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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
October 31, 2017

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Lakshimi R amchandran ( Ram) P .Eng ( AB) ( ON), C .F.S.E. 1181, P aper b irch L ane,

Oakville, O N, L 6M2C5

Email: L Cell P hone 4-03-8-90-8-159



20+ Years total Experience of instrumentation and controls in design, Engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance in the Petrochemical industry, Refining, Oil exploration, Off-shore platforms, Fertilizers, Heavy Chemical & Power p lants - B oilers, P ipelines.

Hands-on experience in Honeywell TDC 3000 systems/ PKS Experion/ Safety Manager, Rosemount RS 3, Delta V DCS/ SIS, Foxboro I/A series, Yew Centum System, GE, Solar & Ruston Turbine Controls, Cooper-Bessemer Reciprocating Machines, Modicon P LC, A llan B radley, T riconex, B entley N evada v ibration s ystems. AREAS O F E XPERTISE

Design, System Engineering, System Evaluation, Installation, Configuring, commissioning of Distributed Control System and Programmable L ogic C ontrol S ystem, F ield I nstrumentation f or P rocess c ontrol I ndustry.

Creation o f s imulation p ackages f or o il a nd G as p rocessing u sing D CS c ontrol b lock c onfiguration o f D CS.

Conducting D CS t raining f or p rocess a nd I nstrument e ngineers

Control s ystem a nd l ogic d esign f or R otating E quipment l ike G as t urbines, a nd r eciprocating c ompressors.

Preparation of technical proposal, specification, vendor analysis, engineering package, Construction and commissioning documents f or c ontinuous p rocess i ndustry l ike R efinery, o il e xploration a nd p ower p lants. D BM, E DS ( FEED) E ngineering a ctivity

Maintenance P lanning, S hutdown p lanning, P reparation o f M aintenance C ontract d ocuments, E valuation a nd C ontract s upervision.

Hands on experience of Installation Commissioning and configuring of DCS systems of makes Honeywell, Foxboro, Rosemount, DletaV, D eltaV S IS, T riconex.


Refinery Experience: Total 7 years of experience in Detail Engineering, Construction and commissioning of grass root refinery engineered by CF Braun Inc. USA at Kuwait. Design, Detail engineering and implementation activities of Refineries in Canada namely S uncor, S yncrude, I mperial O il L imited a nd S hell C anada.

Oil and Gas exploration: Total 16 years of experience in DBM, EDS (FEED) Design, Engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance of Instrumentation system. The major involvement in conversion Instrumentation from Pneumatic to DCS, utilizing H oneywell, F oxboro a nd R osemount s ystems.

Heavy chemical Industry: Total 2 1/2 years of experience in pre commissioning and commissioning Utilities and Caustic Chorine plant o f U hde w est G erman d esign.

Petrochemical industry: Total 1 year experience in Design, Instrument specification, selection, Inspection, Installation and commissioning o f P olyolefin i ndustry o f U HDE W est G erman d esign.

Power Industry: Total of 1 year construction and commissioning control system of 200 Mw power plants with Coal and oil fired Boilers o f S iemen's D esign.

Fertilizer Industry: total of 6 years experience in Commissioning and maintenance of Urea, Complex fertilizer, Sulfuric. Nitric, Phosphoric a cid p lants.

Textile I ndustry: T otal o f 2 y ears e xperience i n m aintenance o f I nstrumentation s ystem i n w oolen i ndustry.

General I nstrumentation: 1 y ear e xperience o f s ervicing o f e lectronic I nstruments.

Mining I ndustry: 1 1 2 y ears f or d etailing a nd b ridging f eed a ctivities.

Pipelines: 2 y ears o f e xperience i n d esign o f T ransCanada a nd P embina p umping s tations. EXPERIENCE I N D ETAIL

● Lead I /C A utomation E ngineer July 2 012 t ill 1 2t h N ov 2 015 SNC L avalin, C algary C anada,


● Associated with business development for proposal of various projects, The assignment includes review and study projects for man-hour estimate and deliverable lists and write-ups for FEED and detailed e ngineering w orks. W ork a s S ubject m atter e xpert f or d ifferent p rojects.

