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Manager Management

8830, United States
May 26, 2010

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(732) *** **** or (732) *** **** & (hm)

Dear Sirs,

In response to your broadcast for a tax professional, my resume is attached

and the following provides some additional info.

Clearly, I am a fully qualified candidate, worthy of consideration to any

company interested in lowering costs and effective rate, increasing cash

flows and perhaps most importantly, having an involved yet "no surprises"

tax function.

Accompanying exceptionally notable academic achievements, I have direct

hands on experience with most all areas of domestic Corporate Taxation.

These include tax statement reporting (including SEC), audits, planning,

department development/management, compliance, strategy and problem

resolution. I would stress that I consider myself a finance person first,

who uses his tax expertise as a vehicle to contribute.

Although much of my recent endeavors involve Federal Tax and reporting

matters, (including the important FAS 109, FIN 48, Sarbane Oxley controls

and other timely developments), I previously established myself as an

expert in State & Local tax matters, including Income/Franchise, Sales &

Use, Property and other regulatory requirements.

After winding up the affairs of Fedders Corporation as VP of Tax and part

of its bankruptcy team, I accepted a position with a large, (financially

troubled) mortgage REIT in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Recently that company

announced discontinuing operations and liquidating (in bankruptcy). My

residence in NJ was sold (and I am now in interim living arrangements

there). This makes my relocation to anyplace, not only exceedingly easy

but required, while logically on hold until starting my next position. As

everything is already in storage at a moving company, it really makes

little difference where I ask it be delivered and I am fully prepared to

handle those logistics.

I would also consider non-permanent or more consultant types of positions

most anywhere, perhaps applying my many years of bankruptcy/reorganization

experience. I may be reached temporarily at (732) ***-****.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jeffrey K. Heller


732-***-**** ( ( 732-***-****



Multi-Million Cost Reductions ( Increased Profitability ( Autonomous

Proactive Tax Leadership

Accomplished, unique financial professional / tax strategist with history

of leveraging tax function to create new opportunities for entities

spanning a broad range of industries and operations. Expertise covers all

aspects of corporate tax leadership, including Federal consolidated tax

requirements, multi-state / local, income / franchise, sales & use, and


Hands-on leader, proficient at directing tax accounting, compliance, and

operations functions. Resourceful problem solver with demonstrated talent

for anticipating needs and providing innovative, pragmatic solutions and

efficient implementation of policies, procedures, and directives.

Exceptionally skilled communicator with proven ability to build and

maintain effective relationships with external auditors, government

agencies, and all levels of internal functions.

Selected Achievements

> Recognized alternative method and produced hundreds of amended pro-

forma returns to file as a consolidated group, which eliminated the

profit / taxable separate entities before State liability to establish

a multi-million dollar savings/refund claim.

> Helped save estimated millions by contributing to reorganization of

group's capital & debt structure, so lower-tier profit entity could

utilize expense separately.

> Received national / IRS approval to change accounting handling on

UNICAP calc. to achieve favorable adjustment.

> Repeatedly re-defined fixed asset system to support long-term

reductions in several business and property taxes.

> Accurately managed FAS 109 obligations, including SEC footnote, in a

timely manner, and established it as a systemic part of processes.

> Consistently resolved audit assessments well below previous findings,

or as anticipated by reserves. Resolved Federal audits with no


> Established Internal Control / SOX Compliance with no deficiencies.

Areas of Expertise

( State & Local Tax Management ( Transactional Structuring / Reporting (

FAS 109 / Fin 48 / SOX

( Financial / SEC Reporting ( Research Planning ( Audit / Litigation


( Regulatory Compliance / Filing ( Process Improvements ( Systems


( Operations / Staff Management ( Strategic Leadership ( Change / RIF


( Federal Consolidated Tax ( Technical Acumen ( Master Accounting


THORNBURG MORTGAGE (Co.dissolving/Bankrupt) Santa Fe, NM

40 billion dollar NYSE traded REIT, with investment, management and

originations of qualified investments.

