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Medical Health

Visakhapatnam, AP, India
October 03, 2017

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(**** AAK Resume)

DR.A.A.K.RAO MBBS;MD; Professor of Community Medicine/Public health medicine/Epidemiology & Biostatistics/ Preventive &Social medicine

( Key skills at a glance)

Public health & Epidemiology



Research &authorship

Teaching professor 27 years(teaching epidemiology, applied nutrition, environmental health, health planning, policy making, system development, primary health care, international health, ergonomics, Basic biostatistics

Primary care physician, medical officer for 15 years in primary health centres, headquarters hospital, mobile medical unit, taluk hospital, dispensaries etc,

Dean, Principal of medical school

Research methodology workshop organizer,

Field public health specialist 19 years

Clinical epidemiologist

Medical officer of primary health centres, taluk hospitals, mobile medical units

PSBH workshop organizer

Clinical epidemiology

Community clinical studies

District filaria control officer,district malaria officer

Research publications journals

Indian supercourse epidemiology 25 supercourse lectoures

Occupational medicine

Evidence based diabetes management

Head of the dept, Chair, Department of community medicine & epidemiology 15 years

Author for book NPractical manual in Community medicine, text book of Essentials of Epidemiology ( in progress0

Epidemic investigator


Health planning, policy formulation,

Health care delivery, health system modellor, health counselling

Health educator

Disaster preparedness;

Establishing health centres

Casualty medical officer/physician in 200 beded district hospital



Place & date of birth

with Nationality: Born on 03-06-1946 at Thandrangi, Andhra Pradesh,Indian.

Home address: D.NO. 40-26-39; First floor 201, NishtalaNivas,

Municipal High School Road, Madhuranagar,

Visakhapatnam--530016,Andhra Pradesh, India.

Telephone numbers: +91-984*******

E-Mail address: avasarala46@




Year of passing


Andhra Medical College, N.T.R. University of Health and Sciences, Vijayawada, A.P. India

April 1991

M.B.B.S. Degree

Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam, A.P. India. – 6 years undergraduate medical course plus one year compulsory internship




Place of training


Filariology training

Regional Filariology Research &Training centre (RFR & TC), Calicut.India.


Multipurpose Health workers training

Regional family planning centre, Visakahpatnam,Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India


Clinical Epidemiology Training

Govt. of India, at Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamilnadu.India


Universal Immunization District Core Trainers’ training

UIP Modular training for Medical officers by UNICEF, at Kakinada.


Training for Faculties conducting D.P.H. course

National Institute of Health & Family welfare, New Delhi


Specialized Training for Medical College Teachers in Occupational & Environmental medicine

Govt. of India, Central Labour Institute, Mumbai, India.


Research Methodology training

National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, AP, India

WHO Leprosy Elimination Monitoring Training L.E.M

National Institute of Health & Family welfare, New Delhi


Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management ( CCEBDM)

Public Health Foundation of India, International Diabetes Federation, Mohan Diabetes centre,Chennai, India


Certificate course in management of Thyroid disorders (CCMTD)

Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi





Worked for 19 years as a Physician, medical officer, civil assistant surgeon in primary health centers, Govt.dispensaries, sub- divisional hospitals, District Head quarter’s hospital, mobile medical units, and District filarial control unit. In these institutes, main duties attended are primary health care duties in primary health centers, outpatient and inpatient and emergency management in hospitals, care of the fishermen in mobile units and medical legal work. Immunization coverage evaluation surveys in three districts were conducted.


After post graduation in M.D.(Community Medicine) worked as Post graduate tutor, Assistant professor, Associate professor and professor in various government and private medical colleges in India, Nepal, Tanzania and Libya.. Topics about Environmental health, Applied nutrition, Epidemiology, biostatistics, PH administration, Health programmes, Management, International health were taught for graduate and post graduate medical students, General nursing and B.Sc nursing students and physiotherapy students.

As a resource person, I have trained several types of medical and paramedical workers as well as medical officers. In three states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Gujarat, I am conducting examinations as examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students since 20 years in (Chennai), NTR :university (A.P.) and Sardar Patel university (Gujarat) and also acted as a convener and chief superintendent of examinations several times.





Professor of Community Medicine

Mallareddy Institute of Medical Sciences, Suraram, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

19-1-2015 till 30-5-16(retired)

Principal &

Head of the Department of Community Medicine

Great Eastern Medical School& Hospitals,

Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India

17-11-14 to 5-1-2015

Professor& HOD of Community medicine

NRI Institute of Medical Sciences, Visakhapatnam, AP

14-9-13 till 14-11-14

Professor of community medicine

Chennai Medical College,& Research Centre,Trichy, (SRM Group) Tamilnadu,India.

