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Manager Human Resource

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
January 13, 2018

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Resume of Veedeshnee Ragavulu


Surname: Ragavulu

First name: Veedeshnee

Date of Birth: 03 May 1984

Gender: Female

Nationality: South African

Home language: English

Mobile Number: 0027 78 724 0482



I am a positive, vibrant and energetic young lady who strives for success and enjoyment in everything I execute. I would value a team that exudes optimism and that is congruent with my values of integrity, trust, tolerance and empathy, with appreciation for transparency, accountability and discipline. I am a Bachelor of Commerce – Human Resources who leverages of all my skills to grow and support an organisation to groom its competitive advantage through business and people. I have 17 years of professional work experience across different industries within South Africa. I am currently looking to gain international work experience (specifically the USA) in a role that will make use of my skills and expose me to international best practices and new development areas.


Institution: UNISA

Course: Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources

Year Completed: 2013

Institution: Damelin Business College

Course: 1st Year Certificate in Marketing and Business Management

Year Completed: 2002

High school attended: Lenasia South Secondary School

Highest grade passed: Grade 12

Year Completed: 2001


Company Name: Compass Group SA

Period Employed: April 2015 - Current

Position Held: Human Resource Business Partner

Reporting Structure: HRBP HR Director CEO

Reason for leaving: In pursuit of work experience in the USA

Duties & Responsibilities:

Talent Acquisition:

•Drive active workforce planning with Executive Heads

•Benchmarking of Jobs by using inland and coastal current salaries versus market salaries and rectifying the Compass Group remuneration percentile per each band, thus reducing pay anomalies and amending historical data

•Consulted with Deloitte regarding the Deloitte salary survey. Coordinated the input for the survey. The information was used to benchmark our salaries for FY17 increases

•Interview candidates, review and discuss psychometric results with Heads of Department or applicable Line Manager

•Engage with Agencies with respect to recruitment briefing and requirements

•Draft and amend Job descriptions with Executive Head of department or Line Manager

•Managed recruitment of learners on Learnerships with respect to candidates studying Food and Beverage and Professional Cookery by meeting with Service Providers to discuss reciprocal outputs for Stakeholders. This also involves heading up open days at various Service Providers

•Managed Internship recruitment for Compass JHB by discussing capacity with Line Managers with respect to area of study

•Drafted Talent referral policy and process and developed required documentation

•Drafted the Above Unit Recruitment Policy

•Designed On boarding process that streamlined participation from all Business Units. Reviewed and amended On boarding packs to reduce paper usage

•Reviewed and consulted with Talent Search Engines to fit the need of the organisation (Lulaway, Pnet, HR Genie etc.).

•Manage the HR Agency Preferred Supplier listing process in conjunction with Procurement for Compass South Africa. Negotiate commission rates

•Devised an estimated remuneration schedule (Dummy Payslip) for new employees. In consultation with SAP Consultants, Discovery Medical Aid, an Excel Advanced assistant and payroll

•Redesigned all Compass and Supercare Above and In Unit employment contracts to incorporate Department of Labour requirements for Service Industry and for ease of use dependent on level and employment category

Learning and Development:

•Rolled out and marketed the employment strategy for Learnership recruitment in relation to employment Tax incentives

•Developed content for Learner and Intern information brochures

•Conduct training needs analysis for specialized jobs

•Suggest courses and training to Line Managers for semi and non performing employees

Performance Management:

•Revised and rolled out end to end Performance Management Methodology using business strategic objectives that link to Job descriptions in line with value add actions and value based behaviours

•Developed training content and trained 300 employees on Performance Management design and rationale. PM training takes place once a month for new employees

•Conduct Moderation sessions with Executive Heads whereby each Line Manager presents his/her ratings and provides rating rationale

•Provided end to end support to Regional Managers with the In Unit HighFlyerZ incentive program for Unit and Project Managers

Change Management:

•Inculcated a culture of One on One discussions and on the job coaching to promote conversation, trust, understanding and accessibility to information through the Performance Management methodology

•Created awareness and drove the Global employee satisfaction survey (Your Voice)

•Supported CEO in the National Compass Roadshow by providing information on HR future initiatives and contributed to a piece on “leveraging strengths”. Also initiated requests for employees to provide questions to be answered at the Roadshow

•Built Sales Competition Teaser Campaign and ran with competition. The competition was put in place to build team morale and create a fun and competitive environment after various changes in management and several resignations in the Sales Service Line

•Ran the Compass Move Communication Campaign for three offices.

