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Java Web Services

Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523, United States
August 29, 2017

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Over 7+ years of professional experience as a Java J2EE Developer in Object Oriented development, implementation and maintenance of web and distributed Enterprise applications using Java/J2EE technologies.

Extensive experience in development using Spring framework (MVC, IoC, AOP, Security, DI, JDBC), Servlets, ORM tools (Java Persistence API, Hibernate and MyBatis), along with other java technologies like EJB, Junit, Apache Struts 2, Apache Axis, JFC (SWING, AWT, Java 2D) and JSTL.

Developed and deployed Front End components (UI) using JS, JSF, JSTL, JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, DHTML, HTML5, XHTML, JSON, CSS3 for projects based on java platform.

Experience in developing UI applications using AngularJS, BackboneJS, ExtJS, NodeJS, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3 and Photoshop.

Expertise in Core Java, HTML, XML with strong experience in developing the GUI for desktop and Web base applications.

Experience on working with CSS Backgrounds, CSS Layouts, CSS Positioning, CSS Animations, CSS Text, CSS Borders, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements.

Proficient in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), SCRUM, Pair Programming and Waterfall software development processes.

Expertise in developing Web pages using jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, AutoComplete, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Extensive experience in using various design patterns such as MVC, Singleton, Session Facade, DAO, DTO, and Business Delegate in the development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise Applications.

Experience in developing client/server and web Applications using JAVA, J2EE, J2SE technologies and Web Technologies for enterprise applications.

Experience in Design, Development and Implementation of multi-tier thin/thick client web based applications using Object Oriented Methodologies.

Hands on experience in Node.JS backend, using express to build the high concurrency, async web server.

Experience in Designing End to End, B2B and B2C application using JEE & J2EE technologies such as Servlets, JSP, EJB, JNDI, JPA, REST, Jersey, JTA, JMS, JDBC, JAXP, JAXB.

Hands on experience in configuring and deploying multi-tier applications using servers like WebSphere, Web Logic, Tomcat andJBoss.

Proficiency in working with all databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQL, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra.

Experience in Web Services Technologies like SOAP with WSDL and RESTful with JAX_RS, Jersey, Spring, Apache CXF and Node-JS and implemented SOA architecture with web services.

Implemented Apache Lucene and Apache Tikafor indexing and content extraction.

Worked on Web Services development using both SOAP/REST.

Good knowledge in XML related technologies using JAXB, STAX, SAX, DOM API, XSL (XSLT) and XPath.

Proficient in using Jenkins for continuous integration and continuous builds with Maven, Gradle and ANT.

Implemented Logging using Apache Log4j for the Data Extraction.

Proficient in RDBMS concepts and worked with MySQL, Sybase, Oracle 11g and DB2.

Hands on experience in software configuration / change control process and tools like Subversion(SVN), Git, CVS, Clear Case, ClearQuest, Bugzilla and Jira.

Worked proficiently with various IDEs including Eclipse, MyEclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, RAD and WSAD.

Initiative in providing value addition solution to enhance business and infrastructure capabilities.

Very much comfortable in analyzing, debugging, troubleshooting and solving problems and issues in application.

Excellent analytical and critical thinking, creative problem solving, quick learning, leadership, interpersonal and client interfacing skills.

Experience in building and deployment of EAR, WAR, JAR files on test, stage systems in IBM Websphere application server v7.



C, C++, Java, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL

J2SE / J2EE Technologies

JSP, JDBC, Servlets, EJB, JPA, Java Beans

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, Backbone JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.Js, Node.js, AJAX, JSON, Adobe Flash


Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, Log4J

Web/Application Servers

IBM WebSphere, J2EE Server 1.6, Apache Tomcat and JBoss.

Design Patterns

MVC, Front Controller, Session Facade, IOC, Singleton, Data Access Object, Business Delegate.

Version Control Tools

GIT, CVS, SVN, VSS and Rational Clear Case

IDE / Tools

Eclipse, My Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, RAD, WSAD.


Oracle, MongoDB, IBM DB2, SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, ODBC, PL/SQL

Build Tools

Gradle, Jenkins, ANT, Maven


Windows 98/2000, windows XP, windows 7/8/10, UNIX, LINUX.

WebService Technologies


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, Windows Server

Software Development Methodologies

TDD, SDLC, UML, Design Patterns, Unit testing, SOA, OOAD, EAI, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall model


Hub Group Oak Brook, IL July 2016– Present

Description: Hub Group is One of the 50 largest companies in Chicago. Hub Group is a leading, world-class transportation providerthat listens to its customers, develops innovative solutions and delivers unparalleled value.

Role: Java Full Stack Developer


Participated in entire life cycle (Software Development Life Cycle) of the project right from the initial requirements gathering to the implementation.

Used Agile methodology and effectively took part in Scrum gatherings to deliver quality deliverables within time (extensively used Scrum Do for project Management).

