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Manager Nurse

Hamilton, ON, Canada
February 14, 2013

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Sandra Best R.P.N., R.R.P. GD-*****

Excel Care

*** ***** ****** *****

Hamilton, ON L8P 3A8

Work: 905-***-****

Cell: 905-***-**** Pager: 905-***-****


Nurse Case Manager, (November 1998 to Present)

President/Co-owner Excel Care (October 2004 to Present)

201 James St. South, Hamilton, ON L8P 3A8

Develop and c-ordinate goal-directed rehabilitation plans for individuals of all ages who have

sustained traumatic injuries resulting in cognitive, physical, behavioural and/or psychosocial

problems. This includes diagnostic groups such as brain injury, chronic pain, soft tissue and

complex orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord injuries and sensory impairment.

Assess the needs of the individual through a structured interview process and analysis of

information. This includes review of medical, educational, employment, and psychological


Facilitate referrals for assessment and intervention to clarify and address specific rehabilitation


Implement plans aimed at improved quality of life and reintegration into work, home, school an

the community.

Provide community-based life skills, family, social, financial, educational, and vocational

rehabilitation counselling using a case management model.

Review plans and liaise with the injured individual, family caregivers, health care professionals,

workplace/school personnel, and insurance adjuster, lawyer and referral sources. Conduct talk

analyses to determine physical and cognitive demands; determine and implement necessary

accommodations and compensatory strategies.

Determine nursing and attendant services required to facilitate training programs necessary to

accommodate the client s needs.

Provide direct supervision, hiring and training of staff.

Provide reports to communicate functional status, rehabilitation needs and associated costs.

Negotiate funding to implement necessary plans.


Sandra Best

Assistant Director (1994 1998)

Hamilton Integrated Living Project

Coordinated medical and vocational rehabilitation activities as well as case management for

clients with emphasis in catastrophic injuries.

Provided direct supervision, hiring and training for all staff.

Coordinated rehabilitation activities and case planning/scheduling for a diverse range of clients

including life skill coaching. Provided education regarding cognitive compensatory strategies,

and ongoing lectures and seminars regarding personal care issues.

Clinical Nurse (1989 - 1994)

409 Preventive Health Care Clinic

Burlington, Ontario

Nurse Clinician for a Preventive Heart Disease Clinic and assisted 5 family physicians and

coordinated all medical needs for their patients.

Organized smoke cessation programs.

Counselled high risk cholesterol clients and provided cholesterol results through venipuncture

within 15 minutes.

Provided spirometry, audiology, EKG and typanometry testing.

Trained to proved vascular testing on high risk clients.

Provided nutritional advice to mothers and new borns.

Provided all I.M. and S.C. injections.

Fracture Clinic Nurse (1989 1992)

Joseph Brant Hospital

Burlington, Ontario

Manager of the Orthopaedic Clinic. Assisted 5 Orthopaedic surgeons and coordinated all

medical and rehabilitation needs for their patients.

Provided pre-screening and assessments for surgery.

Removal of casts.

Assisted with applications of casts, plaster/fibreglass, braces/splints.

Provided direct supervision of patients and proved teaching of cast care, crutch walking and

post-operative complications.

Assisted with sterile procedures, removed staples, sutures and pins.

Responsible for ordering all supplies.

Registered Practical Nurse, (1974 - 1992)

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

Burlington, Ontario

W orked on chronic, rehab, oncology, gynecology, orthopaedic, emergency, and ICU wards.


Sandra Best


CCAC Conference Toronto, Ontario

October 2000

Chedoke Acquired Brain Injury Conference Hamilton Health Sciences

1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 Hamilton, Ontario

Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario Toronto, Ontario

1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006

Monthly, ongoing educational seminars regarding

Rehabilitation of brain injuries, muscular-skeletal and

Emotional disorders

Neurotrauma Conference Rehabilitation Management Inc.

June 1999, 2000 Toronto, Ontario

Practical Strategies Toronto, Ontario

May 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Spinal Cord Conference Toronto Western Hospital

November 2002, 2006

Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Conference Toronto, Ontario

1999, 2000, 2004

Victim Assistance Volunteer Program Burlington, Ontario

Weekly, ongoing Coordinator Training

The Burlington Ontario Provincial Police

November 1996 to February 2001


Acquired Brain Injury Course, Level 1 February 1999

Brock University, St. Catharines

Teaching Seminar sponsored by Guelph Distress Centre October 1998

Challenges in Crisis Management

Teaching Seminar sponsored by the Ministry of Health February 1997

Risk Management

Lyndhurst Hospital How to Deal with a Quadriplegic January 1995

Teaching Seminar

Smoke Cessation Seminar sponsored by Habitrol February 1994


Sandra Best

ARS Vital Aire Teaching Seminar on Spirometry November 1994

Teaching Seminar on Imex lab 900 Vascular Test June 1992

Audiology and Tympanometry teaching seminar February 1991

Kodack Ektachen Dt 60 Analyzer Cholesterol March 1991

Teaching seminar

Sheridan College Medication Course for R.N.A. June 1991

University of Toronto Seminar: Optimizing Heart October 1991

Health The Diet Connection

Sheridan College Surgical Course for R.N.A. 1986

Joseph Brant Hospital Labour and Delivery 1978


College of Nurses of Ontario GD-01344

Registered Practical Nurse Association of Ontario

Canadian Orthopaedic Nurse Association (Membership # 411)

Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals

Canadian Paraplegic Association

Ontario Brain Injury Association

National Case Managers Association (Member ID # 269721)

National Case Managers Association


Halton Diversity Council Committee

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Ethic Committee

Hamilton Brain Injury Association

Hamilton Canadian Spinal Cord Research Fundraising Committee


Discharge Planning and Determining Levels of Care

Hamilton Health Sciences General Hospital 2002

Determining Levels of Care: Discharge & Beyond Spinal Cord Conference

September 2003

Scheduling Services to Meet the Needs of the Spinal Cords Population:

Toronto National Spinal Cord Conference

September 2004

Discharge & Beyond Spinal Cord Conference Hosted by

Excel Care, McLeish Orlando LLP and Oatley Vigmond LLP


Sandra Best

Annually each September from 2000 - 2009


Sandra Best

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