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Customer Service Microsoft Office

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
May 19, 2017

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David Lichty

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Portfolio located at DaveLichty

I also have prints of work that may not be located on the site. These were mainly done before I started school with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division

Professional Summary

“A little bit about me”

I am currently a student with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (online division) pursuing my Associates of Science in Digital Photography. I love art and creating art. Not only through photography but also through graphic design. Being able to work as both a photographer and a graphic designer makes me more relevant in today’s digital world. I am very creative and have the skills to look at problems from different perspectives, to find the best solution to the problem. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to working with Adobe Lightroom, and just about all their other creative programs. Including Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, and the other creative suite programs. I am very dependable and self-motivated to put my full effort and knowledge into what I am doing. Especially when it comes to my Photography, and post production work related to photography. Along with the usage of Adobe software and other types of digital media. I have a very keen eye for the perfect shot. I am always very customer friendly and believe in making a positive impression on them, that way it creates repeat customers. In turn generates profit for the company. I’m always looking to learn new things, no matter what it is. I am also mechanically inclined if it is ever needed. There is no problems with having to work long hours to complete a project on time, while holding up to a client’s high standards. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to working with computers and can use all of the Microsoft Office applications. I can also use either Windows or Mac operating platforms. I enjoy photographing just about any subject. I enjoy photographing just about anything. I also understand photography post production for websites and for print. I can also format layouts and create unique designs for prints and websites. I also have knowledge and experience when it comes to printing. Whether it be color management, different types of printing for printer profiles for different types of paper, I have learned all the different needs in printing. Not to forget, but I also have previous experience in manufacturing, production, assembly, quality control and machine operation and maintenance. I realized that taking online classes requires me to be self-driven and show that I’m able to work on my own with little to no guidance other than the work instructions. You will be amazed at all the different things that I know how to do. If I don’t know something I am very quick to either, ask questions or find out the answer on my own. I have two personal traits that I am very proud of. The first is that I am very honest. The second is that I am highly dedicated to my work.


Experienced in using DSLR camera in manual mode

Choosing the appropriate lens for the scene or subject that I am photographing

Extremely experienced in Adobe Lightroom

Experienced with Adobe Photoshop

Experienced in Adobe Illustrator

Knowledge with using all other Adobe Creative Software

Able to complete work with-in given time frame

Able to work alone without the need to ask extensive questions

Able to work in a team environment on projects

Knowledge of working with Microsoft Office programs

Able to follow directions as instructed

Willing to work long hours to complete jobs on time

Customer Service Oriented

Able to photograph anyone of any age

Experience with cutting and measuring tools

Able to work without the need to be supervised

Very dependable and on time for appointments

Organized multi-tasker

Quick learner

Knowledge of working with safety procedures

Strong mechanical aptitude

Very detailed oriented

Able to follow companies work flow

Very good computer skills

Inventory control practices

Worked night shifts

Have own equipment which will be listed later

Flexible schedule

Material inventory skills

Troubleshooting problems

Quality assurance and inspection


Photographer, 4/17/2017 to Current

MarathonFoto & Grad Images: Divisions of Iconic Group

Last job I did was being a photographer covering the Boston Marathon on April 17, 2017. I was photographing runners as they crossed the finish line with them showing off their medals. It was very fast paced shooting non-stop. I was extremely thrilled with doing the job. From the first runners crossing the line, it was non-stop shooting all day. I enjoyed the whole experience, and if asked to do it again I won’t hesitate in saying. Doing this job was a great learning experience for me and my photography career. After doing the Boston Marathon I was asked to work for Iconic Groups other division which is Grad Images. Grad Images has me photographing College graduation ceremonies.

Freelance Photographer 8/2/2016-Current

I do side jobs on with jobs varying from head shots, family portraits, sports photography, weddings and birthday and other types of parties. I enjoy doing jobs through as I am working for the customer with nothing but great reviews and extremely happy with my skills and great customer service. I loved the look on customers faces as they see how the photos turned out. I do all the work myself. Starting from booking the jobs, to going over the jobs, shooting all the photos, and then doing post-production work. It’s a great way to for me to earn money and doing what I love.

