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Project Manager Real Estate

Litchfield Park, Arizona, 85340, United States
May 24, 2010

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Tyson R. Remensnyder

( (C) 602 ***-**** ( Litchfield Park, Arizona

Steady, Focused, Cool-headed, Hands-on Leader with Record & Reputation of

Continuous Improvements to Margin, Profit and Shareholder Value

Accomplished, Visionary and Creative, Customer and Market-Oriented Senior

Executive Leader In Finance, Operations, Contracts, Joint Ventures,

Negotiations, Complex Asset Management, and Leading Multimillion-Dollar

Commercial & Retail Development Projects to completion faithfully on time

and within budget limits ...

...Responsible from a young age in running the show in managing, leasing

and coordinating multiple multi-stage projects adding up to over

3,000,000 square feet in new shopping center space valued at more than

$500 Million, over a 14-year career, accountable for P&L for each

project ranging in value from $5-100 million

... handling a vast and diverse range of project types from freestanding

Walgreen's to regional Target-anchored power centers, each as long as 10

years for completion, seamlessly tying together all facets of a project,

keeping eyes on the long-term finish line.

Field-proven from service with one firm right out of school - a weekend in

between - providing valued multimillion-dollar project management for

nearly 14 years in a sink or swim environment where hundreds of others came

and went

Promoted steadily from associate to VP of Development - often thrown into

brand new situations and learning on the fly, often managing teams of older

more experienced folks - and named the youngest partner in company history

14 years of leasing experience with leading national clients: Target, Ross,

Kohl's, Michael's, Petco, PetsMart, Sports Authority, Pier One, Walgreen's,

JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Dollar Tree, Kirkland's, Applebee's, YUM,

Discount Tire, Hallmark, Payless Shoes, Applebee's, Fry's, Safeway,

Albertson's, Walgreen's, Fleming, CVS, McDonalds, Burger King


Thrive in hyper-paced, ultra-demanding, long-term, fast and furious,

constantly changing environments, enjoying the lack of clear-cut rules,

running hard to stay ahead of continuously materializing business

prospects, squeezing out the most from every minute in the behind-the-

scenes labors endured in hours, responsibility and risk.

Finesse to know when to bluff and when to hit hard in dealing with the

multitude of phases of a long-term multimillion-dollar project, as both

a science and an art.

Leader who enjoys many roles of cheerleader, champion, coach, mentor,

advisor, friend and inspiration, winning loyalty and buy-in through

sharing the vision and goals with the team, investors, tenants, city

officials and neighboring parcel owners

Mature, ethical, critical-thinking, versatile manager adept at juggling

many tasks, pursuing and meeting aggressive goals, balancing competing

demands to achieve mutually rewarding (win-win) outcomes and move

projects ever forward ...

< Keen eye for envisioning what type of development makes the most sense

for a vacant parcel or an empty hole in the ground, with these examples -

. Built a large shopping center on top of an old land fill using

specialized technology and building process

. Creatively rezoned a parcel when developer across the street launched

a nasty smear campaign against the project to destroy the competition

. Won cooperation from grueling sit-downs with anxious neighbors in

building water & sewer lines that didn't exist to service a shopping

center under development

< Integral role in propelling company to Top Tier Retail Center Developer

status in the Phoenix market, and a preferred developer for Target and


< Quarterbacking teams responsible for all pre-construction activity,

purchase and sale documentation, entitlements, zoning, vendor and

consultant selection, budget development, cash flow modeling, timelines,

due diligence, permits through the bureaucratic government review process

< Evaluating and recommending risk and liability prospects to make go/no-go

decisions on a daily basis with limited information

< Recognized and accomplished authority in national, regional and local

leasing contracts and development agreements including negotiations (with

land owners, homeowner associations, city agents), and insightful market


< Record of creating and cultivating loyal client relationships to drive

company expansion and achieve market dominance

< Record of minimizing delays and change orders and avoiding cost overruns

due to upfront work and research to solve problems before they occur

< Able to see the big picture as well as the smallest details and move in

between the two levels as needed.

< Healthy sense of humor and humility, taking success in stride and not

dwelling on the expected disappointments

< Naturally motivated: "I get up and ring the bell every morning and get at


< Produced steadily throughout career while building reputation as a

trusted source and pillar of strength

Overview of Management Skills & Experience

. Scout and select new sites for regional and national retail anchor


. Negotiate purchase, lease and joint venture agreements with land owners

. Prepare and negotiate leases with national retail anchor, junior anchor,

and pad clients

. Collaborate with tenants to ensure consistency in exterior store design

. Oversee accounting, finance, construction, and design teams on new


. Ensure accuracy of account reporting, cash flow projections and job aging


. Coordinate with local utilities to secure new lines and extensions to

service centers

. Negotiate impact fee and repayment agreements with municipalities to

maximize return rates

. Develop and ensure meeting all performance metrics

. Use market mapping tools to define demographics for site selection and

potential tenants

. Conduct due diligence on land title, soils, zoning, transportation,

growth trends and utilities.

