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RESUME:- Expert RF & Microwave Engineering - Planning and Optimization

Lagos, LA, Nigeria
January 13, 2018

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Dr. Friday Lawrence Ogboi MIET, 110-***-****

Contact Detail Mobile: +234(0)703-***-****

Address - on Request Email:

Lagos, Nigeria Email:

Brief Professional Experience: MBA-Engineer, (25 Yrs. Experience).

1. RF and Microwave Eng. Devices and system technologies.

RF & Microwave engineering. RFPA & device characterization. Envelope Waveform Engineering. Modelling, and signal processing. Expert in network planning & cost-reduction. Spectrum, power & network efficiency optimisation. Linearity optimisation and link reliability. RF & microwave measurements (load-pull) with technologies - BEL like ET on GaN-on-Si, GaN-on-SiC, GaAs, GaN (E-MODE, D-MODE) and Si-LDMOS devices - under various complex modulated signals.

2. Non-Linear technology. Communication systems

Non-Linear Device and RF power amplifier designs. Load-pull, emulation, simulation, prediction, formulation, propagation, testing, correction and scientific validation. Enterprise communication network designer. Capacity, coverage and rollout optimization for 4G, 5G, LTE, and WCDMA in Small-Cell and LTE-Advanced. VLSI and Embedded Systems Engineering.

3. Adaptive digital signal processing systems

Adaptive and non-linear digital signal processing. Source-separation. Machine-learning, data mining, imaging, interpretation, in DSP and ISP environment. Pattern theory, support vector machine. OFDM, MIMO and BLAST technologies. Signal waveform inversion, interpretation and optimization. Advanced predictive modelling, and design of adaptive (neural) learning algorithms.

I have vast professional experience with many world-class clients requiring very high standard and best practices on many projects.

Client highlight: - Oil & Gas companies (Chevron, ExxonMobil), Banks (World Bank, Barclays Bank, many other banks,), Telecom-Operators (MTN, 21 Century, etc) Hospitality Industry (Sheraton, Hilton Hotels, Novotel), IT industry & engineering companies (Accelon/Internet Solutions-Dimension Data, National Instruments), Medical (ISOS) projects.

Project highlight: - PSTN, IP-PBX, Contact-Centre, IVR, RF-channel Optimisation, Microwave-link maintenance, Satellite-network, CCTV, LAN, Internet-user management, soft-phones, Telephone billing systems, PMS.

Core Competence - Professional Work (Experience)

Date: Employer Position: Description: Role: Responsibilities Skill: Experiences

Sept 2016 – Till-date

University of Lagos Fellow/Senior Lecturer

VSLI Engin., Circuits & Systems, Information theory and coding, Digital electronics, DSP, Devices I Build new real-life applications.

Create Expert Real-Life Engineers.

Undergraduates. (BSEE & BSCE)

Post-graduates (MSEE & MSCE)

I connect academic knowledge to real-life engineering

May 2015 – Till-date

Jesynet Nig Ltd Managing Director - MD

-Design, install, maintain, direct, teach lead and consult

- I Built website Leadership


I design, build and operate technical solutions to support core business operations.

Website, RF & Microwave-Link, Repeater-Station, LAN, CCTV,

Alternative power supply

Oct. 2010 – Jan. 2015

Cardiff University UK Doctor of philosophy - PhD

-Application of advanced wireless communication engineering theories to RF & microwave engineering and planning.

-Application of advanced wireless communication engineering theories to modelling a telecom system design & optimisation.

-Formulation development and Implementation of a novel technique for RF & microwave systems performance optimisation.

-Design and implementation of special technique for transmitter input spectral efficiency improvement (LTE)

-Design and implementation of special technique (BEL) on real-life RFPA devices – linearity optimisation

-Development and implementation of special technique for transmitter linearity improvement (LTE and small-cell)

-Implementation of special technique for transmitter power improvement on NXP, CREE, Eudyna devices

-Implementation of special technique for small-cell spectrum improvement on MACOM and Fujitsu devices

- RF & microwave device measurements, using special technique for 4G and 5G wireless environments

Centre for High Frequency Engineering - Building effective knowledge for cutting edge performances.

-Advanced project delivery

-Skill for theoretical development of concepts

Skill for understanding complex knowledge

-Skill for proper application of theoretical concepts

-Skill for performance improvement

- Advanced hands-on skill development

- Skill for advanced characterization

- Teaching skill

- Laboratory skill

- Student engagement skill

- student engagement relationship management

Special Achievement

- I wrote a Formula.

