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Sales Manager

Apollo Beach, Florida, United States
August 30, 2017

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OBJECTIVE My objective is to utilize my skills, knowledge, and experience to contribute to the success, growth, and profitability of my Employer PROFESSIONAL


Accomplished, experienced Sales / Marketing Executive with focused sales hunter skills, delivering demonstrated results as a product/ service sales/ business developer, consistent closer, skilled mentor, and innovator. Expertise spans the North American Automotive, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Process/ Manufacturing Marketplace with extensive knowledge and experience in the development, marketing, and sales implementation of integrated and multi-faceted Systems Solutions and their associated Business Plans and Strategies.

Over 25 years of Subject Matter Expertise in the Design, Specification, Sales and Service of:

Sustainable Power Solutions (Hydrogen Fuel Cells, H2 Generation/ Supply, Lithium-Ion)

Wireless Networking and Telematics solutions

Machine-Readable Identification (RFID, Biometric) products

Enterprise-Based Applications (Operations, ERP/ ERM, Asset, Supply Chain, Security and Maintenance management).

Specialized Industrial Services (Energy Conservation, Environmental Health & Safety, VOC Control) Proven Sales Management experience within all elements of Direct and Channel (Distributor/ VAR/ Rep) Sales including "Alliance" Partnering programs with prominent Fortune 500 suppliers and manufacturers. Known track record of innovation and results in the creation, marketing, and sales of Custom-designed System Solutions and Branded Products / Services Solutions within the industry. Automotive/ Supply Chain / Industrial- End User Relationships include General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, multiple Tier 1 Suppliers, Amazon, WalMart, Department of Defense, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, P&G, Bosch Tools, BP Oil, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Dow, Nestle Purina, Tyson Foods, FedEx, DHL, IBM, International Paper, Sysco Foods.

Served as Chairman of EPCglobal’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Business Action Group (BAG) Tag, Printer, and Applicator (TP&A) sub-work group - member of the Tag and Label Standards (TLS) Work Group.

SKILLS Sales Management

Channel Management

Solutions Innovator


Proficient in MS Office, Salesforce, Concur, SAP, various CMMS applications, multiple CRM applications


April 2016 to June 2017

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May 2009 to April 2016



January 2007 to May 2009


Business Management Studies


Business Management Studies


Director of Sales, Hyster-Yale Group

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Summary Report on George McPhee

George McPhee is an extremely talented, well-balanced individual that is authentic, insightful, and passionate. A company can literally take George to the bank. Whatever George takes on he will see through, and will tackle the task with tireless passion. His natural ease with people and his creative orientation balance out his task-driven behaviors and linear thinking. He is the perfect example of the right side of the brain balancing out the left. This indicates that in his best operating style, he will be a creative problem solver, looking for the “why or why not”. He is a natural sales person who will thrive the best in an industrial or IT engineering environment. In a decentralized organizational culture with little direction, George’s stress behaviors will tend to pull him into taking over and doing things himself, but this is actually a desirable trait for a senior executive that is accountable for a company’s bottom line. He will not be one to blame others for why the job is not done ... he will make sure that it gets done, even if he has to do it himself. It is not an area of marked concern, but is an area to look at in terms of the existing corporate culture and style of the CEO. In the debrief, George was very open to coaching around this behavior. One of George’s assets is that he is so extremely well balanced in all of the operating areas (see foundational colors), that he is a model COO. His historical work experience indicates a solid upward progression and a stable and steady career in sales. However, his career report indicates that, if anything, he would have had a hard time choosing what to do first, as he has so many occupational choices based on his interests and aptitudes. This is another point in his favor as a candidate for an anchor position in a corporate expansion. George is a self-starter, but will be able to wear a lot of hats while getting operations launched. In addition, he will genuinely have the capacity to mentor a workforce in many operational and administrative disciplines.

While interviewing George, I found him to be confident but unassuming. He was very open to looking at his strengths, with only the normal amount of curiosity about what areas might be indicated as challenges. He demonstrated a very healthy dose of natural curiosity without any lack of confidence. He was not boastful, but was genuinely appreciative of the opportunity to take an introspective look at who he is and what strengths he has to offer. He is highly self- motivated, has been an avid student of personal training and development, and is a thoughtful and considerate person who can manage up as well as down.

While George is a self-starter and also self-manages, he also will require the opportunity to “true” himself up to the organization. He is not a “yes” man, but will operate solidly within the corporate structure and follow company policy. He will not be a lone gun that takes a left turn somewhere and then tries to figure out where he is, how he got there, and how to cover his tracks.

George works from a deep well of energy and will tackle new assignments with gusto. He will not shy away from rolling up his sleeves and getting into the thick of things. Indeed, he will operate the best in a challenging environment that permits him to thrive and reach constantly for new goals. Acknowledgement from his superiors is as important to him as is bonus compensation for a job well done.

My recommendation is that George be profiled against the executive management team to whom he will report so that team integration coaching can maximize the transition and strategic growth of the corporate culture. Judy Lane

August 21, 2004

403 Ravinia Dr. Shorewood, Il 60431 T: 815-***-**** 815-***-****

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