. Coordinate and track applications with city governments

. Collaborate with CFO on budgets, lender funding needs and budget


. Coordinate turnover and store openings from inline to national anchor


. Conduct market research for new tenants providing demographic/traffic

data and mapping analysis

. Create marketing collateral including flyers, brochures, and booklets for

prospective tenants

. Create efficient tracking system for all phases of development process,

reducing time and errors

. Long-term focus on multiple deals and repeat business with client rather

than a single huge deal


< Secured for the first time hard-won permission from the City of Phoenix

(Parks Department) to accept a money-saving workaround solution that

saved $3 Million and 4-6 months of development time, enabling the project

to start building on city property, winning approval from all city

bureaucracy to lay down a water channel to reroute flow around rather

than beneath a proposed Target shopping center, avoiding underground

excavation and maintaining the existing (historical) flow

< Initiated a hard-fought campaign to win grandfathering status that saved

$3.5 million in suddenly imposed impact fees and averted imminent

shutdown of a $30 million shopping center building project about to break

ground by leading a successful campaign to present to county politicians

practical economic justifications for exempting the project from cost-

prohibitive fees by citing significant losses of jobs and sales tax

revenue over a 20-year period, winning approval to proceed under the old

fee schedule

< Secured unanimous approval from city council for rezoning for a new 40-

acre center development project, after giving presentations and

cultivating approval from 10 different homeowner groups over six months

to build a base of support to move council to approval

< Collaborated with architect and engineer to save construction costs

through creative design modifications, saving $2 million in construction

and legal costs as well as significant time on a 20-acre project going

over budget without impacting margins or first-class design, applying the

value engineering techniques to creative redesign of all future projects

< Managing only the second project in career before age 30, achieved a 100%

greater-than-expect profit return on a $120 million project in a joint

venture with a $4 billion REIT, collaborating with the former's president

to successfully develop and complete an 800,000 square feet shopping

center in a 10-year project

< Saved a $5 million essential land deal for a $40 million project through

persistent, affable, trust-building negotiations with an unsophisticated

land owner who had threatened to terminate the deal

< Designed and implemented a project tracking system that dramatically cut

expenses and saved at least 50% in conference time, while seriously

reducing chronic problems with lost data, delays in progress, and

mismanagement that all contributed to rising costs, giving across-the-

board access through company mainframe

Core Competencies

. Project Management

. Comprehensive project budgets, budget systems, scheduling

. Cash flow projections and models

. Bids & Proposals

. Site selection

. Purchase & lease negotiations

. Joint Venture agreements

. Accounting & finance management

. Construction & design management

. Repayment agreements

. Market mapping tools

. Due diligence (land title, soils, zoning, and utilities)

. Government applications and relationship building

. Zoning

. Budget creation / research and variances

. Market research under different requirements / needs

. Demographic/traffic data and mapping analysis

. Marketing collateral

. Tracking systems

Career History

Barclay Group, Phoenix, Arizona 1995 - 2009

Vice President, Development, 2005 - 2009

Project Manager / Leasing, 1999 - 2004

Associate Project Manager / Leasing Agent, 1995 - 1998

Education & Development

BS with a double major in Real Estate and Finance at Arizona State


State of Arizona Real Estate License

Completed Projects Developed

Total Value Project Managed / Leased: $578 Million

Total GLA of Projects Managed / Leased: 3.15 Million Square Feet

Peoria Crossings: 850,000 sq. ft center ( Value $120 Million

Tenants: Target, Kohl's, Ross, Petco, Office Max, Michael's, Dress Barn,

Anna's Linens, Applebee's.

Pecan Promenade: 475,000 sq. ft. center ( Value $85 Million

Tenants: Target, Ross, Dollar Tree, Kirkland's, Payless Shoes, JP Morgan,

Fashion Bug.

Mountainside Crossing: 80,000 sq. ft. center ( Value $35 Million

Tenants: Mountainside Fitness, CVS, JP Morgan, Jack in the Box, Taco bell,

Checker Auto, Discount Tire, Panda Express.

Prescott Depot Marketplace (leasing): 175,000 sq. ft center ( Value $40


Tenants: Albertson, Walgreen's, Staples, Kinko's.

Maricopa Marketplace: 200,000 sq. ft. center ( Value $30 Million.

Tenants: Fry's Food & Drug, Wells Fargo, Jack in the Box, Pizza Hut, EZ


Oro Valley Plaza: 85,000 sq. ft. ( Value $25 Million.

Tenants: Albertson's (redesigned and re-leased to Sports Authority),


Laveen Commons: 600,000 sq. ft. ( Value $105 Million

Tenants: Target

Gantzel Marketplace: 170,000 sq. ft. ( Value $25 Million

Tenants: Fry's Food & Drug, Burger King, JP Morgan, KFC, shops

Magic Ranch: Size 175,000 sq. ft. ( Value $25 Million

Tenants: Fry's Food & Drug

Thornydale Marketplace (leasing): Size 80,000 sq. ft. ( Value $15 Million

Tenants: Safeway & Shops

Broadway Plaza (leasing): 75,000 sq. ft. ( Value $15 Million

Tenants: Safeway & Shops

Union Hills Place (leasing): 100,000 sq. ft. ( Value $35 Million

Tenants; Fry's, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Shops

Walgreen's: 20,000 sq. ft. ( Value $5 Million

Tenants: KFC

Walgreen's: 40,000 sq. ft. ( Value $10 Million

Tenants: McDonalds, Shops, DM Credit Union

(2) Walgreen's: 28,000 sq. ft. ( Value $8 Million

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