- I Developed, a novel linearisaton technique called BEL.

I successfully tested BEL by applying it to various complex modulated signals.

BEL – Baseband Envelope Linearization technique.

It is a technique that works in a special domain called the envelope domain.

It is used to linearize RF & Microwave systems.

The formula gives the required voltage needed to linearise a device under test (DUT)

Sept. 2009 – Oct. 2010

Cardiff University

UK Mater of Science - MSc

Application of advanced wireless communication engineering theories. (i) Developed a special model, for channel coding, and equalisation.

(ii) Developed a special technique, for signal coding, and equalisation.

(iii) Achieved end-to-end signal “Link” reliability for severely distorted environment.

-developed a special technique for digitally processing transmitted & received

-Support vector machine, source separation and intelligent & digital signal processing channel modelling

-Design of MIMO systems to improve link reliability

-Design of OFDM system to improve spectrum efficiency (channel and signal modelling).

-Machine learning and communication network by combining OFDM, MIMO technologies on V-BLAST

-Design of effective equalizers for severe distortion environments - decision feedback equalizers (DFE) - Skill for Proper design techniques

- Skill for advanced modelling and formulation.

-Skill for conceptual understanding

- Engineering deliverables

-Advanced skill for machine learning

-Advanced project planning

Digital signal processing (DSP)

Intelligent signal processing (ISP)

Adaptive signal processing (ASP)

Non-Linear signal processing (NLSP)

Special Achievement

I successfully designed and tested a special equaliser called Spatial Equaliser (SE)

This equaliser was applied in an OFDM-MIMO signal system.

It is based partly on the technology called BLAST and partly on LMS.

SE was used to equalise spatial signals in a severe distortion environment successfully.

19th. APR. 2001 – Sept. 2009

Dizengoff W.A. (Nigeria) Ltd

Technical Manager - TM

- Managed team of engineers.

- Installed and commissioned oil company enterprise telecom equipment and project, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Agip oil companies (DSP – IP, RF architecture)

-Installed and commissioned Banks enterprise telecom equipment, Barclays bank, World Bank and Renaissance-capital, FCMB projects)

- Installed and commissioned very expensive communication equipment on complex projects in sensitive environments - oil rigs, platforms, (Chevron) base- stations (MTN), Enterprise Contact-Centre & client services (FCMB, ExxonMobil, Barclays Bank)

- IP telephone, IP-PABX, Soft telephone, soft switching.

- Organised and conducted training programs for oil and banking industry engineers (ExxonMobil).

- Development based on Visual Studio 2005 & 2008

- Installed LAN and Telephony technologies e.g. IP routing, security, multicast, and SIP, H323, IVR etc.

- Cost of some projects delivered ($20M)

- Barclays Bank Zambia, World Bank (Lagos & Abuja)

- PMS, Fidelio, TMS hotel software experience (Hilton & Sheraton Hotels). PCB - assembly and design.

- Track record for very timely delivery of projects

- Installed and commissioned (Eleme Petrochemical Complex P/H Nigeria) Telecom equipment installation

(Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Cameroun, Senegal, South-Africa) - Hands-on skill

- Leadership, training, communications and diplomatic.

- Creative, pro-active and managerial.

- Supervisory and project delivery

- Tenacity to work under pressure and sometimes intense pressure.

- Building effective teams for cutting edge performances.

- Self- motivation.

- Project Management

Strong oral and written communication

Good team playing and service delivery

- Discretion

- Software programming

- senior management skill

- Diversity skill

- Training skill

- Organisational skill

Special Achievement _1

ExxonMobil: - I Solved a major software (s/w) problem.

The problem caused a working communication system (CS) to restart at short-regular Intervals.

This made it very difficult for users in this location to work usefully

The CS was connected to an international network with other CS’s.

No one could reach users in the location where the faulty CS supported for days.

I successfully solved the s/w problem.

- User training

- Client support training

- SLA administration

- Budget planning, design and administration

- User administration

- Client service administration

- Target designer and implementer

Special Achievement_2

Unilever, Aba, Nigeria –

I installed an advanced voice processor without training.

I was recommended to train abroad on a more advanced voice processor and other systems after the successful installation as compensation.

- Engineering management

- Team lead and project manager

15th. Feb. 2001 - APR. 2001

Broadband Technologies Limited (Nigeria) Voice/Software Expert - VSE

-Installed and commissioned GSM company’s telecom hardware installations in very complex environments.

