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Development Medical

8824, United States
May 29, 2010

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********* ****, Ph. D.

** *** ****, ******* ****, NJ 08824

Cell: (908)-***-****


Visa status - Naturalized citizen


Peptidel/organic chemist position involving work in Product Development,

Process Research, and/or Product Scale-up.


. Drug/radionuclide-Peptide-linker-antibody conjugates to target breast

and prostate tumors

. Focused peptide libraries targeting GRP, LHRH, KDR and VEGF receptors,

synthesis of macrocycle-peptide conjugates

. Parallel synthesis of small molecules as antagonists for Integrin and

Sphingosine receptors

. Derivatized small molecules and peptides to carry radioactive tracers

. Synthesis of peptide-PEG-phospholipid conjugates

. Analogs of Ribavirin and other nucleosides, nucleotides and UDP-


. Synthesis of natural products

. Experienced in running automated peptide synthesizers [Sonata,

Symphony, ABI and ACT 496, Endeavor 90]

. Routinely use 500 MHz NMR, MS, LC-MS, GC-MS, ELSD, UV-Vis; IR and

other analytical instruments

. Experienced in automated purification using Biotage and HPLC

instruments, ion-exchange and GPC chromatography


. Developed BMS181732 that resulted in preliminary clinical trials to

image hypoxia.

. Focused library synthesis resulted in B23750 for diagnosis and

treatment of Prostate tumors (currently in clinical trials).

. Method development, Scale-up(10-15.0g, >98% purity), identification of

metabolic products and their structure elucidation using LC/MS and

verification by synthesis of authentic samples (B23750 development)

. A peptide dimer consisting of 38+ amino acids as agonist for Fibrin


. Recently, systematic medicinal chemistry approach yielded a S1P2

receptor antagonist (BRU-3513) that is being considered for further


. Another SAR study has identified a lead antagonist (small molecule;

BRU-3386) for ?5?1 receptor.


OSU Medical Center for Cancer Translational Research - Research Associate


Synthesis drug- peptides-linker-antibodyconjugates directed towards

the Breast and Prostate tumor receptors

Bracco Research USA, Princeton, NJ - Research Fellow


. Synthesis of small molecules (mainly heterocyclic compounds for

Sphingosine, ?5?1 and KDR receptors), peptidomimetics, peptide-PEG-

phospholipid conjugates (Fibrin binding molecules), peptide libraries

for LHRH, KDR, GRP and VEGF receptors, ligands to complex metals

(diagnosis and treatment of tumors).

. Responsible for analytical & preparative HPLCs and other instruments

used in the organic chemistry lab.

Bristol Myers Squibb Diagnostics, Princeton, NJ- Senior Research

Investigator (04/1989-07/1994)

. Synthesis of ligands to complex Tc, Gd and Lu and derivatized small

molecules to carry radioactive tracers like I125

and F18

Nucleic Acid Research Institute, Costa Mesa, CA-Research Chemist


. Synthetic of analogs of natural nucleosides, nucleotides and UDP-


Publications and Patents (selected):

1) "In Vitro and in Vivo Metabolism of Lu-AMBA, a GRP-Receptor Binding

Compound, and the Synthesis and Characterization of Its Metabolites",

Linder, Karen E.; Metcalfe, Edmund; Arunachalam, Thangavel; Chen, Jianqing;

Eaton, Stephen M.; Feng, Weiwei; Fan, Hong; ****, *********; Cagnolini,

Aldo; Lantry, Laura E.; Nunn, Adrian D.; Swenson, Rolf E., Bioconjugate

Chemistry (2009), 20(6), 1171-1178

2) "LHRH-II Analogs Design: Structure-Function Studies Toward the

Development of a LHRH-II Based Radiotherapeutic Agent", P. Nanjappan, S.

Kudha Khurana, K. E. Linder, N. ****, a. D. Nunn, E. M. Marinelli, B.

Narayanan and R. Swenson, Proceedings of the 21st American Peptide

Symposium, American Peptide Society, 2009, 330-331.

3) "Tuftsin Binds Neuropilin-1 through a Sequence Similar to That Encoded

by Exon 8 of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor", von Wronski, Mathew A.;

****, *********; Pillai, Radhakrishna; Bogdan, Nancy J.; Marinelli, Edmund

R.; Nanjappan, Palaniappa; Ramalingam, Kondareddiar; Arunachalam,

Thangavel; Eaton, Steve; Linder, Karen E.; Yan, Feng; Pochon, Sibylle;

Tweedle, Michael F.; Nunn, Adrian D., Journal of Biological Chemistry

(2006), 281(9), 5702-5710.

4) "A new dendrimer scaffold for preparing dimers or tetramers of

biologically active molecules". ****, *********; Ranganathan, Rama S.;

Tweedle, Mike F.; Swenson, Rolf E. Tetrahedron Letters (2005), 46(9),


5) "An efficient regioselective synthesis of substituted purine analogs of

guanosine and inosine". ****, *********; Robins, Roland K.; Vaghefi,

Morteza M., Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications


(22), 1769-70.

6) "A short,three-component total synthesis of 12-hydroxyeicosa-

5,8,14(Z),10(E)-tetraenoic acid (12-HETE) via the corresponding ketone",

Corey, E. J.; Kyler, Keith; ****, *********. Tetrahedron Letters (1984),

25(45), 5115-18.

7) US-2009-0175786-A1 - Gastrin Releasing Peptide Compounds

8) US-2007-0077197-A1 - Metal Complexes Derivatized With Folate For Use In

Diagnostic And Therapeutic Applications

9) US -2006-0258566A1 - Compounds targeting endothelial cells, composition

containing the same and methods for their use

Co-author of 24 publications and 17 patents and 4 more patents are being

submitted (list available on request).


1) Dr. Rolf Swenson (609)-***-****

Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Bracco Research, USA


2) Dr. Adrian Nunn (609)-***-****

President of Research

Bracco Research, USA


3) Dr. Michael Tweedle (614-***-****)

Professor and Stefanie Spielman Chair in Cancer Imaging

Ohio State University Medical School


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