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Manager Computer

Kentucky, United States
18.00 pr hour
August 30, 2017

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Janie C Mosley

*** **** **** ****, **********, KY 40370



To find a phlebotomist job that will enable me to use the skills I

have, as well as offers challenges for me to improve my skills.

Work History

Community Medical Mission, Georgetown, KY 502-***-**** CMM is a free clinic for people without medical insurance. All of the people that work there are totally volunteers. I started volunteering in October 2013 after being terminated from the Kentucky Blood Center to gain experience with collecting tubes of blood. It was only me. I had no back up. Often the students from MedTech came to the clinic to get their sticks in. I helped many of the students improve their technique and they were truly greatful. As long as I am able, I will volunteer at this clinic.

Biometric Health Examiner, Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness, 560 North Rogers Rd, Olathe, KS 66062 Phone: 913-***-**** Summer 2014 - Current I travelled to a site location and set up a makeshift screening area assembling curtains for privacy, and a table equipped with supplies to perform blood pressure, pulse, measure height, weight, neck, waist and hips, venipuncture or finger stick for cholestech and cardiochek. I have also been site manager where I was responsible for checking all the screening papers for accuracy, centrifuge specimen and alloquot for testing, pack specimen for shipment. I also broke down the screening area and packed the supplies for shipment back to Hooper Holmes. As a site manager I often had to do presite visits to assure that all the supplies had arrived and was in working order. I was also responsible for arranging for the supplies to be picked up with UPS. I currently do health screenings for extra money.

Phlebotomist, Mercy Diagnostics, 5714 Central Ave, Portgage Indiana 46368 WWW.MERCYDIAGNOSTICS.COM. I worked as a phlebotomist in a doctors office in Lexington from May 19, 2016 until April 28, 2017. I performed phlebotomy on patients of all ages. I was responsible for entering the lab orders in the computer system, Copia, Centrafuging and packing specimen for shipment to the lab in Portgage. I also was responsible for keeping my work area clean and orderly. I also was reponsible for ordering the supplies. After leaving this location, I worked 2 months in Northern Kentucky working 3 days per with in my location then I floated 2 days a week in the NKY area. This job ended due to Mercy Diagnostics took out their MW lab and draw centers. My last day worked was June 23, 2017.

Phlebotomist/Automation Specialist, Kentucky Blood Center, 3121 Beaumont Center Circle, Lexington, KY 40513 859-***-**** June 9, 2009 - September 13, 2013. I registered donors, screened donors which consisted of going over the KBC001 questions and replies, checked hemaglobin utilizing the finger stick and running test in the hemacue maching, checked blood pressure, pulse and temperature. I did whole blood collections, double red collections, plasma and platelet apheresis. I also entered information in the computer. I also did the morning check of the machines, the lot numbers, checking expiration dates. I stocked supplies. I sometimes went out on mobile blood drives. At the end of the day, stocked supplies in the donor area for the next day and sanitized the donor beds and work tables. I was terminated due to them telling me that a donor had written a letter stating I had said that another co-worker had found another job. According the KBC, every body was negative. They took that as being negative. It was a great place to work.

Specimen Processor, LabCorp, 2201 Regency Rd, Lexington, KY 859-***-**** Recieve lab orders in computer, print labels for specimen and label tubes. Centrifuge specimen, alloquat appropriately. Sort specimen, pack for shipment. Check work in computer for errors and correct. Labcorp moved the processing to Louisville, KY and laid off all the spcimen processing department in Lexington. We were paid thru July 4, 2008.

SPTII, Smithkline Beecham/Quest Diagnostics, Lexington, KY/Cincinnati, OH August 1996 - October 7, 2007. When I started working at Smithkline, my job was entering/recieving lab orders in the computer and labelling specimen. At some point, all the specimen processors entered/recieved lab orders and alloquated specimen. Also all of the processors rotated to "bin sort", centrafuge and processing the frozen specimen. I came up with a solution for the frozen specimen not getting processed when there was room temp and frozens for the same order. I was promoted to SPTII. The SPTII techs processed the pap smears, pathology specimen and "Red Alert" clients specimen. I also suggested the name "Red Alert" name for these specimen. I also rotated on doing the "add-on" test job. This required to look up specimen on computer to find where they were stored, retrieving the specimen and preparing the specimen for the test that had been added. In June, I relocated to Cincinnati, OH after Quest purchased LabOne. I did the same type work in Cincinnati as I did in Lexington. The huge difference was, I was responsible for training new employees the jobs of the SPTII. I trained people to use the IDAA and how to go into the "old" system to make corrections. I trained people constantly for they did not stay long. The SPTII techs processed the Paps, Pathology Specimen and Red Alert specimen. Eventually, the Red Alert specimen was taken from us and giving to the leads to process due to the heavier volume of pap and pathology specimen. On October 7, 2007 I was terminated due to the claim that I had a name mismatch on a set of twins who had both had paps. I was so relieved! Cincinnati Quest was not the same as Lexington Quest.


Jolene Davis, MA Lexington Diabetic and Family Care, 3292 Eagle View Drive, Lexington, KY 40509 859-***-****

Harry Hall, Senior Event Manager, Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness, 560 North Rogers Road, Olathe, KY 877-***-**** Ext 1207

Mary Burke, Rocky Hill Terrace, Lexington, KY, 859-***-**** former employee at the Kentucky Blood Center, Lexington, KY

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