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Head Technical Integrity Engineer

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
August 31, 2017

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*** ******* ******, ********** *** 6WF

Location Mobile nos: +2348032806079 (Nigeria), +447473380221 (UK) E-mail:

Highly motivated & experienced Engineer, who is focused to ensure Project/Operations deliverables compliance & lifecycle Technical Integrity equipment/installation is maintained Fit-for-Purpose

(a) Experienced as Floating Unit Integrity Lead Engineer, managing the Classification interface on the EGINA FPSO, Turret Offloading Buoy at 1550 m water depth in Nigeria, reviewing design, installation, commissioning and hand-over to operate phase including management of the Certificate to operate as per IMO guidelines and Classification rules (Bureau Veritas) and Total Upstream Company Guides, Specification & Rules.

(b) Extensive experience of Nigerian Offshore Installations (Fixed Drilling Platforms (EA fields) & FPSO’s (Bonga + Sea Eagle) at 1000M and 30M water depth respectively, reviewing Design; Installation; Commissioning; Modifications; Trouble shooting; Project to Operations Flawless Start-Up

& Handover Acceptance; maintain FPSO Class & Certificate-of-Compliance Class Certification(including Hull and hull equipment management; Management of Change & Deviation Control; RBI; QRA; RCA; Technical Integrity; Operating & Integrity Envelopes; Risk Assessment Management & MAH ALARP HEMP Mitigation Controls; ISO 9001 QA/QC Auditing; Maintenance.

(c) Prepares, plans budget and executes planned activities contracts toward integrity assurance. Government relationship; maintains relationship with DPR, NNPC, NIMASA(Nigerian Flag Administration), Fed. Min of Environment, etc.Sound knowledge of UK HSE legislation (Statutory Instruments – SCR SI 2885; PFEER SI 743; DCR SI 913; MAR SI 971; Emergency Pipelines SI 825 WSE – Written Schemes of Examination etc), Nigerian legislation (MOSR 1997 & Petroleum Act etc,) Lloyd’s Register Rules & Regulations, Bureau Veritas (BV) Offshore Rules for Classification of FPSOs; NIMASA a (Nigerian Coastal /Flag compliance requirements to IMO compliance and other International standards (ASME; ASNT; API; IEC etc) – Safety Case Standard; Asset Integrity – Process Safety (AI-PS) Standard; Maintenance Integrity Management Standard (MIMS); Technical Integrity Framework (TIF); EP2007-9009 Safety Critical Element Management Manual (SCE); Hazard Effect Management Process (HEMP); Shell DEPs & ERDs; Minimum Standards & Global Processes; Total General Specifications, Methods and Company Rules (GS, GM & Company Rules)

Coaching Nigerian Graduate Engineers.

Details of Experience and Qualifications



Details of Experience and Qualifications

Total Upstream Nigeria Ltd June 2015 -Date

Project: EGINA Field (Construction and Hook-up & Commissioning and operation phase) EGINA is an offshore development, 1550 m water depth in Nigeria operated by TOTAL Upstream Nigeria Limited. Consist of a 240 POB spread moored FPSO, Turret - offloading buoy (OLT), 2 productions loops, 6 subsea manifold with 20 Production wells and 3 injection lines connecting 20 Water Injection wells.

Job Title: Floating Units Integrity Lead Engineer (FUILE) Function includes Integrity management of Floating Units such as FPSO, OLT, SPS with details listed below;

Maintenance & Inspection Engineering;

--Management of MIEC(Maintenance Inspection Engineering Contractors).

--Design review of OLT, FPSO Hull Tanks Fatigue analysis, identification of Stress Critical welded areas, i.e ‘’hot spots’’, etc.

--Review of MIEC (Maintenance Inspection Engineering Contractors’ documentation reviews.

--Review of Written Scheme of Examination for various aspects of the Hull and topsides equipment and piping.

--Review of Written Scheme of Examination for aspects of corrosion management including CP systems and Internal corrosion..etc.

Mooring Integrity Management;

- Resolving design issues, Review and follow up of fabrication, construction, storage, installation and commissioning and post installation survey requirements for mooring systems, Subsea Systems

- Participate in the development and defining of the FU Integrity Strategy

- Assist the project discipline managers in implementing the defined FU integrity management strategy

Maintenance Integrity Assurance of FPSO & OLT Classed systems


- Work closely with BV on the FPSO construction Korea/Lagos.

