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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
1lack indian rupees
January 18, 2018

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Permenent Address:

68u/47, Thilagar st,

Nagercoil 629001

Kanyakumari district

Tamil Nadu, India

Email ID:

Mobile no:0091 948-***-**** ; 962-***-****

Qualification : Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Experience : Total experience: 23 years

: Gulf experience : 7 years

Current employment :

Name of the company. : Gulf spic contracting co WLL Kuwait

Position. : Mechanical supervisor (Structure and Equipment)

Project : KOC Shutdown HIC1 and HIC2


Period. : Nov 2016 to Nov 2017


1. Execution of fabrication and Erection of heavy steel structures.

2. Supervising all erection activities including providing technical inputs for methodologies of construction and coordination with site management activities.

3. Analysis of critical activities and mitigation of the same in coordination with operation team, construction crew and vendors engaged therein.

4. Conducting quality inspection of welding joints and surface preparation (sandblasting, grinding, etc.)

5. Offering inspection to client witness point as per Inspection test plan

6. Supervising shutdown preparation,and preasemply of HP and LP Separater skid beams and Valve operating platforms,top platforms, fabrication and errection of pipe supports,pre assembly of platforms, erection of Separator to site by skidding method and also errection in handrails,gratings,piperack, pipe supports, platforms, errection of knockout drumpump,air vessels, heater, flair, DG

7. Prepare lifting plan for various lifting depends upon the weight of jobs and selection of crane,hot work, cold work, height work, vehicles entry, confined space, permit to work recorded maintained KOC requirements

8. Execution site activities and daily progress reports

Previous Employments:

1. Name of the company. NSH - ABUDHABI



Position Mechanical Supervisor ( Equipment &Structural)

Period From November 2013 to November,2015

Responsibilities STRUCTURAL STAGE:

* Reviewing steel Erection drawings

Checking Civil foundation elevation before steel (Columns/frames errection)

Supervising ground assembly for main columns with beams to compose frame can be lifted and erected one time.

oSupervising erection of main steel girder and bracing between frames (with consideration of erection sequence)

Supervising alingnment and bolt tightening for main members of the structure on the main alingns and axis before offering for inspection.

Supervising errection of Dressing ( erection of small beams, bracings, angles, channels and joist, etc.

Supervising balance bolt tightening and offering for final inspection.

Supervising Errection handrails and gratings

Through all previous steel errection steps, solution for many technical problems in errection due to material defects or wrong design to be set by my or client proposals through RFIS.

Involving piping and Erection which includes

Prepare daily reports of work progress and manpower utilization.

Prepare weekly reports of the total spool errection, isometric weight installed, welded dia inches of supports and joints and the remaining work with the materials available.

Co-ordinate and achieve the targets and schedule set by the planning.

Issue the work permits ensuring SHE requirements.

Conduct safety wald through in the site co-ordination with the safety department on weekly basis.

Supervision of all piping works and ensures safety and quality standards of the client.

Inspection and approval of all the QA/QC sunmittals

Reviewing method of statement, specification and standard of materials (pipes, fitting,blanges,gaskets etc..)

Studying my scope of piping lines from the layout P and ID and isometric drawings.

Follow up the status of spools and field run pipes through reports from fabrication workshop and painting yard and co-ordinating for transportation these site.

Supervising fitup and welding of spools to spools or spool to field Run pipe together and welding support also (as much possible accordingly to accessibility) to lift and place one time (saving time and effort)

Co-ordinating with QC department to cover any required NDT or Heat treatment (preferably before lifting to avoid difficult accessibility)

Co-ordination with seaffolding groups to make access for assembly the hole lines at any elevation (fitup and welding by taking level and alignment into consideration)

Supervising welding vents and drains if any

Supervising welding pipe support which to be erected in position at any structure.

Co-ordination with engineering department to divide my piping scope into test packages.

Close punch items (A items) (Release test packages for hydro service and visual test)

Reinstatement for piping test packages after applying test and closing punch list (B & C items) with the main contractor and client.

2. Name of the company Petron Gulf LLC, Oman

Postion Fabrication Supervisor

Period From May 2010 to May 6th,2012

Responsibilities Involving Fabrication and Erection which includes

Through study on various structural and piping drawings identification of materials and stamp transfer

Monitoring weld joint preparation

Perform Fit up inspection during shop fabrication and errection on structure and piping.