● Assigned as Lead engineer for FEED and Detail engineering of Pembina Pipeline project for crude pumping station. The Design includes field instruments selection procurement and control system. The control system is PLC based integration to VFDs. The design includes integration to Electrical drives and high voltage switchgears. The assignment includes design of inter wiring and system panel d esign.

● Assigned to SAGD project for client Brion Energy a s Lead Commodity Engineer to the detail engineering activity. The activity is in the level of subject matter expert. The activity involves with coordinating a nd r eviewing v arious v endor i nstrument s upplied i nstruments.

● Associated w ith F EED a nd d etail d esign o f T ransCanada p ipe l ine p roject f or a utomation a ctivities.

● Associated w ith p roposal f or F EED p hase o f v arious p rojects.

● Associated with ZADCO Abu Dhabi CCR modification project to convert TDC 3000 to Experian System. The phase of the project is FEED phase. The assignment also includes Train 5&6 control system review which is green field project. Extensively involved in preparation of Hot cut over procedure a nd d ocuments f or c onversion o f H oneywell s ystem.

● Associated with Agrium compressor logic and control modification of Nitric acid and Ammonia c ompressors.

● Assigned to SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drilling) MEG energy project as Area Lead I/C Automation Engineer. Involved in control system design, C&E, Control narrative, Instrumentation, HAZOP, package vendor review activities connected to feed phase of the project. Subsequently involved in detail engineering phase which includes material requisitions, vendor document review, and o ther e ngineering a ctivities. T he D CS/SDS a nd S IS s ystem b eing D eltaV.

● Senior S ystem & p rocess C ontrol s ystem E ngineer June 2 010 t ill J uly 2 012 Hatch L td, C algary C anada,

● Assigned to the FEED and Details Engineering activity of GASCO Abudhabi Sulphur handling transportation and rail loading project in as Lead I/C Engineer. Involved in control system, Instrumentation, communication area Network activities. The activities which includes, DCS, SIS, F&G, of Yokogawa, IPCS (Electrical interfaces with Profibus and intelligent motor starters) systems. On Communication area CCTV, Fiber network, WLAN spec and MR documents. On Instrumentation Filed instrument spec review and QC activities. Fully involved in all Engineering activities like P&ID, Spec preparation & reviews, Material requisitions, HAZOP, SIL analysis and other activities. The activity includes over all supervision on deliverable i ssues a nd m anpower p lanning.

● Was Associated with Details engineering activity of Thomson Creek mining. Endako project as Lead engineer. The activity includes P&ID revisions, Vendor document review for control details. Procurement hardware engineering and system configuration of DeltaV Control system with Charm Modules and SD controllers.. Preparation of Library Modules. Integrating Soft starts details low / medium and high voltage motors, VFD (around 250 motors), though Profibus, Modbus TCP. The plant equipment includes Ore preparation unit, Conveying, pump boxes, Flotation, Thickeners and Tailing plants. The activity also includes checking and approving the field instrumentation data sheets of various packages and loop diagrams.

● Senior I /C E ngineer Sep 2 009 t ill J une 2 010 Amec, C algary C anada,

● Associated with FEED activity of Syncrude / Imperial oil resources (ESSO) sustained Upstream projects in Canada. Assigned as Automation lead to involve in ICCS activities. Presently involved in preparation architecture diagrams, control and instrumentation philosophy documents and design criteria for the project. Co-ordination with Imperial oil engineers related to project activities. Familiar with IP of Exxon Mobil.


The control activity involves in details of Honeywell C300 (Experion PKS) and Safety Manager. Prepared Feed P&ID connected with the I/C activities. Involved in preparation of C&E for all area and associated w ith H AZOP. I nvolved i n t he i nitial c ost e stimate.