- Participate in the preparation and technical review of the Hull Inspection Plan for the first Class Term (0-5 yrs) and ensure it is adequate and ready for use before start up.


- Liaising with BV to ensure that documentation and List of the Classed Items are in VERISTAR.

- Follow up the documentation and registration of the FPSO Classed Items in VERISTAR

- Verify the Technical records of all Class items and ensure that they are recorded in the Plant asset registers uploaded in CMIMS with the relevant inspection plan.

- Advise, report to Field Operations Management and Discipline managers on major FU integrity issues.

Field Operations Readiness, Start-up & Hand-over:

- Preparation of formal hand-over of EGINA FPSO regarding national and international ship registration and all certifications, punch-lists etc to Field Operations department.. 3

- Review and assure completeness of documentations pertaining to the Floating Units Integrity Management System.

- Identify and bridge Field Operations requirements with Classification Society during construction, commissioning with operate phase.

Asset Register Verification

- Verify the Technical records of Class items and ensure that they are recorded in the Plant asset registers and uploaded in CMIMS with the relevant inspection plan

Classification Society Liaison

- Act as Field Operations liaison with BV (Bureau Veritas -Classification Society) during Review of Engineering Design, Construction, installation and commissioning and assure compliance with the Total (Company) FU integrity management system.

Floating Units Integrity Management Implementation at

- Ensure that all elements necessary for the implementation of the FUIMS are delivered as part of the Project and ready for use at start-up stage.

Testing and Commissioning

- Participate in the testing/certification of equipment under CLASS and review punch list items

- Follow the commissioning activities of all Floating Unit monitoring/Classed items

- Act as Field Operations liaison with Classification Society (BV) during construction phase

- Visit to construction locations for compliance checks/pre-base-line assessment to FUIM requirements.

Floating Units Integrity Documentation maintenance

- Review and maintain all relevant Classification certificates, classification punch lists and action plans for FUIMS items, i.e. Operation of FPSO as required by IMO and national regulations.

- Obtain FPSO & Buoy Registration and all related documents. Details of Experience and Qualifications

1. Company: Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co. (SNEPCo). July 2012 to Dec. 2014 Asset: BONGA Field (FPSO, Stella Buoy), EA Field- Sea Eagle FPSO, Drilling & a Riser platforms -4nos – off and a Mooring Yoke platform.. at water depth of 1100m in offshore location for Bonga and Shallow water depth of 21-30m for EA field.

Job Title: Head of Offshore Technical Integrity & Verification Engineer + Senior Inspections Engineer


Job Details:

Integrity management of Topside, Hull and underwater equipment (suction Piles, mooring systems etc). Topside Equipment: Separators, Pipelines, piping, Heat Exchangers etc) FPSO Hull: Hull tanks, Hull Machineries, fire fighting systems etc FPSO & BUOY Underwater Surveillance and Inspection: Carried out critical integrity assessment of FPSO Hull, spread moored Suction Piles, Mooring systems and other Sub-sea equipment; Also carried out underwater survey/damage assessment and mapping of Buoy Skirt. Verification: carried out technical integrity verification of the safety critical elements identified on the FPSO, from design consideration, construction, commissioning and production phases. Supervision Role:


Supervised four (4) nos. offshore engineers in integrity maintenance position; maintains Certification & integrity Assurance on two (2) FPSOs (Bonga + Sea Eagle) and associated appurtenances(1 no. Buoy, SYMP(Soft Yoke Mooring Platform-holding the Sea Eagle FPSO), 3 nos. Drilling platforms and Riser platforms (DPs & RP).

Liaison with Lloyds’ Register EMEA on Classification requirements and compliance. 1. Maintained Full inspection regimes of the FPSO (Topsides, Hull and underwater equipment) 2. Managed all the Regulatory (Class& Flag) compliances for Sea Eagle FPSO in order to start up after 2- 1/2yrs+ of shut down carried out all activities in ‘’laid-up position’ to full Class certification approvals under Lloyd’s Register of Shipping(LR) + Nigerian Maritime Administrative Safety Agency(NIMASA) – Nigeria Flag administration and maintained integrity assurance as listed above for Bonga. Other activities include; Planned shutdown inspection, Topsides, Hull Machinery and Underwater facilities verification and Inspection management.