1-10-12 -6-9-13

( 11 months)

Professor & Head

NRI Institute of medical sciences, Sangivalsa, Visakhapatnam,

Andhra Pradesh, India- 516003

28-4-12 to 15-9-12

(4months 18 days)

Fathima institute of medical sciences, Kadapa,

Andhra Pradesh, India- 516003

13-12-11 to 21-3-12

(3 Months)

Professor&HOD Principal

Dept of Community medicine,

Great Eastern Medical School,Ragolu.Srikakulamdistrict,Andhra Pradesh, India

04-12-09 to 21-7-11

(19 Months 28 days)


Dept of Family& Community medicine,

7th October university, Misurata, Libya

12-10-08 to 31-10-09

(1 Year)

Professor & Head

Dept. of Community medicine

Prathima Institute of Medical sciences,Nagunur,


04-08-03 to 4-10-08

(5 years 2months)


Dept. of community medicine,

Mamatha Medical College

Khammam, India

11-01-02 to 01-08-03

(1 year & 7 months)

Dept. of community medicine,

Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences,

Naarketpelly, Nalgonda dist.

21-06-01 to 10-01-02

(7 months)

Dept. of community medicine,

V.M.K.V.Medical College, Salem,


04-10-98 to 17-04-01

(2years & 6 months)

Associate Professor and HOD

Department of community medicine,

MIMSR Medical College, Lathur,


21-07-95 to 30-9-98

(3 years &2 months)

Assistant Professor

Department of community medicine,

Andhra Medical College,


28-6- 91 to 09-12- 94

(3 years & 6 months)

Post Graduate Tutor in

M.D.(Community medicine),

Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatnam

25-2- 89 to 25-2- 91

(2 Years)




1.Faculty member, Global Health Network university, Pittsburgh University, USA & Indian Super course epidemiology.

2.Kathmandu Medical College,Kathmandu, Nepal

3.International Medical Technological University, Dar-s-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa

4.Al-Arab Medical College, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya

5.Professor,Department of Family& Community Medicine, 7th October University, Misurata, Libya

6.Main evaluator of dissertation (Quality control of Website lectures in epidemiology) for M.PH. degree of FainaLinkov, Research fellow at Pittsburgh university

7.Counseling the students, teachers and others from Argentina, Cairo, China, South Africa and UK on various aspects of epidemiology


1.Vision screening survey among 20000 Primary school children at Visakhapatnam, A.P for Eye disorders & Defective vision.

2.Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) project at Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatnam

3.Cervical cancer screening project at Vishakhapatnam district, A.P.

4.Comparative study of ORS usage in urban & rural districts of Maharashtra (1998)..

5.ORS usage for children by the mothers in Nagunur village for improving the ORS usage

6.KAP study on health problems due to Mobile phone usage for prevention

7.Study of Risk factor profile on patients with Urinary calculi for prevention

8.Profile of Eye disorders & Refractive errors in children attending PIMS hospital for prevention

9.Study of Risk factors of Toxemias of pregnancy & LBW among women attending at PIMS hospital for better management

10.Epidemiological profile of Dysmenorrhea among female medical students of PIMS for better management

11.Musculoskeletal disorders among High Heel Shoe users and their prevention

12.Hypertension awareness,treatment compliance among urban and rural patients

13.Screening for Breast lumps and improving the practice of Breast self examination for early treatment.

14.Prevalence study of fungal skin infections among patients attending PIMS Hospital

15.Study of Allergic respiratory diseases with special emphasis on Bronchial Asthma

16.KAP study of obesity among youth in PIMS campus for Health Educational Intervention.

17.New born care practices in Rural & Urban areas of Karimnagar District.

18.Prevalence of Health problems in Contact Lens users.

19.Oversleeping and its Health and social effects for prevention.

20.KAP study on DOTS compliance in PIMS Hospital, Karimnagar District for Health Educational Intervention.

21.KAP study of Dental disorders in School Children at Vutoor Village(2006)


1.Written Practical Manual in Community medicine for undergraduate medical students and is implemented in most of the medical colleges in the state as student practical manual.

2. Written practical record for Libyan Undergraduate medical students

3.Essentials of epidemiology text book (under progress)

4.Practical manual for post graduates (under progress)


1.A.A.Kameswararao; Comparative study of ORS usage in rural and urban children in Latur district Indian journal of community medicine; Vol 22, No.3, july-sep; 1997

2.Dr.A.A.Kameswararao; Client Demand Approach –Revised family welfare Programme in India A feasibility study; Regional Health Forum, WHO South East Asia, 1999; Vol. 5 number 2.

