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Manager Management

Wilkesboro, North Carolina, United States
August 28, 2017

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Mark Steven Roots’ Personal Resume

“Never Stop Exploring, Achieving, and Providing.”

Rallying People and Managing Projects, with Authority, Motivation and Praise. Expert Skills in Construction & IT.

Work Experience: Highly knowledgeable administrative professional with 11+ years of experience and outstanding organizational skills. I built my own managing and tracking applications. Through my years of advanced technology, programming, combined with an acute knowledge of construction management, I have become the manager of the masters of their specialized fields. I can speak their unique languages, think their thoughts, and drive them corporately as a liaison for upper management.

2005 to Current: Self Sufficient Homes/ Licensed General Contractor.

Currently, I subcontract for Caliber Builders. I have completed five (5) Rural Development/USDA projects for Caliber Builders; the most recent, finalized in April 2017, was a 64 unit, 8 building apartment complex developed from the ground clearing to occupancy. As a part of these projects, I have supervised all aspects of building and renovating apartment complexes. This involved maintaining site safety, loss prevention, orchestrating subcontractors by keeping them on task, dispute resolution, ordering and receiving of building materials in a timely manner, working with government officials negotiating contracts and change orders, and interacting with architects, engineers, local, state and federal inspectors.

oGreen Energy Home Technologies: Using 21st century technology, I have integrated new home green innovations with old world construction; building homes that employ off-grid, low energy consumption in the mountains of North Carolina. To enhance my skills, I took classes in solar power application, as well as hours of research. Consequently, I have engineered, designed and installed whole house, solar tracking photovoltaic systems.

2005 to 2009: Intensive Probation/Parole Officer for North Carolina Department of Community Corrections. Supervised the most dangerous of convicted criminals granted movement within the normal population by the courts.

2003 to 2005: TASC Care Manager for Partnership for a Safer North Carolina. Primary task of providing substance abuse treatment management for criminal offenders.

1990 to 2003: Milwaukee Police Officer/ IT Project Manager for the Milwaukee Police Department

o1999 to 2003. Assigned to Data Services Division where my projects included:

Oversight of a Sonet ring double-redundant network backbone build, utilizing Novell network equipment. This was a two year, construction project of eight electronic equipment rooms and eleven electronic closets found throughout buildings managed by the police department, which housed an array of networked telecommunication information systems. Coordinated the project with the heads five city departments, multiple police department division commanders, and with outside computer engineering and security firms. Upon completion of these rooms and closets, I oversaw a three-month transfer of all PC and mainframe equipment onto the newly implemented network backbone.

Created database applications for the Licensing Division, Arson Squad, Patrol Division, Identification Division, and the Radio Shop.

Designed, developed, and implemented the Equipment Inventory System (EIS) for the Data Services Division, used to monitor the location and status of the police department’s PC and mainframe devices. The dynamic database with a user interface is linked to a graphical database I created.

o1999: Created a community statistical application, which the Third District police captain used to analyze crime trends in the district.

o1995 to 1998: I became part of the federal Weed and Seed Initiative, specializing in the interdiction of gang activity, drug activity, violent crimes, and stolen autos. To manage my contacts with I created a dynamic database as part of the Weed and Seed Initiative project that kept records of some 380 gang members and drug dealers, and various violent offenders.

o1990 to 1995: Squad patrols in the city’s Third police district. As a highpoint of my time there, I created and maintained a wanted board of violent criminal offenders. Once a week I was released from my patrol duties to pursue the apprehension of these felons.

oSpent the summer of 1994 working with the detective bureau and the tactical enforcement unit tracking and apprehending wanted felons.

1983-1985: 1987-1990 Rough Carpenter for Alpha Home Builders – Worked on crew which constructed approximately 120 homes during my time of employment.

1976-1984: Roofer for Alliance Roofing Company – Applied shingles to approximately 1000 roofs in the Milwaukee area.