- Deployed enterprise voice software on core-voice platforms. - IT Service delivery expert. IVR deployment

- Data centre management, PCB - assembly and design.

- IP telephone, IP-PABX, Soft telephone, soft switching.

- Support for internet user and cyber security

- Data migration and management

- Some Projects delivered ($15.5M), (Nigeria) - Managerial, adaptability and reliability.

- Calm, trusted and testable

- Ability to achieve results

- Software programming

- Application development

- Global view/picture

- Client take-over techniques

- Engineering management

- Team lead and project manager

01st Sept. 1998 – 13th Feb. 2001

Dizengoff W. A. (Nigeria) Ltd Team Leader - TL

- Installed and commissioned S/W (DSP - IP architecture) for Sheraton & Hilton Hotels Abuja projects

- Designed work plans and schedules, Sheraton – Abuja, Hotel Contact-Centre services

- Designed Budgets for teams and installations

- Designed Learning maps, and Contact-Centre flow-chart

- Designed of IT infrastructures and billing systems

-Novotel Hotel – Nigeria and Ghana

- Some Projects delivered ($13.5M)

Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Cameroun, Senegal, South-Africa - Hands-on skills.

- Learning.

- Communication and diplomatic.

- Negotiation and persuasiveness.

- Motivation and strategy.

- Autonomous

- Excellent results in stressful conditions – - S/W development

-Global view

- SLA administration

- Budget design and administration

- User administration

- Client service administration

- Target designer and implementer

May 1996 to July 1998

Centre Point Engineering Ltd

(Nigeria) Head of Telecom - HOD

-Installed and managed Fixed wireless communication installations in on-line situations (RF engineering)

NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Company), ExxonMobil. (DSP – IP telecom equipment)

-Budget designer – departmental budget, budget defence.

- Presentation manager e.g. five-star hotel chains – Sheraton, Hilton Hotels-Abuja, etc

- Provided prompt and efficient service delivery

- Training co-ordinator, Contact-Centre

- Engr. finance and professional services manager, managed Contact-Centre services

-Novotel Hotel – Nigeria and Ghana

-Fidelio, PMS Hotel software projects

- Some Projects delivered ($14M)

- - IP telephone, IP-PABX, Soft telephone, soft switching. - Microsoft software and technologies

- Eleme(Indorama) Petrochemical Complex P/H Nigeria project

- Enterprise Contact-Centre installation and maintenance

(Nigeria, Ghana, South-Africa - multiple projects) - Managerial and business survival skills.

- Skills on how to survive competitions and compete favourably.

- Business management.

- Consistency and business goals management.

- Articulate, dependable and can negotiate.

-Decision making and strategic planner

- Survival planner

- Service Delivery

- Very good team player

Expectation mgt.

- Global view

- Holistic consideration

- Forward planner

- pre-emptive planner

- Futuristic designer

- SLA administration

- Budget design and administration

- User administration

- Client service administration

- Target designer and implementor

Nov.1991 to Oct. 1992

(Goldstein Satellite Network Nig. Ltd) 1st, employment

(Systems Engr.)

Nov.1992 to May 1996

2-Way Comm. Ltd

(Nigeria) Customer Service Manager -CSM

-Installed and maintained public telephone exchange (PSTN), Contact-Centre, PABX in ‘Live’ environments project, for petroleum & public switching companies.

NITEL, NNPC, Chevron (switching and routing alg)

- Customer service management

- Some Projects delivered ($5M)

- PCB - assembly and design.

- IP telephone, IP-PABX, Soft telephone, soft switching.

-Digital Public telephone exchange (D-PSTN)

(Nig.- multiple projects) - Report writing, communication and diversity

-Skill of working under intense pressure

-Strategic planning

- Self control

- Self confident

- Innovativeness

- Novel idea

- SLA administration

- Budget design and administration

- User administration

- Client service administration

- Deliverables administration

- Target designer and implementor

Core Competencies (Academic)

Academic Competence


1. Doctor of Philosophy PhD – Communication engineering 2015

(Novel power amplifier design using non-linear microwave characterization and measurement techniques)

2. Master of Science MSc – Comm. engr. & signal processing 2010

(Wireless LAN networking using OFDM MIMO technology: the role of spatial equalization)

(Prize: - I won Best project in MSc. CESP 2010/2011 prize)