3.A.A.Kameswararao; Breast feeding behavior of Indian women, Indian journal of Community medicine, Vol. 29,No 2 April June 2004

4.Kameswararao Atchuta Avasarala, Syed Meraj Ahmed, Sujatha Nandagiri, Swathi Tadisetty; Epidemiological differences of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms ( LUTS)among different female subpopulations and group level interventions; Indian journal of Urology; October-Dec 2008 issue; 24(4) :498-503

5.Atchuta Kameswararao Avasarala, Saibharghavi Panchangam; Dysmenorrhoea in different settings. Indian Journal of Community Medicine; Oct-Dec 2008 issue. 33(40 246-249

6.Kameswararao Avasarala; Quality of life assessment of Family planning adopters using User perspectives; Indian Journal of Community medicine; Oct-Dec 2009 issue; Jan;34(1):24-28

7.A.A.kameswararao, Syed Meraj Ahmed; Urinary tract infections among adolescent girls in rural Karimnagar district; AP- KAP study. Indian Journal of Preventive & Social Medicine, Vol. 39 No 1&2, 2008

8.Avasarala Kameswararao; Anilkrishna Bchu; Survey of childhood diabetes and impact of school level educational interventions in rural schools in Karimnagar (School level lifestyle modifications: Will they be effective in preventing and reducing the risk for childhood diabetes? International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries; Apr-Jun:2009 issue, vol 29, issue 2,page 69-73

9.KAP study on Frontline workers in TB control in India.(online publication in Indian Super course epidemiology at

10.Kameswararao A A, Sastry VV, Sairam A;Social customs during pregnancy and culturally competent health care in Andhra Pradeh; MRIMS Journal of health sciences, Hyderabad; July-dec issue 2015

11.Kameswararao A Avasarala,Sastry V V, Sairam Amaravadhi,, Hiranmayee Chelupuru,Navatha Alugova; Cultural differences of hair fall between Andhra and Malayali girls, MRIMS Journal of health sciences, Hyderabad; July-dec issue 2015

12.Kameswararao A Avasarala, Sastry VV, Sairam Amaravadhi, Sirisha Kancherla, Harika Buddineni; Family problems and cardiac problems ; MRIMS Journal of health sciences, Hyderabad; July – dec issue, 2015

13. Kameswararao A Avasarala, Sairam Amaravadhi,Sameer velsangkar,Aswin puli, Rahul Padala; Non-dietary factors causing Urolithiasis, MRIMS Journal of health sciences, Hyderabad; Jan-jun issue 2016.

14.Kameswararao A Avasarala, Sairam Amaravadhi,Suresh J, Nilesh B; Clinico-social profiles and probable indicators of skeletal tuberculosis in Karimnagar district, (Telangana; MRIMS Journal of health sciences, Hyderabad; Jan-une issue 2016.(in press)

15.Kameswararao A Avasarala, Narayanaraju TAV, Jayaraj.T; Swarajyalakshmi B; School vision screening by school teachers; will it be effective? –MRIMS journal of health sciences,Jan-Jun issue; Hyderabad.(in press)


1.Epidemiological profile and quality of life ( QOL) of the breast cancer patients in Misurata, Libya.

2.Fracture neck of femur and quality of life in Karimnagar district.MRIMSJHS; Hyderabad, peer review.

3.Blood borne infections and seasonal variations in blood samples

4.Maternal failures and community failures in Newborn care practices and high infant mortality

5.Maternal child factors influencing Neonatal jaundice and phototherapy


For Indian journal of community medicine, (IJCM), Journal of School Health, USA,

Maternal and child health journal, USA, World health Bulletin,

MRIMS Journal of health sciences, Hyderabad, India


Developed 25 super course lectures as an active Super course developer in epidemiology for Global Health Network university, Pittsburgh University, USA & Indian Super course epidemiology. The following super course lectures can be accessed at

1.Soil& Shower of HIV/AIDS in India (selected as the lecture of the week)

2.Origin, Growth &Development of Epidemiology( selected as the lecture of the week

3.Epidemiology –Perspectives &applications

4.Causal inference

5.Sanitary Awakening in India-Still not seen, Situation analysis &Solutions.

6.Tsunami in India & tsunami walls selected as the lecture of the week

7.K.A.P. study on frontline workers in Tb control in India

8.Tsunami ( Telugu version)

9.Disease Epidemiology

10.Descriptive studies

11.Meningococcal meningitis at Delhi and in India ( 3 parts)

12.Cohort studies

13.Community intervention trials

14.Sir Richard Doll-Anti Smoking crusader

15.Clinical trials

16.Epidemiology of Nosocomial infections Parts 1&2

17.Epidemiology of Thought pollution and ill health

18.Medical social work in India

19.Mosquito laughs at man

20.Social customs of south Indian mothers during pregnancy.

