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Sr. Android Developer

Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
May 30, 2017

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Skype: myro.ko

Master Degree in Applied Physics

Mr. Myroslav Kolibaba has more than 10 years of experience in Mobile application development and delivery.

A goal driven, highly determined and dynamic IT professional with a portfolio of technical and non-technical skills; a good problem solver; excels in teamwork; with proven experience in full product life cycle and an array of programming knowledge. Based upon solid work experience in a rapidly growing mobile market, he is capable to think out-of-the-box and comes up with optimal, creative solutions.

Software development / architecture / programming


Requirements management

Integration with server-side APIs

Optimization of Mobile applications

Coordination / Quality assurance / Testing

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Java, Objective-C, Swift, C#, C++/C, JavaScript, HTML, SQL OPERATING SYSTEMS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

DATABASES: SQLite, MS SQL Server, FileMaker.

MOBILE: Networking, Multi-threading, Encryption, Privacy, Push Notification Service, In-App Purchase, Barcode-Scanning, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, PhotoKit, GPS SECURITY: PGP, Keychain, File Data Protection Classes NETWORKING: REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, XMPP

IDE: Android Studio, Xcode, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Keil uVision, CodeWarrior VCS: Git, SVN

TOOLS: JIRA, Jenkins, TestFlight, CocoaPods, XCode Server SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: Ajile, Scrum, Continuous integration OTHER: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

ENGLISH professional working proficiency

GERMAN professional working proficiency

UKRAINIAN mother tongue

POLISH professional working proficiency

RUSSIAN professional working proficiency

Myroslav Kolibaba


Proffessional / Technical focus:

Language skills:

Technical skills:

ROLE: Senior Android Developer

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: mccPILOTLOG for Android is an off-line mobile companion for the comprehensive Windows PC and Mac OS desktop application. Android app is used to complete the flight records with actual flight times, aircraft tail, PF and/or crew names onboard the aircraft, and return the completed records back to the desktop through mccCLOUD sync. TASKS: Implementation of Android App Tablet and Phone versions, custom user interface for selecting and taking photos, displaying local time + DST rules, sunrise/sunset, globe view for all 40,000 airfields, view METAR/TAF weather reports, Google Earth view for airfields, export flights and sim records to the Android Calendar, sophisticated data exchange through mccCLOUD synchronization, Data Model Design & Development, constantly improvement functionality and maintaining app.

TECHNOLOGIES: Android (Phone, Tablet), Blackberry, Eclipse, Android Studio, Java, Sqlite, Apache commons-net API, Fragments, Multithreading, Google Earth API, Android Calendar API.

LINKS: ROLE: Senior Android Developer, IT Consultant

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: GoSecured Call app realized true private peer-to-peer encrypted phone communication. Secured NexusTM Cloud Phone System is a fully featured business grade VoIP communication service. GoSecured Call delivers outstanding service through flexible, accessible, and efficient communication. TASKS: coordinating strategies for defining, deploying, and maintaining the company's in- house IP telephony voice communication architecture, consulted and coordinated with technicians to perform installation and migrations of various technology solutions within network, performed continuous app update and improvements. TECHNOLOGIES: Android (Phone), Android Studio, Java, VoIP communication, data encryption, UX, Agile, Scrum


ROLE: Senior Android Developer, Senior iOS Developer GENERAL DESCRIPTION: F5App is a weather application for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) powered device showing the weather in map form. The software automatically locates your position and pull weather information without the need for user input. TASKS: took Android and iOS versions from design to reality. Collaborated with customer to define perfect and feasible solution in apps architecture. Lead the development of quality code for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) App implementation. Performance optimization, tuning and analytics up front to ensure app is running smoothly and reliably before production.

TECHNOLOGIES: Android (Phone, Tablet), Android Studio, Java, iOS(iPhone/iPad), Xcode, SWIFT, Objective C, Push Notification Services, Sqlite, In-app Billing service, XML/JSON, RESTful WebServices, UIKit, CoreData


Project Experience

MccPILOTLOG 2011 - today

Self-Employed as Independent Professional 2009 today GoSecured Call 2014 - 2016

F5App Weather Map 2014 - 2015

ROLE: IT Consultant, iOS Developer

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: iOS app for mobile commerce, developed for AO's customers. Clients can choose from 35,000 articles in the AO's shops, within an hour, the goods will then be packed and ready for pickup at the nearest store. Get a list of nearby shops and get a driving guide for the store you want to go, via the GPS function. Scan barcodes in catalogs with phone camera. Searching for products with both image and text search, see opening hours and contact information for all AO's stores, find contact information for the Competence Centre.