•Company change agent 2016 - 2017

•Ran Netcare Service Contract Roadhshows


•Conducted Stay Interviews with Line Managers and Supervisors, inputted to trend analysis and shared with EXCO as part of a presentation of what Compass does well and whether the previous restructure “Project Protea” was a success or not

•Developed a retention strategy for Interns through assigning coaches to each Intern as well as requesting Line Managers to groom employees based on psychometric behaviour and cognitive results

•Coordinate Employee International transfers


•Manage BEE HR completion and submission for Compass South Africa

•Discuss and complete the Employment Equity forecasting for the next financial year with each Executive Head by using budget information, the previous BEE submission, business expansion or reduction information and earmarked employees

•Educate Line Managers on Employment Equity requirements (by sharing EE plans and rationale around EE Act 55 of 1998), BEE levels and points, budgets, Sales Proposals and Compass Group Resourcing strategic objectives in relation to recruitment

•HR BEE and EE representative

Industrial Relations:

•Support Managers and employees with IR matters

•Guide Managers through Performance Management and Counselling

•Support ER Manager with retrenchment discussions and alternate placement

•Direct CCMA queries

Employee wellbeing and social activity:

•Initiated the “Compass Connect” monthly employee meeting and arranged agenda and activities (activities are ongoing)

•Manage the Compass Wellness Programme (Wellness@work) and budget

•Plan and roll out team building/ social activities for employees

•Wellness Champion for Compass South Africa

•Compass Connect MC

Corporate Social Responsibility:

•Planned and executed Mandela Day 2016 for Compass Group JHB

•Planned and Coordinated the "Bring a girl child to work” day

•Planned and rolled out stationery collection, cancer awareness fund raiser and winter clothing collection CSR projects

•CSR Representative for Compass Johannesburg

Recognition and Reward:

•Coordinate the “BE A STAR” recognition programme for JHB and encourage employees to participate in the programme

•Manage Bonus and Increase process by implementing prescriptive timelines for each activity in the process. Input is done by HR Administrators. I conduct sample checking and payroll loads information on SAP. HR administrators draft and distribute letters. I consult with Executive Heads with regards to timelines and signatures

•Assisted with salary conversions from “Basic” salary packages to “Total Cost Of Employment” packages for Above Unit Compass South Africa


•Designed Exit Interview Document

•Conduct Exit Interviews and populate trend analysis for HR Head to discuss in quarterly EXCO meeting

•Designed Off boarding process that streamlined participation from all Business Units. Process was based on employee experience as well as dependency on each service line and cost saving

•Reviewed and amended Off boarding packs to reduce paper usage

Budgets/Finance handling:

•Manage Compass Connect Budget

•Make credit card purchases for adhoc activities and reconcile expenses

•Minimised recruitment agency spend by 30% by negotiating rates, self-sourcing and referrals

•Advise managers on recruitment spend versus approved targets

•Sign off on Compass Social and communication expenses

•Signoff payments to HR Vendors

Reporting & General HR Activities:

•Compile quarterly CSR newsletter for Global Competition

•Maintain Above Unit Organogram

•Developed a HR Year Planner for HR South Africa. (Maintenance is ongoing)

•Amend HR policies and Procedures (Ongoing)

•General HR guidance and policy interpretation for employees

•General HR Administration

•Draft all HR Above Unit email communications

•Assist and guide Coastal HR Business Partners

Employee Management:

•Manage a team of 5 Administrators, 1 Recruitment Coordinator, 2 Interns and 3 Learners

•Manage recruitment via Recruitment Coordinator

•Manage all HR administration via Administrators

•Manage HR projects via HR administrators

•Manage employee daily activities through weekly team meetings, updates and adhoc discussions

•Mentor and counsel employees, provide feedback in relation to performance, behavior and attitude and conduct Performance Reviews with direct reports

Company Name: Price Waterhouse Coopers

Period Employed: October 2013 – March 2015

Position Held: Human Capital Consultant

Reporting Structure: HCC HR Senior Manager HC Partner

Reason for leaving: Offered a position to build up the HR division at the Compass Group

Duties & Responsibilities:

Staffing & Recruitment:

•Manage talent requirements for division

•Grading all new positions

•Benchmarking of Jobs

•Screen CV’s

•Interview candidates: Experienced hires & Graduate recruitment (Vac work & bursary testing)

•Review and discuss psychometric results and other assessments and advise Management

•Attend proficiency testing design meetings

•Engage with Agencies

•Salary negotiation

•Complete projected payslips for potential candidates

•Facilitate onboarding and first day induction, meet employee on first day and ensure smooth transition into business

•Attend graduate recruitment days

•Facilitate Long & Short term secondments in & out

•Draw up Fixed Term contracts

•Arrange for recruitment checks to be conducted

•Manage Assistant Manager recruitment process

•Apply agreed employment equity strategies to recruitment and constantly remind business regarding divisional targets and deficiencies

Recognition & Reward:

•Check schedules for increase and bonus processes

•Manage all remuneration processes (bonus, increase, Board payments etc.)

•Manage moderation processes

•Guide moderation meetings

•Assist with promotion processes

•Monitor PC&D (Performance, Coaching and Development) completion

Retention of staff & business improvement:

•Discuss Talent pool, conduct Talent Mapping and succession planning with HC Partner’s and Senior staff

•Conduct career path discussions for IFS staff

•Request Long Service Awards and Certificates

•Manage ACI Bonuses

•Ensure that all Management receive required training

•Monitor PwC professional and recognition programs & advise business on recognition initiatives

•Liaise with EE Forum Chair, HC Partners and Learning and Development Manager to develop and execute training to meet development requirements of trainees and Managers

•Promote and implement the Global People Survey, monitor completion, review and discuss results and liaise with division to complete the action plan for next financial year

Industrial Relations:

•Chair poor performance counselling meetings & manage process

•Draft, sign and issue warnings

•Attend and minute disciplinary hearings

•Attend CCMA matters

•Liaise with Industrial relations Officer and PwC Labour lawyer

•Liaise with Chairpersons for their respective disciplinary cases

•Prepare witnesses and charge officer, investigate cases and build evidence file

•Capture IR matters on IR database, IR Spreadsheet and PeopleSoft

•Provide guidance to business on how to handle IR matters

•Provide guidance on process in disciplinary hearings

•Chair probation meetings and manage probation periods

•Deal with all employee relations matters to closure in support of PwC


•Initiate termination process

•Conduct exit interviews & provide feedback to business in relation to business improvement

•Guide employees on process and key contacts for termination checklist

•Ensure termination gift is awarded if applicable

•Signoff employees on termination checklist

•Complete exit trend analysis on professional staff

Change Management:

New Competency Model:

•Providing rationale for new competency model

•Discussing implications of change

•Provide guidance and understanding on the old versus new model

•Answer all questions that arise from new model workshop

•Draft FAQ’s

•Nominate Champions

•Provide ongoing assistance

Business Unit Integration:

•Conduct initial meetings to provide employees with information on BU integration and indicate timelines

•Provide rationale and advise on logistics and impact

•Create platform for questions

•Involve all affected parties

•FAQ sessions

•Constant contact with affected parties

New remuneration model:

•Advertise change

•Arrange for roadshows

•Provide rationale for change

•Create platform for ongoing questions

General Human Capital duties:

