIONAL:

June 2014 Since 1st June 2014; Director Contracts & Procurement and Project & Strategic Planning at UCI Road World Cycling Championship 2016 Organizing Committee (OC) & project, Doha (Qatar), as part time and full-time position. Stakeholders: UCI (International Cycling Union), Qatar Olympic Committee and Qatar Cycling Federation. (Project to close fall/end 2017). Responsibility and Activity:

- Backup of the Managing Director.

- Project Set up, structuration & build-up. Strategic management of the Organizing Committee.

- Business model, Business plan, Road map and detailed budget design and Implementation.

- Policies & Procedures design and Implementation.

- Project & Strategic Planning and Contracts & Procurement directorate creation, structuration, training and management (Directorate area covering Contracts, Procurement, Strategic Planning; Macro Project monitoring, Inventory, Quality, Reporting, Policies & Procedures).

- Direct executive management of 20 staff.

- Direct supervision and control of all strategic contracts from SOW to Close out.

- Project Close out management including Contracts and Finances directorates direct management, Demobilization, Inventory & Legacy, Reporting and Audit. Key Projects proven Achievements:

- Successful Strategic planning design delivery, implementation and monitoring with no delay.

- Successful Project Delivery and management from mobilisation to close out.

- Successful Directorate executive management and achievements.

- Successful contracts management with no comments from Auditors & Audit State Bureau.

- Successful delivery of OC Business Model, Business Plan and detailed budget of the project.

- Successful delivery of OC Policies and Procedures.

- Successful Marketing & Merchandising Strategy Design delivery.

- Successful International TV & Internet campaign and Event Visual Identity delivery. J-C Blondeau +974-******** 2/5

- Successful Venues Contracting and Supplier Relation Management. 2014-2017 From 15/December to 14/April/2017: Sr. Procurement Officer at Qatar Foundation (QF), for R&D Operations Center, Doha Qatar.

- Contracts & Procurement management of QF R&D under MOU with QF Procurement.

- Internal Customer Contracts & Procurement support for all procurement above MOU. Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful audit submission of recommendations for R&D Contracts and Procurement activity development and go live in perspective of the QF R&D transfer to Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

- Successful Kick off of Contracts & Procurement activity, including ERP in QF R&D.

- Successful delivery of tested and functional ERP procurement tool and procedures to QSTP. 2011-2014 From 27/Sept/2011 to 14/Dec/2014: Sr. Contracts Administrator at Dolphin Energy, Doha


- Post Award Contracts Management from Award to Close-Out, including and not limited, to: contracts administration, contractor’s management; commercial negotiation; legal, insurance; cost control & Projects financial impact; Tender Committee submissions & Approvals, variation documentation; ERP implementation and Claim Management. (OPEX & CAPEX)

- User support as per policy & procedures and business ethic monitoring. Field: Production Offshore and Onshore, up and down stream; Shutdown; and Subsea. Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful Ras-Laffan Compression facility and land lease contracts management.

- Successful Shutdowns 2012; 2013 and 2014 claims & contracts management.

- Successful Subsea campaign 2014 claims & contracts management. 2009-2011

From 16/Feb/2009 to 31/August/2011: Hired as Project Manager with positions of Procurement Manager & Sr. Contracts Engineer at Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company Doha (Qatar). Corporate portfolio management.

- Contracts Engineering and Management from Requisition and Scope reception; Tendering, to Contracts Closeout, including variations, claims, insurances and bonds.

- Procurement Management.

Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful Qatar Railway (QRDC) Initial Strategy and Business plan tenders.

- Successful Legtaifiya (West-bay) Lagoon and Lusail: road works, bridges, lagoon peers and decks, and various services, tendering and contracts management.

- Successful IT: EDMS, Intranet & Website development, installation and maintenance; IT Call off agreement & support services outsourcing tendering and contract management.

- Successful Accounting, Governance, Policies & Procedures consulting services.