(1) Carried out comprehensive underwater surveys of the FPSOs, DPs and other appurtenances in compliance with Classification compliance requirements.

(2) Carried out full top sides inspection of the facilities.

(3) Correlate results of surveys in integrity assessment of the facility.

(4) Active fire protection (portable, deluge, mist Passive Fire Protection - verification of fire and gas systems Fire safe design (layout) - Protective add-ons on equipment and structures.

(5) Application of Classification of hazardous areas/Drawings of HAC in accordance with various codes

(API RP 505, IP 15, etc.).

(6) Escape Routes, Regulations and implementation of Layouts drawings (fire plans etc) in conformance to company’s and classification society and SOLAS /IMO regulations Using Performing Standards, preparation of written Schemes of Examination. Execution of the Buy-Back gas, First Oil and Oil Lifting phases including mandatory Blow-down Tests;

(7) Other details include, LSA (Life Saving Appliances), Safety equipment. Reliability testing on rotating equipment, review of record, procedures, manuals and control of irregularities.

(8) Validation of cause and effects.

(9) Support Topsides Corrosion Management System including planned Inspection, Corrosion Control and Fabric Maintenance programs.

(10) Maintain offshore audits in readiness for Class + Flag surveys, regular visit offshore, Liaise with offshore/ personnel at all levels, and with all other disciplines in the onshore support team.

(11) Ensure continuous operability of the asset including detailed survey of Sacrificial anodes & ICCP

(Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems.

2. Company: Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co. (SNEPCo). July 2008 to Nov.2012

Asset: BONGA FPSO, Stella Buoy. EA (Sea Eagle FPSO, Drilling platforms etc Job Title: Senior Offshore Technical Integrity & Verification Engineer. Project Supervision and enforcement of Technical Integrity Verification of procedures, checklists and standards were adhered to concerning the Installation of Oil Offloading Riser 3 following;

Hydro testing of topsides piping and the riser including the 16’’ Trelline’ (underwater flexible piping) installation, Nitrogen testing of ANSI flange and Graylock joints of underwater pipe spools to the SPM from the FPSO, Underwater survey of the Calm Buoy (Single Point Mooring).

2. Safety Critical Equipment examination (SCE), e.g Temporary equipment (including portable equipment) Temporary Refuge, Boundary Integrity /Module Doors/Escape route, HVAC systems including Fire Dampers, Helideck Systems (including foam management), Live saving Appliances & Equipment Management, Fire Extinguishing systems, Process safety systems etc. 3. Bonga Corrosion Technical Integrity management (Topsides process equipment, pipeline and Subsea systems); -Chemical injection systems, Water Injection System (flowline and risers), H2S Scavenger systems, DownHole Components, Subsea Systems, Flowlines +Risers, Gaslift Riser, Export System (Gas export system, Oil export system), Well reservoir management, 5

Marine utilities Hull + Structures, Topsides Piping Systems, Single Point Mooring & Offloading Buoy, and process equipment, Cathodic protection records and performance, Marine and Utility systems, review of Erosion/Corrosion monitoring systems/certification/calibration validation., Materials selection Criteria and records of Inspection.,review of the Bonga Corrosion management Manual with the performance standards.

4. Topsides Corrosion Structural Integrity Verification;-Organized review of Inspection Company’s work scope on the Topside integrity survey, including;

Walk through survey of the FPSO, review of corrosion inspection reports, NDT reports Verification, coating plans/programs, painting and coating reports and review of survey and corrections.

Conformance of painting program schedules; short, medium and long term compliance.

Review of all structural systems (e.g. piping supports, Cargo tank decks, earthing and cathodic bosses, small bore fittings, CUI, repair/ modifications due to construction phase imperfections) where preferential welding corrosion is visible and other defects cross- referenced in the isometrics.

Review and establishment of accurate environmental and mete-ocean controls/ conditions on the FPSO.