● Senior I /C E ngineer Mar 2 009 t ill A ug 2 009 Waha O il C ompany, A thens G reece,

● Assigned for PMC role for CONOCO Philips and Waha Oil Company. Associated with engineering review, approval and Engineering solutions of I/C engineering documents and activity prepared by EPC Worley Parson and vendor organizations. EDS / Detailed Engineering of Gas separation, purification a nd t ransportation o f W aha O il C ompany, L ibya. Review of Field instrumentation sizing calculations of Control valves, PSV, Orifice, data sheets of Transmitters of various vendor packages, Plant Cable layout and Cable block diagrams and Field hook-ups. The control activity involves vendor drawings and configuration documents reviews mainly of DCS / SIS system of Honeywell C300 (Experion PKS) and Safety Manager. T he job also involves in review of The Gas turbine/ Centrifugal compressor of Siemens controls, Reciprocating machines of Dresser Rand with control of Control Logic for machinery startup, protection and control. Fully involved i n F AT a ctivites o f H oneywell S afety M anager a nd C 300 D CS s ystems.

● Principal C ontrol S ystem E ngineer Nov 2006 till 27t h Feb


Jacobs C anada L td., C algary, A B, C anada

● EDS / Detailed Engineering of Sulphur recovery Unit Voyager Project of Suncor: Major activity includes Hazop resolution, SIL Analysis, SIL verifications of SIFs, P&I corrections, SIS design, engineering, and implementation, Fire & gas system design, Foundation Field bus design, Compressor control, M achinery s ystem d esign a nd g eneral E ngineering S pec a nd M aterial r equisition a ctivities.

● EDS / Detailed Engineering of Firebag III Project of Suncor: Activities includes SIS design, engineering, and implementation of DeltaV SIS. SIL Analysis, SIL verifications of SIF. The control system is DeltaV. Associated with BPCS general activities and Fieldbus segment arrangement and spec reviews. M ajor u nits i nclude O il e xploration, t reating, C ogeneration, W ater t reatment u nits a nd H STG.

● Sr. I & C E ngineer Jan 2 006 t ill N ov 2 006 Bantrel I nc, C algary, A B, C anada

● DBM / E DS a ctivities o f V oyager P roject o f S uncor: a ctivities: V endor s pecification p reparation, control s chemes a nd T emplates f or C ontrols a nd s hutdown s ystems f or W et g as c ompressor, C oke cutting, U n-leading a nd H eaters, S IL A nalysis a nd v erification b y S ilcore & e xSILentia s oftware, P &I reviews, B udgetary p roposal a nd B id A nalysis, P reparation o f C &E a nd L ogic d iagrams.

● Sr. C onsultant June 2 003 t ill J an 0 6 Emerson P rocess M anagement., C algary, A B, C anada

* Design a nd i mplementation o f t he S IS p roject w ith D eltaV S IS f or S odium c hlorate u nit o f E RCO w orldwide Chile.

* SIS d esign a nd I mplementation u tilising S IS D eltaV s ystem f or T MR g as m etering s tation T rinidad b y W orley Parson.

* Preparation o f S afety R equirement S pecification f or O pti U pgrading f acility, R eview o f l ogic d etails o f S hutdown and B MS l ogic o f C rude, H CU, A SU a nd V acuum u nits, S IL a nalysis w ith E xSILentia s oftware. 3

* System d esign o f h ardware a nd s oft w are m odules, p rocurement, s ystem c heckout a nd c ommissioning o f D eltaV SIS T rial p roject.

* Associated w ith p roposal o f S IS / F &G f or v arious i nternational p rojects u tilising m ajor S IS v endor p roducts.

* Assigned a s L ead S IS E ngineer f or S akhalin U pstream P roject o f E xxon M obil. A ctivities i ncludes r eview o f hardware, p reparation o f P rogramming g uidelines, F AT a nd I FAT d ocuments, S ystem p rogramming a nd F AT o f PSD, E SD a nd F &G s ystem u tilising T riconex h ardware. T he t ask i ncludes i ntegrating T riconex S IS p arameters with D eltaV P CS t hrough O PC.

* Associated w ith F AT o f S IS P CS s ystem i ntegration o f K izomba A P roject o f E xxon M obil u pstream p roject


● Sr. C ontrol E ngineer S ep 2 002 t ill A pril 2 003 For H oneywell C anada L td., C algary, A B, C anada

● UE-1 Project of Syncrude: activities : Reviewing the control scheme, P&I, control Narrative and implementing in Honeywell’s Experion PKS system of latest Release 100. The work involves I/O assignment, reviewing the hardware design and configuration activities using Control builder, Sequence Control Module, Quick builder and Serial interface. The C onfiguration i nvolves a lso i ntegrating v arious P LC’s t o E xperion P KS s ystem.