Verfication of structure and piping dimensional as per requirement.

Monitoring preheat treatment before welding.

During welding proper parameters as per WPS procedures

Monitor PWHT special requirements.

Co-ordinate dimension check before and after welding as per special requirements.

Perform Fitup inspection during Frabrication and Errection on structure and piping.

Perform weld visual inspection during shop fabrication and errection on structure and piping.

Carried out structural inspection on structure assembly and stage

Monitoring daily production activity and manpower reports.

Resolve as per site condition any changes of structural and piping drawings immediately close out and report to engineering and make it as build increase and decrease manpower due to priority job.

3. Name of the company Zamil Steel Industries, Dammam, K.S.A.

Postion Sr. QA/QC Inspector, at Structural Steel Division

Period From July 2007 to July 2009

Responsibilities Involving Fabrication and Erection which includes

Conduct the Qualification Tests for Various Welding Process, and preparation of WPS.

Qualifying & Monitoring the Welders and their Performances maintaining the records.

Review / verification of MTC & Identification of material

Dimensional check of fit-up done by fitters as per Engineering Drawings, prior to & after Welding.

Monitoring of Welding activities & Visual Inspection of Completed Welds

NDT (UT, MT) Inspection/ Supervision of RT.

Inspection of Surface Preparation & Coating.

Final Inspection of packing list and co-ordination with 3rd party inspectors/Client Representatives.

Preparation of Inspection Reports


Period Nov 2000 to July 2007

Post Mechanical Engineer

Nature of company

It is the Sister concern of CHETTINAD CEMENTS

Offering contract services to chettinad cements,

Dharanka Dhara Chemicals works Ltd, IOCL,



Fabrication, supply and erection of power plant,

Chemical process plant equipment & accessories,

Windmill components, Gas ducts, vessals, tanks and

All kind of heavy industrial/ structural/ fabricated items

Nature of Job

Experience in various Mechanical Engineering field such as fabrication & Errection of steel structures and allied Works in connection with major projects works.

Having Experience for NDT Testing of Pressure vessels pipelines, and structurals.

Having Experience in handling Project Drawing

Having experience in handling Labor Force, equipments,

Required for fabrication & Errection works etc.

Preparing cutting plan for Required Materials

Preparing Materials Accounting Statement and also preparing Return Stores Voucher.

Conducting Welder Qualification test for welders as per Aws D1.1

Fabrication of ESP Structure for BHEL Ancillary Plant,Ranipet.

Fabrication of wind Mill Structural Components for Suzlon Energy Ltd, Pondicherry.

Handling HPCL,IOCL, Retail outlet Projects.

Raw materials/Brought out Component Inspection

Fitup stage and final inspection.

Carrying out NDT Methods

Sand pasting, Power tool Cleaning & Surface Preparation of Fabricated items.

Inspecting welding Area by using NDT Method

Inspecting Painting coat thickness by using coat meter

Preparing dimension repot and Inspection Report Documents.

4. Name of the Company : SORNAM INDUSTRIES, PADI, CHENNAI.

Post : Inspector

Period : Jan 1998 to Oct 2000

Responsibilities : Job Inspection of all kind of machining components

5. Name of the company : S.R.SELVARAJ & SONS TUTICORIN

Post : Supervisor

Period : From 1994 to December 1997

Responsibilities : Involving Fabrication and Erection which includes

Errection of Dryer and laying of fire water Pipelines in Dcw Ltd.

Maintenance Activities in Pipelines, structurals, coolers, belt and screw conveyers in TAC Ltd Tuticorin

Supervising LP gas storage terminals plant construction works.

Coordinating with galvanizing inspection for method using preece test, ashesion testy pivot hammer and knife cut, mass of coating elcometer test and visual te .



Father’s Name : C.SUBBIAH

Date of Birth : 09.03.1971

Sex : Male

Martial Status : Married

Language known : English, Tamil, Hindi (Spoken)

Nationality : Indian

Passport No. : P 0265832

Permanent Address : No.68u/47, Thilagar Street,


Kanyakumari District

Tamil Nadu, India.

Present Address : No.68u/47, Thilagar Street,


Kanyakumari Dist,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Educational Qualification:




Year of passing




Board of Technical Education



Additional qualification : ASNT LEVEL II (RT, UT, MT, PT)

Computer knowledge : AUTOCAD R14,word,exel,Ms office


I hereby declare that information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date : signature


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