5. Hull & Machinery Surveys, Life Saving Appliances & Equipment

Maintain scheduled Surveys; -Annual /Intermediate/Special Class Surveys including Underwater Survey In-Lieu of Dry-Docking for Bonga FPSO (Mooring systems-Chains Wire, marine growths, Suction Piles at ~1.3Km in the Sea Bed. Also maintain Sea Eagle FPSO Surveys including the SYMP (Single Yoke Mooring Platform, Drilling Platforms DPs etc)

Details of Experience and Qualifications (Cont’d)

2. Company: Lloyds Register Inspection Limited./ London. March 2006 to June 2006) Asset: (1) BTIP-SPDC (Bonny Integrated Projects) Bonny, Port Harcourt - Nigeria.

: (2) Bonga FPSO commissioning

Job Title: Engineer surveyor / Technical Integrity Verification Engineer. Job Details: As stated below in the work scope.

Scope of work carried out on the BTIP/Shell Bonny include the under listed: Review of the in-place quality systems of BTIP/Hyundai Heavy Engineering and other contractors, including Verification of the implementation of the Company Quality Assurance Policies as described in the Company and Contract Quality Management System documents. Also include verification of the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems operated by suppliers,

/contractors and confirmed that suppliers met their obligations with regard to their own quality control and inspection activities. Reviewed reports on the issues arising from NCR/CAR Clearance and other records as iterated on the ITP’s.

Reviewed the Project's inspection services including the present coverage of Inspection & Test Plans, the qualifications of key engineering personnel including the Technical Authority, QC inspectors et al. Check and review of the certification for items that have already arrived on site. Reviewed equipment data dossiers when required for compliance with purchase specification or project requirements. Assisted input into quality or safety audits at supplier’s facilities. Review of Critical Plant and Equipment classed as critical. Reviewed and approved level 1,2 & 3 criticality rating Sheets.

Reviewed available DNV Certification for the offshore elements of the Project (Pipelines, offshore crude oil facilities etc.).


Verified the assistance provided by the Client as input into quality or safety audits/management into supplier’s deficient areas.

Inspection of the work carried out to date. Verified the monitoring of the quality of the fabrication and construction work and review of the QC records and witnessed and approved procedures and tests. Reviewed of Interface with 2nd party inspection company and others in achieving product quality and release. Review of the project interface between Quality Assurance dept./Construction of the contractor, Client/Contractor. Reviewed the Construction progress on the following:

(a) Refurbishment of vertical tanks (floating and fixed roofs) and pipeworks. (b) New tanks.

(c) Main facility oil treatment (d) new power facilities (e) Control Room (f) Safety systems. Follow up, outstanding issues raised by LR's design appraisal personnel (large number of 'open' LR Comment Response Sheets).

Review proposed engineering and technical interfaces between existing and 'new' systems/facilities (specifically for pending Concurrent operations.) examine the list of outstanding SQ’S raised on the non-conformances on the interfaces.

Ensure compliance of Legislation e.g. PED, PUWER, ATEX and Nigerian legislations. Issued visit Inspection Report of every visit.

Details of Experience and Qualifications (Cont’d)

2. Company: Lloyds Register (oil and gas) Inspection Limited. London. Jan 2005 to March 2006

Project: SNEPCO Bonga (FPSO) Project / Nigeria.

Job Title: Mechanical/Structural Integrity Verification Engineer Job Details: Inspection of Construction, Structural Integrity survey of Topside, Pre-commissioning and commissioning/Hook-Up.

Safety Integrity assessment Examination and Testing of Fire fighting Equipment: Deluge system, water monitors, water spray, fire pumps, (fire and explosion analysis), Fire and Gas detection and sprinkler system. Assessment of evacuation facilities and their integrity. Verification of structural integrity of materials used in hazardous areas and safe location equipment. Safety test and witnessing: verification of the key cause and effect parameters on the Inert gas and Nitrogen system, Fire and safety deluge system, sprinklers, hoses, Hydrants, passive protection, foam systems Load Testing.

Davits: winches, loose gear, sheave block supports, blocks, Rope termination attachments, wire ropes, pad eyes, chains and links.

Hydrotest: witnessing of test, verification of data, hydrotight / torque parameters etc. Structural integrity:

Corrosion surveillance and Materials Integrity, Corrosion assessment of piping systems, process pressure vessels, and flares system (stack and vents).

Assessment of Corrosion and Cathodic Protection system protection on the vessel and other plants accessories. Materials selection.

Monitoring and assessment of fabrication and welded structures, review of the NDT methods procedures and QA/QC schemes.