Self-Employment – Owner/Programmer for Guardian Programming Systems

1995-2003: Guardian Programming Systems. I lead a team of city leaders and doctors of urban studies and their staff which created our information management software package for non-profit organizations in Milwaukee. We Made inroads into Chicago’s non-profit sector. My company was contacted by Fannie Mae to produce a custom software package for their real estate work, when it was being highlighted in a symposiums for community based organizations in Washington DC in 1997. It this program was praised there as the most state of the art management and tracking software, interfacing with city tax files and with ArcView mapping software.

1979-1984: Remodeler-Bought, renovated, and sold houses in Milwaukee’s central city which paid for my college tuition, guided by a hope that pride of ownership would help to revitalize a neighborhood.

Educational Background:

2010: Obtained for a General Building Contractor License, #68801, from the North Carolina Licensing Board of General Contractors.

1988: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Psychology.

1985-1987: Zion Ministerial Training Faith Homes in Zion Illinois. Missions. Achieved an equivalence to Master’s in Mission. Beyond academic pursuits, a key focus of our training was developing and maintaining strong interpersonal relational skills. Living out a life of love, and making others’ needs a primary focus. It was taught that the greatest failure of any organization was the breakdown of positive relationships between its coworkers.

1977-1979: University of Wisconsin – Waukesha in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Achieved an Associates of Applied Science degree.

1977: New Berlin West High School in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Graduated with a diploma.

Technical Skills:


Risk Management

MS Office

MS Project

MS Word

MS Excel

MS Outlook

MS Access

MS Publisher

MS Power Point

MS Visual Basic

MS Power Point

ESRI ArcView


Gant Charts


MS Agent

Network Design

Linux Boxes



Novel Networks

Crystal Reports

CAD Design

Solar Design

Photovoltaic Engineering

Photovoltaic Installation

Solar Panels

Solar Grid-tie, Hybrid, Stand-alone

Solar AC/DC Loading

Inverters/ Micro-Stations

MPPT Controllers

Arch Fault



Emergency Room

Inner-Outer Connects

Debugging / Problem Solving

Data Search / Mining

Queries / Macros

SQL Strings

GUI frontend/ DB backend

Cabling / Patch Panels


Written Communication

Additional Skills:

Scope Development

General Construction


Project Managing /Coordinating

Project Documentation / Records



Request For Information

Request for Proposals


Estimating / Take-offs

Purchasing / Evaluating Products

Cost Management



Billing/ Budgets

Blueprints Reading

Shop Drawings

Construction Management

Program Management

Concrete Forms-Footers-Slabs

Change Orders


Staffing Hiring/Firing

Communication Skills

Public Speaking

Conflict Resolution

Code Compliance

Safety/OSHA Compliance

Commercial Construction

Elderly Accommodations

Handicap-Parking/ Accommodations

HUD Guidelines

Site Supervision

Punch Out Lists

Site Inspection

Quality Control

Structure Design

HVAC Design

Plumbing Design

Electrical Design

Hand Tools

Roofing Pitched/Rubber

Hand-Power Equipment

Heavy-Equipment Operation

Highlights of Volunteer Work:

Current: “I was a stranger and you let me in.” We have opened our door to the homeless, to those traveling from foreign countries, as well as those who simply need a safe place to lay their head. When a need has arisen, my wife and I have brought people together, to work as a community, helping to meet the needs of our neighbors. We have organized barn raisings, rebuilt dilapidated homes, set solar well pumps, set up small solar arrays to provide electricity, and provided information on animal husbandry as well as all aspects of self-sustainable living.

2009-2014: Lead a monthly meeting of 12-20 people in a study of self-sustainability in a rural/wilderness setting.

2000 to 2003: In the area I patrolled as a police officer, in my free time, along with a few colleagues, I organized and implemented a weekly outreach to central city residents, encouraging them towards an improved lifestyle.

1999-2000: Acted as the general contractor in the construction of a privately ran, state certified home for unwed teenage mothers.

1995: Established Cops for Christ – Milwaukee Chapter. An affiliate of an international brotherhood of police officers going by the same name.

1987-1989: Managed volunteer crews for Habitat for Humanity.

Summer of 1982: Washington DC. Worked with juvenile delinquents in the city’s third worst neighborhood. Strove to establish strong work habits while meeting the needs of poverty level city dwellers, and the Capitol’s transient homeless population.

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