TASKS:Development of an cutting edge mobile e-commerce solution for AO's customers. Implemented an iPhone client application “AO Mobile” in close collaboration with another iOS developers and server-side team which was creating web-services based on .NET technologies and JSON format. For data management was used the CoreData framework. Barcode scanning functionality was implemented using ZBar library. TECHNOLOGIES: iOS, Xcode, Objective-C, Core Data, SQLite, JSON, GPS, SVN LINKS: ROLE: Android Developer

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: SMS AnyTime is a message timer that combines drafting and automatic sending of text messages with rich scheduling options. SMS Anytime also includes a template management, a list management for scheduled and sent SMS, repeat sending options, group sending as well as a self-notifcation option. TASKS: Created UI/UX Design, architect core application components, implemented app functionality

TECHNOLOGIES: Android (Phone), Eclipse, Java,UI/UX, Android services LINKS: ROLE: IT Consultant, Windows Mobile Developer

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Truecaller helps customers identify unknown incoming calls, block calls you don’t want to receive through a community based spam list. Truecaller has more than 150 million users worldwide that contribute to this community. TASKS: Refactoring & improvements of existing functionality, bug fixing... TECHNOLOGIES: Windows Phone, C#, .NET Framework, MS Visual Studio, GUI, XAML, Social Networks Integration

LINKS: Chicago/US) is focused on mission-critical engineering, medical and navigation systems and backed by strong in-house research, design and development. Team Leader, Development Lead, Senior SW developer. Role enabled expansion of invaluable technical skills and additionally had further responsibilities including: mentoring new joiners into the PDT software environment, actively contributed to management meetings, providing updates and liaising with partners on PDT’s APIs Product development technologies inc. 2004 2009

AO Mobil 2011 - 2012

SMS AnyTime 2012

TrueCaller 2010 - 2012

PDT’s electrical engineering and software group (, Lviv/Ukraine- Intevia Database Administrator :

Performed design and development of Database Administrative tool set to complement of the Intevia Internet Client with advanced UI facility using C#,

.Net, SOAP, ADO.NET, Multithreading, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio. D-Kit update:

Evolved and implemented discovering procedure for large area fastener network using C#, .NET.

Improved reliability of Bluetooth and RS 485 communications. E-Kit ( Intevia ):

Implemented concept of multi-tier architecture using C#, .NET, .NET Compact Framework, ASP.NET, Web Services, SOAP, IIS, Windows CE/Mobile.

Designed architectural concept of DBMS including MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server 2005 Mobile edition.

Developed Information System policies and procedures for reporting issues. Development Suite for fastener operating system:

Elaborated communication API for fastener network (C#, MS Visual Studio).

Implemented numerous property view and management tool controls for PC client application.

Responsible for developing handler classes to utilize TZ API capability.

Implemented and tested a number of changes to increase performance.

Managed project team activity.

TZ Database :

For purpose of effective management wide rage distributed fastener systems was designed concept of the web based DB system

Implemented mobile client application(C#, MS Visual studio, ADO.NET, .NET Compact Framework, Windows CE/Mobile, IIS, MS SQL Server Mobile, ASP.NET, SOAP).

Implemented enhanced security features to protect data flow from unauthorized access.

Mobile Kit :

Programmed rich GUI for mobile management system application (C#, MS Visual Studio 2005, .NET Compact Framework, Windows CE/Mobile, Bluetooth).

Intensive research and test activity to improve Bluetooth communication reliability. Embedded system application, Neptune project

Developed program module for control environment activity( C, Keil μVision, SiLab C8051F330).

Managed programmer team activity.

GPS device (Cobra) concept

Developed GUI demo for GPS device (Cobra) using Macromedia Flash. IP Telephone concept (Avaya)

Realized system activity Flowchart using MS Visio.

Developed GUI prototype demo for IP Telephone (Avaya) using Macromedia Flash. This profile is confidential. Without prior written permission of the author, neither the CV itself, nor individual information may be reproduced or disclosed to third parties.

© 2017 Myroslav Kolibaba

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