Mechanical equipment testing and witnessing

Pump alignment test, Diesel Engine generator (alignment test and verification of crankshaft and the generator to the engine) Turbine jet test (water mist jet modification) Hydrotest of instrumentation tubings. Witnessing of safety relieve valves calibration testing Acceptance inspections of safety relief valves final installation, including interlock systems verification. 7

Review of Documents and Quality Assurance

Review of SAC (System Acceptance Certificates), for assessment of outstanding issues and other documents. Attending project coordination meetings. Auditing of system acceptance certificates. Welding and NDT testing review and all matters relating to QA/QC. Wells, Sub-Sea /& Topsides Interfaces

Verification of the structural integrity of the Hull, Oil processing, Gas Processing, Process Utilities, Utilities, Fire and safety, Electrical, Process Safety systems, Sub-sea systems Verification of Life Saving Appliances (LSA):

Verification of Modification (/additions and removal) of appliances in accordance with the SOLAS Regulations. Details of Experience and Qualifications (Cont’d)

3. Engineering Consultancy

June 2004– Dec 2004

Job Title: Consultant

Corrosion control and materials selection: for offshore facilities and engineering in compliance to ISO 11960, AISI 4130/40. AISI 410/420 EN10204, NACE/MR0175, NORSOK M-DP-001. Auditing of Quality Management systems- Auditing of systems to ISO 9001:2000 NDT inspection and Plant inspection: preparation, measurement and evaluation of metallurgical samples, Failure analysis and investigation, mechanical testing machines and measurements, optical microscopy and other analysis, paints analysis and inspection and corrosion investigation. 4. Master of Science (MSc.) in Corrosion Engineering, UMIST –Manchester, UK) 2002 -3 5. Giorgio dredging Ltd. Feb. 2000 - May 2002

Project Manager (Short term contract)

Over 100km Pipeline construction for Shell Gas Nigeria Limited. (Pipeline construction) Pipeline project carried out, involving construction of pipeline through land, hilly, rivers, swamps and other combination of difficult terrains.

Main functions carried out include the following: Pipeline Construction management: Project scoping, Lifting Equipment Testing and certification, Right of way clearing and community Liaison, Ditching, concrete Works, and Pipe Laying. Pipe Lowering, welding, site coating & wrapping repairs and inspection.

Maintenance of back hoes, excavators, graders, cranes etc used during the project execution phases.

Coordinated activities of a multi-million-pipeline construction project, Managed Projects financial budgets, and cost control, project and quality management, Contractual Agreement and site Management.

Coordinated all aspects of the project, including staff, equipment, resolving communal issues, project planning. Supervised 65-80 staff during the project duration.

Project executed at high profit, because of good management and coordination of work variations executed in the course of the project.

Barge construction for Giorgio dredging.


6. DLAE/ FKI-Babcock Robey

January 1992 - February 2000

Fabrications/ QA/QC Manager.

Verse experience in steel structures fabrication and pressure vessels fabrications to various standards. Fabrication includes extensive use of all welding processes such as Flux-cored(FCAW/MIG/MAG), shielded metal arc(SMAW)/SUB-ARC welding, Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) stick welding(MMA), back-gouge processes and application of NDT processes(MPI/DPI/UT/RI) and welding inspection.

Coordinate design verification, fabrication and inspection of Pressure vessels

Pressure Vessels description: (Diameter 4 - 5m X 35m, tan-tan length dimension) 68 nos. off, with both factory and site installations in over 20 states in Nigeria. Petroleum products tank farms for companies such as NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) produced to BS/PD 5500.

Coordinate design verification, fabrication and inspection of Pressure vessels (Knock out Vessels) 72 nos off Structural steel works, Tank farms for SPDC (Shell Petroleum Development Company) Warri and Port Harcourt.

Other modification of pressure vessels repairs jobs(vessel internals modifications, internal coating for Exxon Mobil Nig, Chevron Nigeria Ltd facilities.

Flow stations (offshore construction and inspections of Tunu-flow station; a double-banked 60,000BPD)

(sub- contract with Daewoo Nigeria Ltd. –DN16) to various piping codes ANSI B31. Details of Experience and Qualifications (Cont’d)

Refinery re-fit, Cement factory Kiln reconstruction, Boiler repairs and associated works.