21.Art of teaching (pedagogy)

Most of the above lectures were translated into Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Thailand, and Spanish and used for teaching all over the world. These super course lectures in epidemiology and other contributions were used for teaching at Albert Einstein medical school, New York, USA, Pittsburgh university USA, University Guanajuato, Campus Celaya, Mexico, Argentina and China etc.Most of the lectures are being used by various internet agencies like Venezulocomo, Course Hero, SEA/AIDS e forum, Health development networks, medical-doc stac, afro-nets, biostat, Controlling tuberculosis Indian chapter, crusader project- Spanish, ITS/VIH/SIDA,IBS-ES-2008, Intaids, Ivf India, India news, medical transcription outsourcing, India-off shoring, social security administration, social entrepreneurs.


1.AWARDED Life membership for teaching (CONSTANCIA) by UNVERSIADAD GUANAJAUATO, Latin America.

2.Global health network university, Pittsburgh,USA, Indian super course epidemiology/ University Guanajuato, Latin America,/ Indian public health association/ Indian medical association/ INDMED FORU/, SEA-AIDS FORUM/ STOP-TB FORUM etc.


1.Participated in Universal immunization programme workshop organized by UNICEF for District Core Trainers training at Kakinada, A.P., India – 1990

2.School vision screening workshop at Institute of development and planning studies (IDPS) Visakhapatnam (Report released by professor Godbole, Eye saver unit, Mumbai) – 1993

3.Family planning orientation workshop UNICEF & Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada – 1993

4.Workshop for Involvement of private Medical Colleges in AIDS control. Organized by B.J. Medical College, Pune at Pune – 1995

5.Inaugurated & coordinated Multi-Indicator Rapid Assessment(MIRA). workshop at Aurangabad by Maharashtra Government – 1998

6.Research methodology workshop organized by N.T.R. Health University at National Institute of Nutrition, Taranaka, Hyderabad, AP – 2004

7.Participated in workshop on Biomedical Wastes Management at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad by National Green Corps, a non-governmental organization, AP. & NTR University of Health Sciences, Government of Andhra Pradesh – 2004

8.Community Leaders Health Awareness workshop for 300 community. leaders at Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, India. 300 community leaders were educated about various health aspects and group discussions were arranged – 2005

9.WORKSHOP on Biomedical waste management,organized by National Green Corps and GOVT OF Andhra Pradesh at Osmania medical college, Hyderabad – 2005

10.Participated in workshop on“RNTCP-INVOLVEMENT OF MEDICIAL COLLEGES “at Directorate of Medical & Health Services, AP, Hyderabad -2005

11.Organized and conducted PSBH ( Problem Solving for Better Health ) Workshop at Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar, AP, India – A two day Action research oriented Workshop for 90 students in the Dept of community medicine – 2005

12.Organizing secretary, Coordinator for Joint International Workshop on Problem Based Learning & Evidence Based Medicine, Medical Education between Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh& Southern Illinois University, Illinois, USA & Medical Council of India – 2008

13.XXXIV All India public Health and IAPSM conference at Chennai, Presented paper on Vision screening in the primary school children in Visakhapatnam, A.P., India – 1989

14.IAPSM conference (AP chapter) presented paper on ‘Social customs during pregnancy’ IAPSM conference at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad

15.Presented a paper on ‘Referral system of cancers’ and won SundereshPeri award at Osmania medical college,Hyderabad,– 1998

16.Guest lecture on ‘AIDS- Social and scientific issues on world AIDS day at MIMSR medical college, Latur, Maharashtra – 1993

17.Papers presented on Girl child and education, Hypertension in urban slums at Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam – 2005

18.IAPSM & IPHA Joint conference at Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam – participated as judge for selecting student papers – 2005

19.Workshop on “Neglected tropical diseases”. Participated as panel speaker in panel discussion on Leprosy situation in India at Chennai medical college, Trichy, Tamilnadu,India

20.Participated in workshop on WORLD AIDS DAY at Chennai Medical college, Trichy, (SRM Group) Tamilnadu.

21.Participated in National Nutrition Week celebrations 2015 as speaker at Mallareddy Institute of medical sciences at Hyderabad, India,

22.Delivered guest lecture in CME Programme on “ Hospital Epidemiology “ at Mallareddy Institute of medical sciences at Hyderabad, India,


1)Dr. V. Chandrasekharam MS ; Mch, ( Paediatric surgery), Retd principal and Addl Director of medical & health services, Gokhale road, near old Pallavi nursing home, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Phone: 093********

2)Dr V.V.Sastry MD; Dean, Mallareddy institute of medical sciences, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA

3)Dr .G.Mallikarjunarao MS (Anatomy) professor of Anatomy, Gitam institute of Dental sciences, viskhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, india. Phone: 098********

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