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biologist, biotechnologist

November 12, 2017

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Curriculum(Vitae( ( Khaled(Ahmed(

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Nasr city, Cairo, Egypt.


Mobile: (+2) 01062556646




•! Bachelor in biotechnology (Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA) with GPA 2.65 out of 4 (good).

•! First graduation project was done in Cell Safe Bank “Studying morphological markers

(CD3, CD4, CD8) on mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine”.

•! Second graduation project was done in Theodor Bilharz Research Institute and was about

“The significance of RAGE marker in Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) diagnosis” by applying molecular biology techniques on patient’s serum and tissues.

•! Presence of equivalent Graduation certificate from Greenwich University. OBJECTIVES! !

To have an opportunity to capitalize on the knowledge and skills that I have grasped during my time in the university in addition to the time I spent during the various practical training session I attend. ATTENDED!TRAINING!COURSES!

April 2014 Fertility and test tube babies at NOUR El- HAYAH Fertility center.

May 2015 Molecular Biology Training Diploma At


Jul 2015 Tissue Culture Technique at the Central

Laboratory for Date Palm in Ministry of

Curriculum(Vitae( ( Khaled(Ahmed(

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Aug 2015 Molecular biology & Genetic engineering


April 2014 assisted reproductive techniques (ART)



o! Language skills

! Excellent in English

! Mother tong Arabic

o! Computer skills

! Use MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook) and internet browser.

o! Perfect Communication and presentation skills

o! Hard worker

o! Working under stress

o! Time management

o! Research Skills

o! Team Work

o! Decision-making ability

o! Sociable and flexible with others

o! Good experience with writing proposal and publication skills o! Making Posters design and presentation for different topics. o! -Molecular biology and virology techniques:

o! 1) RNA extraction

o! 2) DNA extraction.

o! 3) Plasmid extraction.

o! 4) Simple sequence repeats analysis (SSRs) technique. o! 5) Start codon targeted (SCoT) polymorphism technique. o! 6) RT-PCR technique.

o! 7) Real time PCR technique.

o! 8) Sequencing technique.

o! -Nanotechnology techniques:

o! 1) Preparation of silver nanoparticles.

o! 2) Preparation of gold nanoparticles.

o! 3) Preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles.

o! 4) Preparation of magnetic nanoparticles.

Curriculum(Vitae( ( Khaled(Ahmed(

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o! -Plant tissue culture technique.

o! -Stem cells techniques.

o! 1) Isolation and culturing of Stem cells from different sources. o! 2) Dealing with cell culture and studying different markers. o! -DNA forensics.

o! 1) Autopsy.

o! 2) Asphyxia.

o! 3) types of wounds.

o! 4) Sexual offenses.

o! 5) Dealing with crime scene.

o! 6) dealing with blood samples such as using RSID, ABO blood grouping, Microscopic analysis of hair fibres.

o! Molecular diagnosis.

o! Microbiology


! Researching.

! Reading.

! Drawing.

! Computing.

! Good with technology.


Name: Khaled Ahmed Fouad Hassan

Date of Birth: 20 of November 1995.

Nationality: Egyptian.

Gender: male.

Marital status: single.

Driving licence: Presence of Egyptian licence.

Exemption from conscription



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