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Customer Service Manager

Bangor, Maine, 04401, United States
May 20, 2017

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Kim Marie Hopper

**** ****** **. *****

Hampden, ME 04444 US

Mobile: 207-***-**** - Ext:

Day Phone: 207-***-**** - Ext:



Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full-Time

Work Experience:

Kohl’s Department Store

Stillwater Ave

Bangor, ME 04401


Salary: 40,000 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Freight Operations Supervisor

Duties and Related Skills:

As the Freight Operations Supervisor at a major retail department store, I was responsible for the operations involving the receiving, processing and merchandising the freight deliveries. I oversaw a team of 5 or more freight associates that would assist me in accomplishing these tasks effectively and in a timely manner. On many occasions I was the only management in the store and was also responsible for the sales associates and all operations involving the everyday responsibilities that a retail business encounters, such as, but not limited to, holding morning briefings for all team members, assigning tasks and projects, time management, verifying the cash office from previous days sales, assisting customers and resolving any issues that may arise in order to ensure that the customer was highly satisfied when encounter was complete.

Transportation Security Administration

287 Godfrey Blvd

Bangor, ME 04401 United States

04/2007 – 11/2016

Salary: 48,487.00 USD Per Year

Hours per week: 40

Series: 1801 Pay Plan: SV Grade: H

Acting Transportation Security Manager / Supervisory Transportation Security Officer (This is a federal job)

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As a Supervisory Transportation Security Officer responsible for up to 15 officers at any particular time at the Bangor International Airport in Bangor Maine, I also served as an Acting Transportation Security Manager, managing a diverse workforce of aviation security professionals in the conduct of their screening duties. On a daily basis, I was responsible for coordinating work assignments, training and performance assessment, monitoring and auditing compliance with security policies, directives, and/or regulations, providing feedback on a daily basis, whether it be positive or negative, and document as necessary. As the Supervisor at the checkpoint or checked baggage I act as an Investigation Manager for security related incidents occurring at security checkpoint and throughout airport. Interview individuals and witnesses during an investigation and compile accurate and detailed written reports documenting the incident. Regularly I would set goals and implement them by priority, as well as prepare and deliver oral briefings to groups of individuals. I was responsible for managing a professional workforce based on organizational skills and staffing needs. Occasionally I would complete administrative duties regarding personnel actions for direct reports such as performance appraisals, recommending rewards, counseling, and discipline. I was responsible for identifying and addressing developmental needs of subordinates by facilitating training, coaching, and/or providing feedback. It was most important to always ensure compliance with Security Operating Procedures, training, and promotion processes. I was often recommended and served on many promotion boards and ensured that EEO policies were always followed. It was my responsibility to Implement practices and procedures that conform to TSA security policies, directives, and/or regulations, and apply knowledge of transportation security policies, directives, and/or regulations to analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of security procedures. Regularly, I would act as the Point of Contact on most days for Bangor International Airport, as well as 3 other spoke airports. During this time, it was my responsibility to assess surroundings and/or available information to make time-sensitive security-related decisions related to security incidents, emergency situations, staffing, and/or customer service issues, to 4 airports at any given time. As an Acting Transportation Security Manager I would oversee others that perform all of these same duties and responsibilities, ensuring that they are upholding all of the same standards that I hold myself to. As an Transportation Security Manager, I would be in charge of up to 30 officers at a time, and would be responsible for conducting briefings to senior management on all matters relating to specific incident investigations and inquiries, regularly provide written reports to regulatory and compliance officers to support civil investigations and security violations. It was my responsibility to brief/train, both orally and by demonstrating, when new security directives and policies affecting the screening processes, were taking place. I would lead by example, mentoring junior leaders and demonstrating a positive demeanor for those in my charge. I maintained an impeccable attendance, performance and training record during my employment with the Transportation Security Administration.

Verizon Telecommunications

Bangor, ME United States

01/1994 - 08/2004

Hours per week: 45

Customer Service Representative

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As a Customer Service Representative for a major telecommunications company, some of my responsibilities included the ability to handle incoming and outbound calls on a very high call volume basis, troubleshooting those calls to the correct department, or assisting the customer directly. This involved listening skills to determine exactly what the problem was in order to correctly direct them. I was responsible for placing orders via computer for new phone service, disconnect or move existing telephone service, and/or make changes to existing phone service to better serve the customers needs. During my employment with Verizon, I recieved many customer commendations, as well as winning many sales awards and contests.

Supervisor: Carrie Libby (207-***-****)

Fayva Shoe

Bangor, ME United States

02/1988 - 08/1993

Hours per week: 50

Store Manager

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

As a Retail Store Manager, my store consistently ranked #1 in district sales for five consecutive years. Some of my duties included customer service and loyalty, recruitment and staffing initiatives, team leadership, coaching and mentoring. I was responsible for budget administrations, project and operations oversight, risk management, and quality control. It was very important to have good working relationships with vendors as well as employees in order to maintain team building and meet sales goals as well as retention initiatives.


Hampden Academy Hampden, ME. United States

High School or equivalent 06/1986

Major: Business

References available upon request

Additional Information:

*On numerous occasions I had the opportunity to have been awarded performance bonuses based on the recommendation of my supervisor, or another supervisor that I had worked directly with.

*I assisted in the Mentoring Program that helped in the training of new Transportation Security Officers, in order for them to gain their certification for checkpoint and baggage screening areas.

* I was active in the local hiring process at my airport, assisting the Human Resources department with the recruitment, interviewing, paperwork collection, fingerprinting, and scheduling of medical evaluations.

*Often, I would be asked for advice by my peers, subordinates, and supervisors for my opinion in either a screening procedure, or security related issue.

*I am proficient in the use of:

1. Computers

2. Word, Excel, MS Office Programs

3. Fax Machines

4. Copiers

5. Mars (military communication equiptment)

6. Multi-line Phone System

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