Vacuum Furnace Operator, 4/18/2013 to 8/26/2015

Parmatech Proform- East Providence, RI 02914

Ran and operated Hydrogen Vacuum Furnace, along with cleaning after every use, with attention to detail in cleaning of the furnace seals. Along with trouble shooting issues from leaks and clogs. I also was responsible for dewaxing metal injection molded parts before they could be stacked on ceramic plates for the furnace run. I was also responsible for making sure that all paperwork was completed properly for proper record keeping as well as entering all parameters for the furnace run into excel data sheet. I also was responsible for testing of parts for carbon content and density testing. Was asked to take medical leave due to back problems. Then was let go after 3 months of being on medical leave.

Automotive Dismantler, 12/2012 to 2/2013

Ruggeri Auto Parts- West Warwick, RI 02893

Disassembled vehicles with cutting torch, saws, and power tools, pulled parts from cars and inventory for orders, labeled parts and put away into inventory, kept written record of parts being pulled so the parts could be entered into the computer and separated the different metals for recycling. I had to leave job due to a hostile work environment created by the owner.

Glass Cutter, 02/2009 to 11/2011

AGC Flat Glass of North America- Quakertown, PA 18951

Cut glass for orders using automated glass cutting machine. Entered special orders into computer for machine to cut and sometimes had to cut glass freehanded using template. Loaded racks of glass using forklift. Kept records of all work that I did. Kept track of what glass there was in inventory. Cleaned area before and after each shift along with performing daily maintenance of machine. Observed all safety and quality guidelines. Ended up leaving due to the job being unsafe and was hurt on the job and needed surgery to repair tendon in my knee from the injury.

Delivery Driver, 02/2008 to 07/2009

Hungry Howie’s- Ocala, FL 34481

Delivered orders to customers on time with high standards of customer service. Took orders over phone. Did food prep and made orders. Rotated, dated, and put away new stock that came in on truck. Did general house cleaning in store, i.e. scrubbing floors, washing dishes, cleaning walls and ceiling tiles.

Tree Removal/ Ground Crewman, 10/2003 to 02/2007

Richardson Tree Service- Dunnellon, FL 34432

I was responsible for the upkeep and prep of chainsaws. Loading and unloading of equipment from truck. Pulling trees as they were being cut either with truck or by hand. Then after trees were down I went through with saw and cut branches off and cut log down to manageable sizes. After trees were removed I raked up all the twigs and blew off driveway if needed with blower. Sometimes if the trees were too big we would have a bobcat and I would use it to load logs onto dump truck.

Crew Member/ Assistant Manager, 08/1999 to 10/2003 and 03/2007 to 2/2008

Checkers Drive Thru Restaurants- Ocala, FL 34481

I started out as a crew member in ‘99 and my duties included sandwich making, taking orders, food prep, cleaning inside and outside of store. Rotating, dating, and putting truck order away. I worked my way up to assistant manager in 2001. Where I was responsible for keeping food cost down by minimizing waste. Keeping track of inventory and making orders. Making crew schedules and doing employee hiring. I was responsible for training of new employees by the guidelines set by the company and Health Department. Counting down drawers and making daily bank deposits. Making sure customers got the correct orders hot and in a timely manner. Basically, I oversaw day to day operations of store. One thing that put me ahead of other employees was my eye for detail. I preferred a clean restaurant with everything stocked in the correct place for easier and faster service while still maintaining a high quality, meeting the company’s policies. Another was my drive to keep busy. I don’t like to be bored while I was at work. It always made the day seem to go slower than it did when I kept myself busy. I would always find things to do no matter what it was. Whether it was cleaning, doing prep, or stocking the condiments and other items.


Liberty High School- Bethlehem, PA 3 years attended

Withlacoochee Technical College in Inverness, Florida – GED

Art Institute of Pittsburgh (online division) – Currently attending

List of Gear:

• Canon T4i DSLR camera w/ Battery grip

• Canon T5 DSLR Camera

• 55-250mm Canon F/4-F/5.6 lens

• 18-55mm Canon F/3.5-F/5.6 lens

• 35-80mm Canon F/4-F/5.6 lens

• 50mm Canon F/1.8 lens

• 75-300mm Canon F/4-F/5.6 lens

• All lenses have their own UV filter

• 2x High Definition III telephoto lens attachment

• 0.45x High Definition III wide lens

• Canon Speed lite 420ez Flash w/ attachable diffuser

• Sekonic Flash mate l-308S-U light meter

• Wired Shutter cable

• Opteka 55-inch tripod

• Auto Extension tube set

• Cleaning kit w/ extra micro fiber cloths and lens brushes

• 2-58mm CPL lens filters

• Cokin Neutral Density filters

• 3 studio strobe light kit

• 4 extra light stands

• 50-foot extension cord and surge protector

• 1 300watt Photo flood light

• 35 inch 5 in 1 collapsible reflector/diffuser

• 8 batteries with 2 chargers and car charger

• 14 8mb SD memory cards w/ case

• 5x4 foot light diffuser

• Zeikos Close-up lens magnifier set

• Neewer Wireless Remote Shutter Trigger

• Photography Chromakey Green Screen Black White Non-Woven Backdrop with Stand Kit

