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Development Medical

8824, United States
May 29, 2010

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Natarajan Raju, Ph. D.

** *** ****, ******* ****, NJ 08824

Cell: (908)-***-****

Visa status - Naturalized citizen


Peptidel/organic chemist position involving work in Product Development,

Process Research, and/or Product Scale-up.


. Drug/radionuclide-Peptide-linker-antibody conjugates to target breast

and prostate tumors

. Focused peptide libraries targeting GRP, LHRH, KDR and VEGF receptors,

synthesis of macrocycle-peptide conjugates

. Parallel synthesis of small molecules as antagonists for Integrin and

Sphingosine receptors

. Derivatized small molecules and peptides to carry radioactive tracers

. Synthesis of peptide-PEG-phospholipid conjugates

. Analogs of Ribavirin and other nucleosides, nucleotides and UDP-


. Synthesis of natural products

. Experienced in running automated peptide synthesizers [Sonata,

Symphony, ABI and ACT 496, Endeavor 90]

. Routinely use 500 MHz NMR, MS, LC-MS, GC-MS, ELSD, UV-Vis; IR and

other analytical instruments

. Experienced in automated purification using Biotage and HPLC

instruments, ion-exchange and GPC chromatography


. Developed BMS181732 that resulted in preliminary clinical trials to

image hypoxia.

. Focused library synthesis resulted in B23750 for diagnosis and

treatment of Prostate tumors (currently in clinical trials).

. Method development, Scale-up(10-15.0g, >98% purity), identification of

metabolic products and their structure elucidation using LC/MS and

verification by synthesis of authentic samples (B23750 development)

. A peptide dimer consisting of 38+ amino acids as agonist for Fibrin


. Recently, systematic medicinal chemistry approach yielded a S1P2

receptor antagonist (BRU-3513) that is being considered for further


. Another SAR study has identified a lead antagonist (small molecule;

BRU-3386) for ?5?1 receptor.


OSU Medical Center for Cancer Translational Research - Research Associate


Synthesis drug- peptides-linker-antibodyconjugates directed towards

the Breast and Prostate tumor receptors

Bracco Research USA, Princeton, NJ - Research Fellow


. Synthesis of small molecules (mainly heterocyclic compounds for

Sphingosine, ?5?1 and KDR receptors), peptidomimetics, peptide-PEG-

phospholipid conjugates (Fibrin binding molecules), peptide libraries

for LHRH, KDR, GRP and VEGF receptors, ligands to complex metals

(diagnosis and treatment of tumors).

. Responsible for analytical & preparative HPLCs and other instruments

used in the organic chemistry lab.

Bristol Myers Squibb Diagnostics, Princeton, NJ- Senior Research

Investigator (04/1989-07/1994)

. Synthesis of ligands to complex Tc, Gd and Lu and derivatized small

molecules to carry radioactive tracers like I125

and F18

Nucleic Acid Research Institute, Costa Mesa, CA-Research Chemist


. Synthetic of analogs of natural nucleosides, nucleotides and UDP-


Publications and Patents (selected):

1) "In Vitro and in Vivo Metabolism of Lu-AMBA, a GRP-Receptor Binding

Compound, and the Synthesis and Characterization of Its Metabolites",

Linder, Karen E.; Metcalfe, Edmund; Arunachalam, Thangavel; Chen, Jianqing;

Eaton, Stephen M.; Feng, Weiwei; Fan, Hong; Raju, Natarajan; Cagnolini,

Aldo; Lantry, Laura E.; Nunn, Adrian D.; Swenson, Rolf E., Bioconjugate

Chemistry (2009), 20(6), 1171-1178

2) "LHRH-II Analogs Design: Structure-Function Studies Toward the

Development of a LHRH-II Based Radiotherapeutic Agent", P. Nanjappan, S.

Kudha Khurana, K. E. Linder, N. Raju, a. D. Nunn, E. M. Marinelli, B.

Narayanan and R. Swenson, Proceedings of the 21st American Peptide

Symposium, American Peptide Society, 2009, 330-331.

3) "Tuftsin Binds Neuropilin-1 through a Sequence Similar to That Encoded

by Exon 8 of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor", von Wronski, Mathew A.;

Raju, Natarajan; Pillai, Radhakrishna; Bogdan, Nancy J.; Marinelli, Edmund

R.; Nanjappan, Palaniappa; Ramalingam, Kondareddiar; Arunachalam,

Thangavel; Eaton, Steve; Linder, Karen E.; Yan, Feng; Pochon, Sibylle;

Tweedle, Michael F.; Nunn, Adrian D., Journal of Biological Chemistry

(2006), 281(9), 5702-5710.

4) "A new dendrimer scaffold for preparing dimers or tetramers of

biologically active molecules". Raju, Natarajan; Ranganathan, Rama S.;

Tweedle, Mike F.; Swenson, Rolf E. Tetrahedron Letters (2005), 46(9),


5) "An efficient regioselective synthesis of substituted purine analogs of

guanosine and inosine". Raju, Natarajan; Robins, Roland K.; Vaghefi,

Morteza M., Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications


(22), 1769-70.

6) "A short,three-component total synthesis of 12-hydroxyeicosa-

5,8,14(Z),10(E)-tetraenoic acid (12-HETE) via the corresponding ketone",

Corey, E. J.; Kyler, Keith; Raju, Natarajan. Tetrahedron Letters (1984),

25(45), 5115-18.

7) US-2009-0175786-A1 - Gastrin Releasing Peptide Compounds

8) US-2007-0077197-A1 - Metal Complexes Derivatized With Folate For Use In

Diagnostic And Therapeutic Applications

9) US -2006-0258566A1 - Compounds targeting endothelial cells, composition

containing the same and methods for their use

Co-author of 24 publications and 17 patents and 4 more patents are being

submitted (list available on request).


1) Dr. Rolf Swenson (609)-***-****

Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Bracco Research, USA

2) Dr. Adrian Nunn (609)-***-****

President of Research

Bracco Research, USA

3) Dr. Michael Tweedle (614-***-****)

Professor and Stefanie Spielman Chair in Cancer Imaging

Ohio State University Medical School

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