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Engineer Design

Dayton, Ohio, 45420, United States
May 24, 2010

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. An Engineer position in RF/Microwave related industry, with a company

that has room for growth and rewards dedicated employees.


. 6 years experience in RF/Microwave Components, Circuits, Antennas,

Electromagnetic(EM) Simulation.

. A Ph.D. degree from an accredited university with excellent academic


. Proficient in using mainstream Electromagnetic(EM) and Circuit simulation

software such as HFSS, Microwave Office (AWR), Feko, Cadence, Sonnet, NEC.

. Extensive Hands-on Experienced with Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer,

Microprobe Station, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Lock-in Amplifier,

Multimeter, and other instruments.

. Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Microsoft Visio.

. Excellent communication skills and experience in mentoring peers in work-

related environment.

. Demonstrated ability to work effectively within a team or individual

environment, and Self-motivated.

. Extensive experience in writing and reviewing technical reports and


. Bilingual: Fluent English and Mandarin.


. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

GPA: 3.98 Graduation date: 08/2009

. M.S. in Electrical Engineering University of Dayton, Dayton, OH GPA:

4.0 Graduation date: 12/2005

. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Harbin Engineering University, China

GPA: 3.7 Graduation date: 07/2003


Research Associate Microwave Electronics Laboratory, University of

Dayton 01/10-present

. Team Leader in research and development tunable multi-resonator wireless

sensor using sapphire and ferroelectric BST thin film technology.

. Develop Ultra Wide Band (UWB) antennas with compact size and integrated

with resonator.

. Design Ultra Wide Band Slot Spiral Antenna fed using Co-planar


Electronics Engineer Vibratess LLC. 09/09-12/09

. Test and validate the Millimeter Wave Terahertz System suitable for

characterizing biological samples and medical sensor with high output

power and SNR, broad bandwidth.

Research Assistant Microwave Electronics Laboratory, University of

Dayton 01/04-08/09

. Design and test microstrip and interdigital RF filters using schematic

and EM simulations tools.

. Design and test tunable RF filters using ferroelectric BST thin film

varactor technology (CPW and microstrip structures).

. Design, test and validate the ferroelectric BST thin film varactor.

. Design and validate frequency tunable microstrip patch antenna suitable

for mobile or portable wireless communication system using ferroelectric

BST thin film varactor technology and Microwave phase shifter.

. Design and analyze beam steering performance of phase-shifterless array

using coupled oscillators.

. Develop and validate the prototype of novel broadband microstrip leaky

wave antenna with inhomogeneous substrate.

. Validate performance of antenna prototypes, such as gain, radiation

pattern and return loss.

Laboratory Instructor University of Dayton 01/08-05/08

. Instructed ten undergraduate students building electronic devices and

circuits in laboratory, including full wave rectifier and amplifiers.

. Helped with troubleshooting of experiments.

Internship Harbin Communication Company, China

Summer, 2002

Supported departmental engineers in maintenance of ADSL communication

system and troubleshooting to the communication equipment DSLAM.


. Proficient in using Matlab, Microwave Office (AWR), HFSS, C, FORTRAN,

Cadence Virtuoso, Multisim, PSPICE, Sonnet, Microsoft Office, SigmaPlot,


. Familiar with ADS, Simulink (Matlab), Protel99, Assembly.


. RF Circuits

. Designed L/S band RF Filters, a tuned CMOS Square Law Mixer, and

Negative Resistance Oscillators, CMOS Op-amps, and a four Bit Flash Analog

to Digital Converter (ADC) using Cadence Virtuoso.

. Digital Signal Processing

. Designed a training-based channel equalizer via LMS algorithm and

implement it in the digital communication system in Matlab.

. Design, implement a narrow double notch filter (IIR) to remove two

undesired tones from an audio signal

. Design and implement digital 5 channel equalizer (FIR) for audio signals

in Matlab.

. Control System

. Designed and Implement the nonlinear controller by Matlab Simulink and

dSapce Platform for Quanser plant SRV-02.

. I-O feed back linearization for tracking reference signals, Slide mode

Controller, Lyapunov theory.


. English Speaking Union (ESU) Travel-Study Grant 2009

. Dayton Area Graduate Studies Competitive Scholarship for three years from

2006 to 2008

. Graduate Summer Fellowship of University of Dayton, 2007, 2008, 2009

. 2nd Place Winner of 2009 IEEE Student Paper Contest in Dayton Section

. Marvin Mumma Memorial Scholarship at University of Dayton (OH), 2004

. President of Chinese Student and Scholar Association of University of

Dayton, 2004


. Hai Jiang, Robert Penno, Krishna Pasala, Leo Kempel, and Stephan

Schneider "Broadband Microstrip Leaky Wave Antenna with Inhomogeneous

Materials", in IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., vol. 57, no. 5, pp. 1557-1560,

May 2009.

. Hai Jiang, Raul Ordonez and Robert Penno "Analysis of Synchronized

Coupled Oscillators with Application to Radar Beam Scanning", in Control

Engineering Practice (Elsevier), accepted for publication.

. Hai Jiang, and Robert Penno "Effects of Amplitude Dynamics on Beam

Steering and Shaping in Coupled Oscillator Array", in IEEE Antennas

Wireless Propagat. Lett., accepted for publication.

. Hai Jiang, Mark Patterson, Chenhao Zhang, and Guru Subramanyam "Frequency

Agile Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Ferroelectric Thin Film Varactor

Technology", Proc. IEEE AP-S Int. Symp. Dig., Charleston SC, June, 2009

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