- Successful Contracts and Procurement 1st ERP full cycle implementation. 2006-2008

From 01/Feb/2006 to 24/Dec/2008: Senior Consultant with position of Senior Project manager

(Contracts & Procurement) for new projects industrialisation activities at SMITHS Detection Group in Vitry sur Seine (France). Company activity: supply of heavy X ray equipment dedicated to control of shipment, for border administration and security companies (Security industry).

- Project Procurement Manager for the development, industrialisation and the production of mobile and gantry X ray scanning systems, optical character recognition gantry system, production software development, X ray trigger system.

- Procurement & Sourcing Manager Russia zone, Middle east and for Maghreb zone.

- Category Manager: electronic, software, welding, mechanic & specific devises. (50 M€/year). Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful X Ray Panther System development and industrialisation of relocatable gantry program system Panther (500M €/5 years turnover).

- Successful Lynx V3 System development and industrialisation: contracted R&D budget: 10M€. Industrialisation and Supply Chain budget: 1Billion €.

- Successful opening and build-up support of Russian industrial entity in St Petersburg.

- Successful HCV Gantry industrialisation and logistic implementation (Sourcing; Contracting and Supply chain in Russian local market).

J-C Blondeau +974-******** 3/5

- and, pass through LP & character recognition system development and industrialisation. 2002-2005

From 09/2002 to 03/2005 Mission Team manager and Senior Procurement & Contracts manager at SOURIAU Marolles for the Champagné (72), Marolles (94), Cluses (73) and Malines (Belgium) plants, formerly AREVA FCI MAI division (Military, Aerospace and Industrial) until 2003. International portfolio: 30M€/year turnover.

- Set up, validation and implementation of the supply chain and industrial processes flow.

- After LBO, set up of corporate contracts & procurement procedures.

- Marolles subsidiary Team manager: Management of 7 people under functional responsibility.

- Contracts & Procurement and category subcontracting portfolio management. Category Management:

- Portfolios restructuration: machining (machining, turning, milling, screw-cutting), raw material

(stainless, aluminium, titanium (10t/year), copper, bronze and casting (supply-Chain). Projects and businesses:

- Manager focal point Procurement – R&D relations.

- Project Procurement Manager and Lead procurement for Nuclear, Navy and Space.

- Businesses & projects: reengineering, redesign to cost for confidential programs. Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful restructuration of procurement and supply chain as per LBO targets.

- Successful Ariane 5: productivity for 60 launches with EADS and Ariane Espace.

- Successful Tiger project management: confidential sub equipment reengineering and industrialisation with Eurocopter (including flow down contract dispute)

- Successful US Space Shuttle: boom reengineering and industrialisation with MD robotic

- Successful M51, Iris T, ASMP, ASMPA missiles components development and industrialisation.

- Successful Airbus Road 06 productivity implementation.

- and TGV & LGV (high speed train) equipment reengineering and industrialisation with Alstom. 2001-2002

From 01/2001 to 04/2002 Senior Procurement Engineer (Investments, Overheads and category), at Citroen Sport Automobile in Versailles Satory.

- Procurement related to the Satory new facility installation: Production tools, equipment, etc.

- Outsourcing, and services contracts management (facility and building maintenance, waste, security, transports and various subcontracts).

- Tendering and contracts management for the facility and the WRC activity (World Rally Car).

- Raw Material Procurement lead (nonferrous/ferrous; high grade steels, Inconel, titanium).

- Procurement & Contracts directly related to WRC championship and the customer championship: International logistic & transports; rally equipment, event, team clothing line & merchandising; various competition equipment.

Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful setting of Procurement and Supply Chain structure operational from 2002 to 2012

(Citroen World Rally Car Champion during 10 years).

- Successful tendering and contracts management.

1994- 1999 Hired as Procurement and Equipment park department Manager with position of Director for Saumur Town council (49) under technical group-director.

- Redesign and restructuring implementation of the Directorate. Executive management of 7 staff, 200 vehicles and heavy machines.

- Budgeting: Directorate Business model & budget design submission and implementation

(OPEX & CAPEX, yearly and multi-annual primitive and corrective budget).

- Operational Management of the park maintenance, and park management.

- Stock and inventory management.

