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Mechanical Electrical

Durban, KZN, South Africa
30 000 pm
January 15, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae




Name: Austin Melville Lloyd

Address: *** ******* ******, ******, ****

Contact Number: 076-***-****/ 078*******(Mom)


Date of Birth: 06 February 1993

Age: 24

Nationality: South African

Identity Number: 930-***-**** 086

Dependants one

Education: Grade 12

Dive Medical: Yes

Driver’s Licence Code 08, and PDP

Education: (2006-2011)

1)Fairvale Secondary School – Matriculated (2011)

2)PE Electrical (2012)

3)Electrical Appliances(2012)

Certificates & Training: (2014 – 2016)

1)South African Commercial Diver Class II 50 Metre, IMCA & HSE recognized(11/09113)

2)South African Commercial Diver Class III 30 Metre Surface Supply - Civils (16/08113)

3)South African Commercial Diver Class IV 30 Metre Scuba (19107113)

4) First Aid level I Oxygen Provider

5) Shielded Metal Arc/Stick Welding (SMAW)

6) Cat C Skippers Certificate

Employment History:

1)Professional Diving Centre (PDC) June (2014) - September 2014

2)PE Electrical January(2012) - May 2012

3)Subtech Group - June (2013)- December (20130

4)Smit Amandla- (2014)

5)MSC Devina Cruiseship – Miami, Florida, Mexico – (2015-2016)

6)Inspections and Installations of Pontoons – Durban Harbour – (2016-2016)

7)Ricahards Bay underwater pipeline Inspection – (2017) – still going

Roles & Responsibilities:

Subtech Group Harbour: Using Hydraulic drills and pneumatic drills

Keyside 10: Maydon Wharf : Flogging tools, Reinforced thread bars, working with

concrete under water, drilling, grinding(pneumatic and hydraulic)

Subtech Group, Swaziland: Recovered a 1 ton water pump

Subtech Group, RichardsBay: Installing two new sluice gates, 8metres / 0 visibility, uses

Of flogging tools, mechanical fitting

Nsezi Water Millusing: Using hand tools (hydraulic drills, pneumatic drills and air

dredging water jetting

Smit Amandla : Pressure testing floating hoses, use of flogging tools,

Mechanical fitting, working on SBM (Surface Bouy Mooring)

Durban Harbour Inspection of pontoons and installation of new pontoons,

Uses of flogging tools, mechanical fitting in zero visibility

Tag Diving Services Underwater inspection of anodes, inspections of thrusters,

Surveys of vessels, mechanical fitting


1. Miguel Nunez (Professional Diving Centre) - 082-***-****

2. Paula (PE Electrical) - 082***-****

3. Byron Bindle (Subtech Group) - 082-***-****

4. Anton Van Zyl (Subtech Group) – 082-***-****

5. Dave (Smit Amandla) - 031*******

6. Zaine Kathrada – Durban Harbour – 031-*******

7. Barry (Tag Diving Services)- 084-***-****

Dear Sir or Madam

At my job inspections, safety is my first priority. Before job commences we have a team talking. I maintain safety measures throughout the job process. I take no short cuts and take no chances.

I have the unique capability of maintaining a calm and clear thinking composure in situations of high stress and difficulty, thus holding my team together, when the risk of losing focus is high.

I am a reliable, hardworking, mature and motivated person.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and for the time you

have taken to peruse my curriculum vitae.I am DILIGENT AND ADEMED TO ADVICE…

Austin Melville Lloyd

December 2015

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