Participated in business process analysis and requirement gathering for new customization.

Created Use cases, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams using Rational Rose.

Designed and developed User Interface, application modules using JSP, spring, Servlets, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Extensively used Twitter Bootstrap to develop front end of the application.

Used AngularJS JavaScript framework to bind data to HTML using expressions.

Integrated Tiles 3 frameworkwith Spring MVC to simplify the development of User Interface.

Developed some part of the application using Spring-MVC and IOC/Dependency Injection integrating different layers of the application.

Wrote DAO classes to interface with Database using hibernate.

Developed DTO classes for the application modules.

Defined Object Relational Mapping for Hibernate and performed spring integration with Hibernate for data access.

Expertise in using Named queries to pull all HQL data using annotations.

Performed version control using Subversion.

Wrote code for consuming a Restful Web service with AngularJS.

Created dynamic and interactive Data visualizations with D3 charts and AngularJS.

Performed indexing and searching on large documents using Apache Lucene.

Generated a complete maven project structure and added dependencies, plugins to pom.xml.

Used Apache Tika for text attraction from documents

Worked on providing authorization and authentication to applications using Spring security and protected the application against attacks like session fixation and clickjacking.

Implemented Java Persistence API (JPA) through Hibernate.

Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.

Developed logic and code for the registration and validation

Learned and implemented Java design patterns like Front Controller,Service Locator, Business Delegate, Data access Object, Factory Pattern, Session Façade, etc.

Used transaction Management to coordinate transactions among various resources in the application.

Developed dynamic templates and Servlets, and provide excellent application management capabilities.

Used Web Services to exchange information. Used SOAP framework and WSDL.

Design and developed caching framework EhCache to cache the site data

Used SoapUI to manually connect to the web service and check data.

Parsed XML&JSON responses received in Java code through Web Services

Used JUnit for test cases

Extensively participated in the code and peer review of the project.

Participated in meetings weekly status report and involved in web operations with clients for gathering requirement information.

Environment: Java 1.7, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, Spring, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat Application Server, REST and SOAP Web services, Servlets, UML, Rational Rose, CVS, Log4J, Unix, Win XP, Eclipse, SoapUI, Scrum Do, WINDOWS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSON Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS.

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Court August 2015 – June 2016

Description: AOPC is a platform built for Pennsylvania Court to manage different services in production with Verizon bythe end customers themselves rather than calling a sales rep. AOPC portal will gather the required configuration data for a product selected by the user and upon submitting the order, AOPC will generate a BOD XML and will post that toprovisioning system called OrderPro.

Role: Java Full Stack Developer


Followed Agile Methodology worked in Sprints of 15 days and handle Modules like Billing and ticketing.

Developed the application using Struts Framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture with JSP as the view.

Web application development for back end using Angular JS.

Used Web Services to extract customer related product data from machines and servers using WSDL, XML using Service Oriented Architecture.

Used EJB-jar files which includes one or more beans for an XML deployment descriptor

Used EJB for the Combine one or more enterprise beans into a larger application

Design and program enterprise java beans for the development of large enterprise applications.

Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript and Angular JS.

Integrate the dynamic pages with Backbone JS and Jquery to make pages dynamic.

Developed presentation layer using JSP, HTML5 and CSS3, JQuery, Backbone JS and Angular JS.

Developed the Login, Policy and Claims Screens for customers using AJAX, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Used Spring IOC for Dependency Injection to inject Service Object into Action Classes.

Involved in writing code to transform XML documents using JAXP (SAX and DOM Parsers).

Used Struts Tiles and Validator framework in developing the applications.

Developed action classes and form beans and configured the struts-config.xml.

AJAX has been used to develop and customize the dynamic web pages.

Having experience on web socket which mainly works on POJS for fulfilling the web browser client on back end using JavaScript.

Good experience in developing Ext JS applications with extensive server calls using AJAX and strong hold in handling the server data and exceptions to provide interactive user experience.

Efficiently used data stores, services, Rest for efficient CRUD operations.

Used to built interactive cross platform web applications

Involved in passing the XML in the java layer and passed the UI layout of Ext JS.

Used Hibernate in persistence layer and written hibernate mapping files and Named Queries.

Involved in performing Unit and Integration testing (JUnit). Strictly followed Test Driven Development (TDD Approach) environment using Agile methodologies.

Used Ant for build, create JAR, WAR, EAR files and deploy the EAR files automatically and also taken care of build.xml.

The backend is supported by Oracle 10g and Hibernate is used as the ORM tool.

Involved in both developing and consuming Restful web services using JAX-RS and Jersey, supporting both XML and JSON.

Used Hudson in building for continuous integration.

Used GIT for source Version Control.

Responsible for writing SQL and PL/SQL queries for writing stored procedures.