- Tendering management. Contracts and Procurement management. Key Projects Achievements:

- Successful full restructuration of the directorate

- Successful migration from paper flow to computerized flow of the maintenance, park management, and stock inventory by implementing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in workshop and stores.

J-C Blondeau +974-******** 4/5

EDUCATION (detailed):

2013-2019 Currently to start fourth year PHD Studies in CEREGE Laboratory attached to the University of Poitiers in France, (acronym for Centre de Recherche en Gestion: stands for Research Center in Business Management). Was on hold for the university years 2014 to 2016 due to RWC 2016. Field of study and contribution to Science: Socio-economic and Economic intelligence. Subject of the Thesis: Demonstrate the added-value of informal and weak ties networks in a territorialized economy, by the comprehension of informal socio-economical structures having their informal communication embedded by strong and weak social ties. Submission of the Thesis forecasted in 2019.

2005 Intensive English Program at Study Abroad Canada, Charlottetown, PEI. Intensive English course at the CAREL (Audio-visual Centre of Royan for Languages Study), University of Poitiers.

2004 MASTER Degree in International Business Management, specialization: contracts & procurement at University Robert Schuman of Strasbourg business school and CCI (Chamber of commerce) of Paris (niv I: BAC + 5 equivalents to 5 years after A levels). Master thesis topic: Clusters and Districts (measuring instrument of the interest of these zones for industrial procurement activities).

2002 Additional MS Modules in International Finance, International business Law and International Contracts & Procurement with CCI of Paris.

2000 Master of Art in Industrial Procurement Management: Maitrise from E.S.A.P 2000 Diploma of the CDAF school (French chartered Institute of Contracts & Procurement, Supply Chain and Quantity Surveying Professionals) with Chamber of commerce of Orleans (niv II: BAC + 4 equivalents to 4 years after A levels).

1993 Higher National Diploma in Maintenance Engineering, specialization heavy trucks & heavy equipment. (B.T.S MAVA). Maintenance Engineering of vehicles, Industrial and heavy Vehicles

(niv III: BAC + 2 equivalents to 2 years after A level) during military service. 1992

Higher National Diploma in Maintenance Engineering, specialization heavy trucks & construction machinery. Promotrans High school of Industrial Vehicles Maintenance Engineering (ESMVI). Heavy vehicles maintenance and school Management. Internship in Volvo Truck Group (niv III BAC + 2 equivalents to 2 years after A level).


Law study at François Rabelais law study university in Tours (BAC + 1 equivalent to 1 year after A levels).

1988 A Level: (BAC H) Diploma of IT Systems Management, Data management and Programming. Note: Multiple trainings and Certificates not mentioned in this list with all mentioned companies can be provided on request. This includes: QF Faculty of Islamic Study: Thinking like Policy Analyst Module (2013-14), and for the latest with QF (4 modules in 2016): Procurement for Professionals (Purchasing & Procurement Center). J-C Blondeau +974-******** 5/5


References: Please refer to the following LinkedIn link: Here and go to recommendations section Additional references: On request



French: Native language.

English: last TOEIC 825 (July 2005). Professional working and expatriation language since 2009. Arabic: apprenticeship in FANAR Centre and Qatar Foundation Language Centre, Doha (to restart after PHD)



Pack Office: (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

Diagramming Software: MS Visio

Project Management Software: MS Project

ERP Systems: SAP R3 (MM module); Oracle; Silver CS; and MFG Pro (under AS400) CMMS: GESPARK selection and implementation

EDMS: Electronic Data Management System

Semantic analysis software: Tropes



FIDIC and various forms of contracts.


E.M. Strasbourg Business School-Alumni member (association of the former graduates of the Management School of Strasbourg)

C.D.A.F member (French chartered Institute of Contracts & Procurement, Supply Chain and Quantity Surveying Professionals)


Former Climber (6c) and Mountain biker.

Scale Modelling (1990 French Champion).

Currently: Trail Running (Middle east) and Hiking (European Alps Mountains). Fields of interests: Economic, Communication, Diplomacy and Anthropology. Discover and Meet with other cultures.

... and my PHD project ongoing ...

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