Vice President of Taxes 2008 to 2009

> In control of maintaining preferred corporate and stakeholder special

tax preference, all compliance, (including forecasting and performing

income and asset tests), during an uncommon financial/mortgage market

requiring re-capitalization and restructures. This company has

announced its intent to discontinue operations and liquidate by


THE FEDDERS COMPANIES (Co.dissolved by Bankruptcy) Liberty Corner, NJ

Major international designer/maker/distributor of air control products.

Vice President of Taxes 2007 to 2008

> Handling tax affairs (compliance, reporting, audit and problem

resolution) of all types, for many concerned and involved parties,

during a period of exceptional challenge, change and demand, as

company sold foreign and US entities, restructured all financial and

operational areas and fully dissolved consolidated operations under

Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Consolidated Forbes 400, NYSE-listed, industry-leading group with a wide

range of Regulated Utility and affiliated operations

Manager of Corporate Taxation 7 / 2000 to 11 / 2006

> Established and maintained the quickly growing tax function in a

dynamic, highly profitable, and progressive environment.

> Created and delivered Management, SEC, IRS, Jurisdictional and State

regulatory (Board of Public Utilities) reports to achieve superior tax


> Established tax function's Sarbanes-Oxley (404) and Internal Control

Compliance for an SEC reporting organization.

> Actively managed FAS 109 and reportable transaction disclosure,

provisions, and reserves.

> Implemented and oversaw systems to maintain current and deferred tax


> Effectively handled bonus depreciation and Nexus disputes.

> Conducted corporate structure / transaction analysis and developed

systems to address anticipated Company needs.

> Lobbied legislation and controlled all aspects of Federal compliance,

accounting & planning, audits, and litigation management.

PAINE WEBBER CORPORATION (Co. merged out of existence) Weehawken, NJ

$450B financial services broker /dealer

Assistant Vice President - Taxes 1999 to 2000

> Recruited from consultant status to resolve pressing research and

compliance concerns before merger with United Bank of Switzerland



Fort Lee, NJ

Nationwide wireless telecommunications company

Manager of Tax Research, Planning & Audits 1 / 1998 to 10 / 1999

> Joined company as key member of reorganization team during Chapter 11

bankruptcy; successfully protected creditor assets while resolving

problems and restoring sound financial and operational footing to

achieve a successful sale / merger.

THE GRAND UNION COMPANY (Co. dissolved after several bankruptcies)

Wayne, NJ

Super-regional supermarket conglomerate (including manufacturing,

transportation, real estate, and retail) with $6B in sales

Manager of Corporate Taxation 1992 to 1997

> Held responsibility for all forms of state & local taxes including

personnel management, regulatory compliance, research, planning, and

auditing a wide spectrum of taxes and functions, nationally and in US

protectorates / Canada.

> Personally oversaw tax needs for several Chapter 11 filings; conducted

creditor audits and reporting to satisfy courts and business partners,

and led operational, financial, and structural initiatives.

> Leveraged personnel management skills to meet increased tax needs

while streamlining tax organization by constantly reducing staff to

save costs.

STEINBACH, INC. (Co. closed/liquidated) Bridgeport, CT

50-store, multi-state, big-box retailer

Manager of Corporate Taxation 1989 to 1992

> Personally established Tax Department and implemented automation /

computerization to achieve virtual elimination of "big 6" oversight

and fees.

> Held full responsibility for federal, state, local, and corporate

income tax reporting, strategy, and budgets.

> Oversaw payroll, 941, and filings including year-end.


Master of Arts ? Accountancy and Taxation

Rutgers University (2000)

Master of Science ? Management and Finance

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1992)

Bachelor of Science ? Business

Charter Oak College (1989)

Officer and Leader ? Tax Executives Institute

Active participant in numerous professional courses in Tax, Accounting, and


Adjunct Professor of University Tax and Accounting Courses

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