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Sales Customer Service

Durban, KZN, South Africa
January 15, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae ofAyanda Sadere

Residential Address: L1466 city life smith street Durban 4001

Email Address:

Contact Number: 081 *******

Personal Details

PersonalAttributes Highly organized, dedicated with positive attitude, skilled in solving problem s, strong planner & tim e m anagem ent

Honestand Reliable, work under pressure.

G ood com m unication to alllevels(Verbal& writing)

Ability to work independently & as a team

Proficiency in M icrosoftOffice Program s (M S W ord, O ffice, Excel, PowerPoint.)

Friendly, polite and approachable

W illing to work long hours

Flexible to do different tasks

Health Status G ood

CriminalRecords None

Citizenship South African

M aritalStatus Single

Date ofBirth 16 December 1983

ID Number 8312165470080

G ender M ale

Title M r

A driven individualwho wants to progress and is now looking to join a com pany where internal succession is always given priority.

Education – Secondary Schooling

LastSchoolAttended Newlands eastsecondary

Year M atriculated 2002

Q ualification M atric

Work Experience


telephone Number

M r D. Naidoo (M anager)

031 *** ****/ 079 *** ****

Period 2014 O ctober - to date

Position Sales and M arketing

Company Name Virgin Active La Lucia (Currently)


telephone Number

M iss. S M dubo (Team leader)

078 *** ****

Period 2010- 2011

Position Sales Agent

Company Name Velocity Bizz (Durban CBD)

Skills acquired O perating the till and handling financialtransactions

Strategic ideas ofcom pany growth

Brand m anagem ent

Excellent com m unication skills required to build up a relationship with custom ers

O ffering advice on product and services and helping with productselection

Effectively m anaging stock levels

Using every opportunity to m axim ize sales opportunity

M eeting sales target

Recording sales figures for data analysis and forward planning

Able to stay calm when confronted by difficultcustom ers

Undertake store cleaning duties


telephone Number

M r. I Pillay (M anager)

082 *** ****

Period 2004-2010

Position Sales Assistance

Company Name S. Keren W atch group Fossilwatches (G ateway) Areas of expertise Sales

M arketing

Customer service

Stock take

Cash m anagem ent


Duties M aking sales to reach target

O perating the till and accurately handling credit/debit and cash paym ents

Approaching custom ers and politely asking questions to understand their needs

Keeping the shop and display clean and tidy atalltim es

Receiving deliveries, unpacking and storing stock

Involved in regular stock checks and stock takes

Being vigilant at all tim es and to help m inim ize stock loss through theft, loss and dam age.

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