● Lead D CS/PLC E ngineer M ay 2 001 t ill Sep2002 For I OL P rism P roject, F luor C anada I nc., C algary, A B, C anada

● IOL Prism project (Desulphurisation): Activities: Details design, Selection, Sizing, procurement and implementation including configuration of DCS/SIS system, P&I preparation connected with Control and Logic Detail, HAZOP review and o ther c oordination w orks. T he D CS s ystem c hosen i s H oneywell ( TPS) a nd S IS b eing T riconex. Fully a ware o f I mperial O il S tands f or c ontrol s tandards.

● Senior I nstrumentation E ngineer J an 1 999 t o M ay 2 001 Bantrel I NC., C algary, A B, C anada

● Shell Athabasca project: A ssignments: F oxboro I/A system DCS Architecture Design,FDS/ DBM/ SIS/PLC Documents review, Review and preparation of Motor control, Vibration, alarm management, Graphic design philosophies. Fieldbus, Fiber optic details drawing connected with Foxboro DCS system Drawing. Preparation of General Architecture and layouts. Preparation of cause & effect, Logic and control narratives for the project. Preparation o f D ata s heets a nd Q C c hecks o n I nstrumentation C ommodities.

● Fully familiar with FOXCAE for data export for Control Blocks from Intool. Fully familiar with Intools for project requirements f or s pec, w iring d esigns. P reparation o f l oop d etails i n F OXCAE f or l oading i n F oxboro I /A s ystem.

● Involved i n B id a nalysis o f S IS a nd s ystem a rchitecture.

● PEP Project of Suncor Ft McMurray AB Canada: Activities: sizing, engineering drawing preparation, FAT, Configuration of H oneywell system for Upgrading and Tankfarm area of Suncor, Ford McMurray. The DCS Configuration includes integration of Honeywell HPM t o CCC, Alan Bradley and Triconex System. Configuration includes t he L oop c omponents, C ontrol S trategy, A rray, F lag a nd C L p rograms f or i ntegration. Involved i n P &I r eview, H AZOP S tudy a nd C ontrol S chemes. Experience o utside C anada

Instrument E ngineer

Kuwait O il C o K SC. P .O.Box 9 758, A hmadi, K uwait Kuwait N ational P etroleum C ompany. K uwait

Service M anager

Doha m otor a nd T rading C o . Doha Q atar

Instrument E ngineer

Abudhabi N ational O il C o. P .O.Box 8 98 . Abudhabi, U AE Senior I nstrument E ngineer P rojects

Uhde I ndia L td, L .B.S. M arg, V ikroly, B ombay 4

Sr. E xcecutive E ngineer C ommissioning

Siemens I ndia L td. M ahakhali C aves R d, A nderi, B ombay Instrument E ngineer

Fertilizer C orporation o f I ndia L td., T rombay, B ombay EDUCATION

B.E, E lectronics & C ommunication E ngineering, M adras U niversity I ndia, TRAINING

Attended T raining p rograms o f D CS C onfiguration o f D eltaV s ystem. Attended T raining p rograms o f D CS C onfiguration a nd M aintenance o f H oneywell, R osemount a nd F oxboro s ystem. Attended C omputerized M aintenance p rograms a nd p roject M anagement. Attended T raining i n C ore L eadership p rogram c onducted b y B antrel I NC. C algary C anada. PROFESSIONAL M EMBERSHIP

Certified F unctional S afety E xpert ( CFSE)

Member o f A PEGGA ( M67126)

Member o f P rofessional e ngineers o f O ntario ( PEO) Past M ember o f A PEGBC ( 35104)

Member o f F ield b us a nd S afety s ociety o f I SA. SOFTWARE S KILLS:

Well v ersed i n g eneral s oftware p ackages M S o ffice a pplications, f or e ngineering r equirements I h ave d eveloped W eb p age o n I nstrumentation f or r eference p urpose. Reference: Reference w ill b e p rovided, w hen r equired

End 5

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