•General consulting and advisory services

•General Human Capital administration

•Refer employees to the Benefits professional in respect of PwC risk benefits

•Complete and discuss Monthly reports, Quarterly Dashboards & IFS Quarterly reports

•Draw PC&D, Headcount, EE and adhoc reports for business

•Draw up acknowledgement of debt contracts & maternity leave contracts

•Monitor HC information on all input systems

•SAICA liaison with respect to membership, APC & ITC exams

•Provide guidance on PwC policy and update the division on new legislation

•Direct leave and monetary queries to Payroll department

•Direct requests for letters and Peoplesoft queries to Shared Services Centre

•Request employee personnel files

•Direct and inform employees of ICAS (Employee wellness program)

Human Capital Projects:

• Standard Operating procedures (October 2013 – current)

• PwC Intake Booklet (March 2014 – January 2015)

• 360 Degree Feedback Programme (February 2014 – current)

•Recruitment assistance initiative for HC consultants (October 2014 – current)

•Knowledge Management sessions for HC Consultants (May 2014 – current)

Company Name: Deloitte (Talent & Transformation)

Period Employed: Period Employed: 01 July 2011 – 30 September 2013

Position Held: Human Resource Consultant

Reporting Structure: HRC HR Team Leader HR Manager

Reason for leaving: Exposure to centralized HR Model

General Administration, Payroll & Consulting:

•Confirming employment for current and ex-employees

•Provide Consultation of Benefits to employees

•Reconciling Benefits, Purchases & Deductions

•Provide Monthly reports and trend analysis of Leave and notification to Managers regarding anomalies

•Provide Monthly reporting on Long Service awards, Headcount, Birthdays, Probation, employee movement

•Co-ordinate team events

•Adhoc Reporting as per request from Business Units employees

•Submit completed Payroll input report to all divisions

•Capture Deductions, payments, salary advances, increases etc. on SAP & Manual Input

•Track recurring payments within Business Unit

•Provide assistance and advice on HR general queries including UIF, Pension, Provident, CAMAF and payslip structure

•Draw up Maternity, Study leave contracts, Acknowledgement of debt etc.

•Manage Leave and Leave Quotas

•Manage Fixed Term Employees & Independent Contractor agreements and employee life cycle

•Check Contractors Payroll:

-Confirm UIF, Pension & Provident calculations based on % change, Check timesheet calculation against spreadsheet input, check Payslip against timesheet input, confirm changes, hand out payslips to specific staff

•Check Talent & Transformation Variance:

-Verify manual input on Dummy Payslips, confirm that SAP input appears correctly on Payslip with correct coding, change Pay groups of staff

•Long Service Awards, Certificates and payments/ vouchers

•Manage SAP & Heat training & Sign off on additional access for Business Unit users

•Signatory rights on Payslips for all departments

•Maintaining employee personnel files and confidential documentation

•Changes to records upon request, i.e. pension provident, adding dependents etc.

•Issue IRP5’s

•Ensuring that relevant processes are in place to guarantee data integrity and that HR admin is completed in accordance with defined standards


•Conduct Employee Reference checks

•Draw up and send out letters of offer

•Receive employee file and information from Talent Acquisition and action Full Hire process: New employee Client Liaison, advice on employment documentation, access to systems and buildings and meal allowances, laptops, induction, T&T Orientation and information packs, introduction to staff, Training, SAP Capture and Salary

•Supporting BU with on-boarding programme to supplement firm-wide programme

Reward & Recognition:

•Ensuring that all support staff within BU have role descriptions and have been graded

•Working with BU to remedy any anomalies relating to actual vs. market salary

•Full Bonus & Increase process after allocations have been made

•Integrating the recognition system into interactions with the BU and team

Separations & Retention:

•Signoff resignation letter, Trigger Exit Interview, Conduct Exit Interviews for Non Managerial & Support Staff, terminate on SAP, recon Leave Payout, Terminate Medical Aid, sign off and complete, Group Life, disability, provident and pension fund, manage signoff sheet movement, collect Access disk.