• Epson 1430 Artisan Photo Printer

• 18% Grey, White, and Black Cards

• 3 45-watt CFL fill lights for accent lighting

• Color Munki Photo

“A little bit more about myself”

I also have extensive training in working in a studio environment through my schooling with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. This training deals with multiple types of lighting set ups including a hot shoe flash, studio modeling lights, also using studio strobes. My schooling didn’t start with lighting though. I first learned the basics about art and the elements of art. How to look for the best composition. How to get the most out of a camera to give more depth to a photo, or less depth. Or you can use selective focus to give the subject more emphasis.

I am very friendly person who likes to enjoy coming to work every day. I love photography with a passion. When I first started out, I never realized how many tools were needed. Now it seems like all I do is spend money on gear. The amount of gear I currently have is a nice amount, but I’m always wanting to but more. I learned that you need to have a lot of gear to be prepared for any kind of obstacle or situation that may arise during a shoot. I have had this problem before where I didn’t have the proper gear and ended up having to make my own tool on the fly. My trick is to always come prepared with everything you may need and know how to use the gear the correct way to make the best photo. Knowing how to use the gear properly will help get the perfect shot when it is combined with proper timing and correct settings. Which is something I’ve been learning how to do over time and with a lot of practice. If you decide to hire me, it would be a very smart decision. Especially when you need a shoot done on time and are looking for a highly-dedicated photographer who can work in any genre.

Why I love Photography: A brief history of how I got into photography.

Well, I was always into art because of my brother being an artist. He would always ask my thoughts on his work, and from him I gained a love from art. My problem was that I couldn't draw or paint or well be an artist like him. But I got introduced to Photography by my best friend while recovering from knee surgery. And from my first camera, which was a little Fuji point and shoot, I was hooked. From there I got myself a Canon DSLR. At the time, I lived right outside Philadelphia, PA. I would ride the train into Philadelphia and walk everywhere learning how to use the camera and I was hooked. I would spend all day and night walking around Philly taking pictures. It was a great way to learn the basics of photography. In 2013, after moving to Rhode Island I decided that Photography was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I enrolled with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh's online division to get my Associates Degree in Digital Photography. It's been hard trying to juggle work, while being a full-time student. I ended up taking a break from school because the job I had at the time was very stressful. But eventually I went back and I am currently working on finishing, to get my degree. The classes I've taken so far have taught me so much. Whether it be on composition, learning how to use the camera with different settings, the elements of art which going along the lines of composition. I've also have learned about the different types of lighting. Whether it be natural lighting from the sun or it be from some type of artificial lighting. Learned how to use an on-camera flash for fill lighting, to working with studio lighting. The studio lighting was covered between two different lighting classes. The first one taught the basics while working with a modeling light. The second one went into more detail and working with strobe lighting. I also learned about light ratios, and the different lighting setups. I learned about manipulating the light to give photos a desired effect. This can be done in many different ways with different tools like a "gobo", or using a snoot on a light to aim the light to highlight a specific area. Then there are diffusers to make the light softer, rather than having direct light which is called hard light. I have even learned about printing and color management. Printing especially for commercial printing, they print using Black, Cyan, Yellow & Magenta. But then there are three other color spaces. These are Red, Green, & Blue also known as sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), and ProPhoto RGB. These 3 are what the photographer uses. Then on the printing side, the printer has different options to use when printing. The photographer will normally make a print profile for the printer. This is so the color stays the same when going from digital to printed copy. I'm not going to get any deeper into this, but I'm basically trying to say that the colors you see on screen will look the same in printed form besides the paper quality. I am well versed in the editing phase. This is an area that I excel in. I have a keen eye and can edit out undesired things in a shot. Let me put it this way I would be a great hire and you will be impressed with my work and dedication to my craft. I do apologize if I went a little long but I wanted you to get an idea of my skills. I know there are a lot of other things that I know, which I didn't mention. I just love photography and I only want to put out my best work possible.

Thank you for your time,

David Lichty

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