Refit of the catalytic reforming unit (CRU) for WRPC (Warri refineries) and lot of other projects.

Coordinate all activities from design and design verification, bids evaluation and quotations, project planning, expediting, assist the works department with the staff assessment and suitability, rates/wages determination, inspection, quality auditing and management.

Supervised 10 departmental staff including, quality controllers and inspectors.

Interface with the client, third party agencies, suppliers and meeting representations. Accomplishments

Set up the Company’s Quality Assurance and Control department. Conduct shop inspections on local fabricators.

Provide expertise on inspection techniques and methods as needed Carried out audit and Review for acceptance sub - contractor quality systems and ensured follow-up system with the Main Contractors documentation.

Writing review and use of ITPs (Quality Inspection Test Plans) and related documents in all quality-monitoring activities. Effective use and implementation of non-conformance, deviations control systems and concession facilities allowable to codes and standards.

Ensured safety performance in quality control (confined spaces etc.) Activities carried out include the following: Pressure Vessels construction and repairs to

(ASME VIII & PD5500Codes) Boiler repairs vertical and horizontal (process tanks and aviation tanks) fabrication to (API 650/670), Piping and Flow line construction (API 1104, /ASME B31-3, 4,8), Non-Destructive testing, Steel structures Fabrication, Stress relieving of welded joints. Other Duties include

• Maintain company quality systems to ISO 2000:9000, Organize Seminars on Quality/Safety Management • - Training of inspectors, welders and fitters.

7. Nigerian Naval Dockyard June 1988 - January 1992 Senior technical Officer

Supervised and carried-out planned maintenance of pumps, rotating equipment, barge constructions, execution and maintenance of corrosion prevention schemes.


7. Naval Dockyard Apprentice School / June 1985 - January 1986 Marine apprenticeship with the Nigerian Navy. Covering marine engineering aspects of engines, NDT, piping refrigeration, telecoms, electrical etc

-Apprenticeship on-board Naval Frigates (F89, tankers, strikers and others) Chiller systems, turbines, boilers, diesel engines maintenance and refurbishing, barges construction.

-NDT inspection, pipeline fabrication, testing purging and, grits-Blasting, painting, galvanizing plant – Management and Ships re-fit.

Trainer: Blohm & Voss Ag. Hamburg, Germany

8. SCOA Refurbishing of completely knock down engines August 1984 - June 1985 Re-boring of engine blocks/, surface alignment

Crankshaft refilling and grinding, realignments and complete replacement of the bearings, and other accessories Details of Experience and Qualifications (Cont’d)


MSC. in Corrosion Control Engineering (UMIST –Manchester, UK) 2003 PCN Level 2 -Ultrasonic Testing (TWI- Cambridge - UK) 2007 PCN Level 2 -Radiographic Interpretation (TWI- Cambridge - UK) 2004 PCN Level 2- Magnetic Particle Inspection (TWI- Cambridge - UK) 2004 CSWIP 3.1 - Welding inspection (TWI- Cambridge - UK) 2004 B-GAS-CSWIP (LEVEL 3/2) Painting and painting inspection (“ UK) 2008 Lead Quality Assessor/Auditors course training (ISO 9000:2000) (Coventry- UK) 2004

(Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance)

HND - Mechanical Engineering (Federal polytechnic Ilaro, - Nigeria) 1986 - 1988 OND - Mechanical Engineering (Federal polytechnic Afikpo, - Nigeria) 1982- 1984 Offshore Survival Certificate (BOSIET) - (Aberdeen- UK) 2014 Offshore Medical Certificate (UKOOA) (Eccles, Manchester, UK) 2014 Council of Registered Engineers Nigeria (COREN) Nigeria 2008 Member Nigeria Society of Engineer Nigeria 2008


In the past years, I have been awarded

SRA –Special recognition Award for Classification completion & compliance for Sea Eagle FPSO 2009 IPF –Annual performance Bonus of 1.1% of annual salary 2009 10

A recipient of Upstream International Sub-saharan Africa Executive Vice-President’s Award

(2008/2009) with award including cash award of 6% annual salary amongst others. HOBBIES

• Swimming

• Bodybuilding and gymnastics

• Organizing Parties.

Re-building communities (Road construction, beautification, talks, etc)

• Visiting Art Galleries for various antiques and art works

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