3. Master of Business Administration MBA – (Int’l business) 2008

4. Post Graduate Diploma PGD – Management 2006


5. Ordinary OND & Higher National Diploma HND, Elect. /Electro. Engr. 1987 & 1990


6. General Certificate of Education GCE Ordinary Level 1982 & 1984

Professional Training and Competence

Digital Signal Processing Internet Protocol (IP-based) Telecommunication Equipment & Network (IP-PBX, LAN, WAN, GSM, DSL, RF & Microwave)

Contact-Centre and Multi-Media Systems - Certified, (Nortel-Avaya) 2008

Scripting Language (Nortel-Avaya) 2008

VoIP Technologies - Certified (Nortel-Avaya, Cisco) 2008

OFDM technical training (Motorola) 2007

Canopy technical training (WAP) (Motorola) 2007

Communications (DSP) Server (IP-PABX) System (Nortel-Avaya) 2007

Business (DSP) communications manager (IP-PABX) (Nortel-Avaya) 2007

Call pilot (enterprise messaging server) (IP-IVR) (Nortel-Avaya) 2005

NCSS – Nortel Certified Support Specialist (Contact Centre) 2008

NCTS – Nortel Certified Tech. Specialist (Converged IP technology) 2008

National Instruments, LabVIEW Core I and II (UK) 2012

Skill Competence:

Software: - Matlab, LabVIEW (simulation), IGOR (Measurement), Sentaurus (modelling), Agilent-ADS (CAD), SAP, SQL, Windows O/S, Unix, ORACLE, C#, C++, Java, Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework (App. Dev), Origin, (analysis), R&D tools – GoCad, Petrel, Eclipse (modelling), web-site development, Firewall deployment, Virus protection, electronic workshop, and E-learning, consulting.

Hardware: -Equipment, NI, R&S, Motorola, Anritsu, Cisco, Tektronix, Keysight technologies. Load-pull test and measurements on pHEMT, HEMT, MOSFET, MESFET & LDMOS RFPA devices from CREE, NXP, MACOM, Fujitsu, Eydyna using various classes of power amplifiers for transmitters and receivers. Routers, LAN switches, Fibre-optics, DSL, ADSL, OFDM, MIMO, business communication machines. VLSI (ASIC & FPGA), Embedded (µP).

Hobby: - Travel, Social-networking, Golf, STEM-vanguard, African Research Hub and Faith.

IEEE Publication - (Highlighted Achievements)

1. F. L. Ogboi et al., "Investigation of Various Envelope Complexity Linearity under Modulated Stimulus Using a New Envelope Formulation Approach," 2014 IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium (CSICS), La Jolla, CA, USA, 2014, pp. 1-4. doi: 10.1109/CSICS.2014.6978563

2. F. L. Ogboi et al., "High bandwidth investigations of a baseband linearization approach formulated in the envelope domain under modulated stimulus," 2014 9th European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference, Rome, Italy, 2014, pp. 361-364.

doi: 10.1109/EuMIC.2014.6997867

3. F. L. Ogboi et al., "Sensitivity of AM/AM linearizer to AM/PM distortion in devices," 83rd ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference, Tampa, FL, USA, 2014, pp. 1-4.

doi: 10.1109/ARFTG.2014.6899507

4. F. L. Ogboi et al., "A LSNA configured to perform baseband engineering for device linearity investigations under modulated excitations," 2013 European Microwave Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, 2013, pp. 684-687. doi: 10.23919/EuMC.2013.6686748

5. F. L. Ogboi et al., "A Novel Formulation for Defining Linearising Baseband Injection Signals for RF Power Amplifier Devices Under Arbitrary Modulation," 2014 Automated RF and Microwave Society Conference (ARMMS), Oxford Belfry, Nr Thame Oxfordshire, UK.

6. M. Akmal et al., "Characterization of electrical memory effects for complex multi-tone excitations using broadband active baseband load-pull," 2012 42nd European Microwave Conference, Amsterdam, Netherland, 2012, pp. 1265-1268.

doi: 10.23919/EuMC.2012.6459083. (joint publication)

Focus: - Business Strategies for Industry - (BSI).

Publication, Publishers and Website

CSICS: – Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium

( – USA

EuMC: – European Microwave Conference


ARFTG: – Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group

( - USA

ARMMS: – Automated RF & Microwave Measurement Society

( - UK

Link to my publication on ieeexplore digital library, WORLD-WIDE

Link to my publication on armms website, UK

Link to my video presentation at arftg, USA

Link to my student paper competition, CSICS, USA

Link to my paper at The Oxford Belfry, UK

Link to my abstract at The Oxford Belfry, UK

STEM Ambassador

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