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Manager Sales

Mooresville, North Carolina, 28117, United States
May 23, 2010

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*** ******** ****, *********** **. 28117

Tel: (704) ***-****

• Proven ability to develop and execute business strategies that consistently

p roduce results that exceed expectations

• Steady and unswerving leadership in t imes of growth and challenging

economic environments

• Extensive experience in all aspects of retail leadership; operation,

merchandising and shared service functions. (Including store designs and


• Strong t rack record of converting difficult situations into models of retail


• Exceptional business savvy to improve profit margins and strengthen

employee and customer loyalty

DEL HA IZE GROUP - FOOD L ION; Charlotte, North Carolina 2006 - Present

A retail grocery chain with 1,300 stores in 11 Southeast and M id-Atlantic states

Market Vice President

Responsible for all aspects of a multi-billion dollars retail operations with five

regions, 22 districts, 267 stores and 17,000 associates in total. Oversee key

leadership including Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, Loss

P revention Manager, Merchandising Manager, as well as all retail operational

positions for all five regions.

• Implemented a holistic structural / functional reorganizational t ransition

f rom simply an executional model; to one of t rue business owners without any

i nterruption of on-going business

• Increased i tems per customer t ransaction in a contracting economic


• Successfully defended market share despite increased Supercenter

competition and a deflationary climate.

• Developed process and structure to maintain cost benefits of large economy of

scale while simultaneously allowing for local relevant i tems and strategies to

come to life

V ice President of Operations

Responsible for four Directors who insured all the responsibilities outlined below, in

addition to execution strategies, crafted expansion and acquisition for new and

existing markets, in addition to a total staff of over 14,000. Represented and placed

demand on the Corporate Office to meet the needs of the regions the customers I

represented. Played a pivotal part in the expansion of the VPO role, which was

p rimarily executional in nature, into more expansive function of a general manager


• Led a successful tu rnaround in a previously underperforming new market

entry in the "Upstate" of South Carolina.

• Devised and implemented strategy for the future new market entry (North


• Increased net income by 8%.

Di rector of Operations

Responsible for daily development and execution of sales, profit goals, operations,

i nventory management, as well as the selection, support and advisor for a staff of

3,500 within 70 stores, encompassing 3 states within the Continental United States.

• Increased Sales by 4% and overall profitability by 12% over expectations.

• In t roduced locally relevant i tems for customers that enhanced Food Lion's

" local neighbourhood grocer image."

• Demonstrated that I could effectively manage mult iple locations on a large

scale, install support and garner change within a more complex environment

w ithin a short amount of time, thus allowing me the opportunity to become a

D ivisional Vice President within 7 months.

SUPERVALU; bigg's Cincinnati, Ohio 1984 - 2006

A retail grocery enterprise with 2,500 stores and a wide Food Distribution business

Vice President Non-Food Merchandising; 2003 - 2006

Responsible for all merchandising, marketing, procurement, replenishment and

logistics, as well as leading a staff of 20 merchandisers supporting bigg's

H ypermarkets and Food Stores for all Non-Food products (Hardlines, Softlines,

H BA,) in Ohio, Indiana, Colorado and Kentucky.

• Increased sales by 400 basis points in a negative sales environment (Banner

was declining at a rate of 8% SSS)

• Improved gross margin by 200 basis points while maintaining strong

consumer price perception through the implementation of strategic price

modeling Developed "Home Town" product line strategy to enhance local

b rand image.

• Designed a new Lifestyle Store Format for Supercenters, including

merchandising programs, product adjacencies and plan-o-grams

A dministered organizational budgeting and capital expenditure planning

Di rector of H R/Retail Operations; 2000 - 2003

Responsible for all bigg's Hypermarkets and Food Stores in Ohio, Indiana, Colorado

and Kentucky, including store management and staff of 2,500 employees serving

250,000 customers per week at Supercenters averaging 220,000 square feet and food

s tores averaging 70,000 square feet.

• Among the Supervalu's 9 Corporate banners, bigg's consistently delivered the

best payroll percent and lowest benefits cost to payroll ratio.

• Scored nationally in the top 3% of companies surveyed for producing highly

engaged employees resulting in lower turnover than industry average

• Achieved lowest shrink as a percent of sales of any banner in the Supervalu


• Designed and implemented a tui tion assistance plan and a performance

based compensation program, which included profit sharing

• Despite many organized and targeted Union campaigns, maintained a Union-

free organization, which still exists today


Master of Science in Organizational Leadership;

College of M t. Saint Joseph; Cincinnati, Ohio

Bachelor of Ar ts, Business Administration

Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio

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