•Analyse Exit Survey feedback and turnover with recommendations for business going forward

•Evaluate Market Intelligence to reduce undesired turnover and increase employee engagement

•Chair Aspiration meetings for all year groups as part of an HC/EE initiative

Industrial Relations

•Support HR Senior in IR Meetings

•Capture Warnings

•Advising business on uncomplicated misconduct, incapacity issues in accordance with legislation and firm policy & procedures

Performance & Development Management:

•Facilitate poor performance management for Support staff

•Ensure that development plans form part of the performance management process

•Draw up Surveys for Mid-Year & Year End Review. Collect & collate responses and provide to business for employee review period

•Ensure that Manager’s understand the performance management process and are trained

•Train employees on Performance review tool

Risk & Governance:

•Provide advice and guidance to employees on HR Policy and procedures

•Update staff regarding new Labour Legislation and internal policies

•Ensure that Independence declarations and all documentation is completed by all employees


•Compose T&T Newsletter (November 2012)

•Draw up Organogram for PSH (January 2012)

•Design HR Service Guide (June 2012)

•Trainee Administration (July – December 2011)

•T&T Employee Wellbeing Programme (April 2013)

Company Name: Deloitte (Taxation Services)

Period Employed: November 2008 – June 2011

Position Held: Senior Secretary

Reason for leaving: Interest in Human Resource Science

Company Name: SARS (National Enforcement Unit)

Period Employed: 15 November 2005 – October 2008

Position Held: Personal Assistant to Enforcement Centre Manager

Reason for leaving: Career Opportunities

Company Name: iD8 Marketing

Period Employed: 3 September 2004 – 10 November 2005

Position Held: Office Manager/ Personal Assistant to Directors: iD8 Marketing

Reason for leaving: Retrenched

Employment prior 2004 - available on request


Classroom Training

Coaching for Performance–2014 Stress Management Workshop–2014 Time Management Course-2009 First Aid Certification 2016

Seminars/ Workshops:

Preparing for Arbitration – presented by the CCMA (Commissioner Pheko) September 2017 CEB Workforce Planning Webinar Series: Module 2 Turning Talent Insight into a Real-World Strategic Advantage 12 November 2014. Module 3 Demonstrate ROI through Maximising your People's Potential 19 November 2014 Psychometric Reporting-27 October 2014 HR Future: HR Business Partners can drive performance for Business Success-09 October 2014. Identifying CEO capability versus specialist dual career paths-10 July 2014 Conference & Events seminars 2009-2013 Eminent Speaker series 2010–September 2013 SARS Ethics workshop 2008 Annual Office Professional Symposium 2006-2007


Microsoft Office SAP (procurement & HR) Peoplesoft CABS Heat Maconomy Microsoft Access Microsoft Project SMARTNET


Shorthand Typing Skimming Dicta-typing

Association/ Membership:

PwC Gauteng Assurance HC Social Committee – 2013 to date PwC UMBONO Committee – 2013 to date Deloitte T&T Entertainment Committee 2012/3 Deloitte TRAX Programme Assistant 2011 Deloitte Impact Day Committee 2011 Member of Deloitte Tax EE Forum 2010 Deloitte Tax Learning Contact 2010

Human resource interests:

Disciplinary hearings and CCMA engagements Employee retention triggers Interviewing Business Partnering Consulting Employee Wellness initiatives Training & Development Change Management Organisational Design Building perks for employees Social Technology for HR New School HR


Motivational Writing & Speaking Song Writing Singing Poetry Writing Teaching Interacting with new & interesting people Dancing Creating awareness to Self-Worth Coaching


Strong Verbal & Written Communication Skills Confident Friendly Manage expectations Efficiency in client service Resilient & Flexible Relatively high EQ Level Client Centricity Sociable Leadership qualities Adaptable Creates solutions Presenting & Training Relationship Building Accessible Accommodating Change Agent

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