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Engineering Machinist

Pretoria, GP, South Africa
May 31, 2017

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Name : Alexander Sekokweni

Position : Machinist

Availability Date : Immediately

Resides : 135 Bakema Renstown



Contact Number : +277 2360 4935

E-mail Address :

Nationality : South African

Date of Birth : 15 April 1975

Gender : Male

ID NO. : 750*** **** 081

Marital Issues : Married

Health : Good


School : Mukanga Secondary School

Level : “O” LEVEL (1994)

Subjects : English, Geography

: Mathematics, Physical Science

: History, Agricultural Science

: Commerce, Shona


Institute : Bulawayo Poly-Technic

Qualification : Machine Shop Engineering Certificate - 1997

Duration : 4 Year (Apprenticeship)

Subjects Passed : Workshop Technology

: Workshop Practice

: Engineering Drawing

: Engineering Science

: Engineering Mathematics

Driving License : Code 10


Company : NIMR & CHAPMAN

Duration : August 95 – August 99

Position Held : Apprentice Turner/Machinist

Motivation for Leaving : Apprenticeship Contract

Duties : Turning on Lathe and Vertical Borer

: Marking Out and Drilling On Radial

: Arm Drilling Machine

Shaping/Planing on a Shaper/Planer

Milling, Slotting, Gear Cutting, using vernier callipers,

Micrometers, measuring tapes, vernier height gauges,

Dividers etc for the purpose of measuring and marking out.

Company : Quality Engineering

Duration : September 99 – Feb 2000

Position : Turner Machinist

Motivation for Leaving : Contract Basis

Duties : Turning, Milling, Drilling & Gear Cutting

Company : Guthrie Engineering

Duration : Jan 2001 – Dec 2001

Position : Turner Machinist

Reason for Leaving : Contract

Duties : Turning & Servicing Farming Equipment

Company : SM Plastics

Duration : Feb 2004 – May 2005

Position : Tool maker

Motivation for leaving : Found a More Challenging Position

Duties : Turning & General Maintenance of All Machines

Company : Shemax Engineering

Duration : April 2006 – Feb 2007

Position : Turner Machinist

Motivation for Leaving : Temporary Position

Duties : Turning, Milling, Drilling, Slotting (Mostly Mine


Company : Wright Dixon

Duration : Feb 2007 – June 2012

Position : Fitter and Turner/Quality inspector

Motivation for Leaving : Got a better job

Duties : Turning, Milling, Drilling,

: (Turbos, Turbines, White Metal Bearing, Shafts, Etc), checking finished jobs, doing NDT, writing

Non-conformance reports etc,

Monitoring machines during machining process and taking measurements in the process till the job is finished, jigs for Transnet

Company : Rotek Engineering

Duration : June 2012 – October 2012

Position : Turner Machinist

Reason for leaving : Contract Expired

Duties : Making Required Parts for Various Eskom Power : Stations Country wide, using power tools

(Conventional) like lathes,

Drilling machines, slotting including hand power

Tools to make parts as per drawings, analyse

Samples both worn and new to make and modify where necessary to suit what is required. Taking measurements and making sketches for the purpose of making a required part. Removing broken bolts from machine parts etc

Company : Kenmare Mine.

Duration : Sept 2013 till Jan 2017

Position : Machinist

Reason for Leaving : Contract ended

Duties : Onsite line boring, turning, milling, drilling and fitting


Excellent written and spoken English.

Able to read and interpret technical drawings.

Knowledge in Occupational hazard and safety precautions.

Able to follow instructions.

Also able to work in a multicultural and multinational environment.

Proper utilisation of tools and machinery.

Perform activities using related tool as per approved procedure.

Able to make the work place clean and free of clutter.


1.Mr J.B Stock (Director - NIMR & Chapman) - 0026 396 6741

2.Mr. Zinyemba (Director Quality Engineering) - 0026 397 4982

3.Mr. Guthrie (Director- Guthrie Engineering) - 0026 364 6574

4.Mr. Sfiso Dlamini (Supervisor- Wright Dixon) -076*******

5.Mr Phillip Litheko (Supervisor- Rotek Matla Power) -082*******

6.Mr Antonio Savela (Supervisor-Kenmare, Mozambique)-00258821758560

I am very versatile, good with people, excellent communicator and enjoy meeting targets

I am available at short notice and I am prepared to go anywhere

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