Expertise in Client-server application using oraclePL/SQL

Developed complex database objects like stored procedures, functions, packages using PL/SQL.

Worked on front end and back end application development. Have upgraded additional functionalities and services with the use case provided.

Environment: Java 1.6, Struts2.0, Spring MVC, Hibernate 3.0, Git, Ext JS, JSP, JNDI, Log4j, XML, HTML, PL/SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS, JMS,GWT, Cucumber, Web logic Application Server 10.0, web sphere, Web Socket, STOMP web socket, Oracle 10g,Eclipse 3.3, Windows XP, IBM MQ Series.

Ally Financial Inc - Charlotte, NC Nov 2014 –July 2015

Description: Ally Financial Inc. is a financial company which provides technology to merchants and banks to make loans for customers. This project is about implementing a website for viewing the loan related information of customer accounts. Customer can login to view their statements, Payment History and loan information. One can also change the personal information in the profile settings.

Role: Java Full Stack Developer


Developed business modules with JSP, Servlets, and Execution Service framework which is based on Struts.

Responsible for system development using Factory, DAO and MVC Design Patterns.

Involved in writing stored procedures and functions in PL/SQL to access Oracle database.

Developed Data Access Object Adaptors for interacting with the Data Access Objects and controlling the coupling of the system.

Designed and developed comprehensive J2EE application framework for e-Steel online marketplace. Framework included Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Servlets, JSPs, Request Processors, Data Access Objects, and Message Queues (JMS). The new architecture significantly reduced response times

Developed and maintained data layer using the ORM framework Hibernate.

Performed Unit testing of the code as per the test cases.

Involved in System testing and defect resolution.

Developed UI of the application using NodeJS and JQuery libraries.

Involved in writing client side validations using JQuery with AJAX

Environment: WSAD 5.1, Java, J2EE, Java Message Service (JMS), JSP, Servlets, Swing, Windows XP, HTML, XML, XSD, JQuery, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Oracle 9i, Hibernate, Spring.

Apollo HealthCare, India. May 2012 –Oct 2014

Description: Apollo Health Street is a leading healthcare provider of diagnostic testing, information and services that patients and doctors need to make better healthcare decisions. Lab Orders and Results (LOR) is a Web-based application that lets you electronically order laboratory tests and view the test results.

Role: Java Developer


Responsible for enhancement for mutual funds products written in Java, Servlets, Xml and xslt.

Implemented different J2EE Design Patterns such as Session Facade, Observer, Observable and Singleton, Business Delegate to accommodate feature enhancements and change requests.

Worked on struts framework to Re-Design UI to fit Model2 (MVC) design paradigm

Modified JavaScript for handling the access privileges

Extensively written COREJAVA & Multi Threading code in application

Optimized SAX and DOM parsers for XML production data.

Implemented the JMS Topic to receive the input in the form of XML and parsed them through a common XSD.

Written JDBC statements, prepared statements, and callable statements in Java, JSPs and Servlets.

Followed Scrum approach for the development process

Extensively worked on Struts with Spring Integration for communicating with business components and also worked on Spring with Hibernate Integration for ORM mappings.

Modified and added database functions, procedures and triggers pertaining to business logic of the application.

Used TOAD to check and verify all the database turnaround times and also tested the connections for response times and query round trip behavior.

Used ANT Builder to build the code for production line.

Used Eclipse IDE for all recoding in Java, Servlets and JSPs.

Used IBM Clear Case for Versioning and Maintenance.

Involved in discussions with the business analysts for bug validation and fixing.

Modified technical design document, functional design document to accommodate change requests.

Wrote JUnit test cases for system testing, Used Log4j for logging.

Used JIRA as a bug-reporting tool for updating the bug report.

Involved in performance tuning where there was a latency or delay in execution of code

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JavaScript, XSLT, DTD, SAX, DOM, XML, UML, TOAD, Jasper Reports, Oracle, Eclipse RCP, IBM Clear Case, JEERA, WebSphere, Unix/Windows

SKF Bearings, India Jan 2010 –April 2012

Description: SKF started with an innovative bearing and to this day is still a world leader in the design and manufacture of rolling and plain bearings. SKF bearing select is a web based bearing selection tool.

Role: Java Developer


Played an active role in the team by interacting with welfare business analyst/program specialists and converted business requirements into system requirements.

Involved in Architecture and Design

Design and Develop Swing based UI/UX for ERP

Client Server network communication design and Development

Offline Location based ERP Design and Development

Conducted Design reviews and Technical reviews with other project statehood Implemented Services using Core Java.

Developed analysis level documentation such as Use Case, Business Domain Model, Activity & Sequence and Class Diagrams.

Develop client and server using core java, Swing and C++

Technical Support to client

Defect management

Environment: Java, Core Java, AWT, Applet, Swing and C++, Struts, JSP and Servlets, JDBC and SQL Server.

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