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Assistant Engineering

San Diego, California, 92129, United States
January 19, 2011

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Narayanan Srinivasan

*****, ********* *****,

San Diego, California-92129.

Phone: 330-***-****


I have started my OPT in the second week of December and I am legally available for work.

• Education:

2010 PhD, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,

University of Akron, OH.

GPA: 3.4

Dissertation: Pretreatment of Guayule biomass using supercritical

CO2 based method for use as fermentation feedstock.

Advisor: Dr. Lu-Kwang Ju (Chair)

2006 Bachelor of Technology, Central Electrochemical Research Institute,

CECRI, Karaikudi, India.

Degree awarded by Anna University, Chennai, India.

GPA: 7.85/10 (First Class).

• Research Project (Graduate Level):

1. Developing various pretreatment techniques for

evaluation of Guayule biomass as fermentation

feedstock such as for production of ethanol by yeasts.

2. Optimizing the process conditions for the Supercritical

CO2 pretreatment process. (Minitab and SAS for Design

Of Experiments)

3. Ethanol Fermentation with yeast and Bacteria species

screening.(screening yeast species)

4. Delignification of the plant biomass using supercritical

carbon dioxide for use as fermentation feedstock.

5. Production and Recovery of cellulase enzyme after

production from a broth of the cellulolytic filamentous

fungi, Trichoderma reesei RUT C30 using foam


6. Studied the use of glycerol, a by-product of the biodiesel

production as raw material for synthesis of Polyols and

Bio-surfactants using yeast fermentation.

• Academic Projects (undergraduate level):-

1. In situ preparation of insoluble Ni electrode for


2. Study of physico-mechanical properties and

Impedanceanalysisofpigment Strontium Chromate.

3. Development of Sn based alloy anodes for Li batteries

using pulse plating.

• Publications and Patents:

1. Publications:

“Pretreatment of Guayule Biomass Using Supercritical CO2-Based Method”,

Narayanan Srinivasan and Lu-Kwang Ju, Accepted for publication. Bio resource

Technology. July 2010

Statistical parameter optimization of the Supercritical CO 2 based

pretreatment of Guayule Biomass, Narayanan Srinivasan and Lu-Kwang Ju,

Submitted to Biomass and Bioenergy.

Role of Solvents and Delignification of Guayule Biomass, Narayanan Srinivasan

and Lu-Kwang Ju, will be submitted to Biomass and Bioenergy.

Study of Ethanol Production by different yeasts and bacteria that assimilate

xylose, Narayanan Srinivasan and Lu-Kwang Ju, will be submitted to Bioresource


2. Pending Patents:

Production of Fungal Pellets.

Supercritical Methods for Biomass Pretreatment.

• Knowledge of Analytical Techniques:

o UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.

o High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

o Supercritical Extractor.

o Scanning Electron Microscope.

o X-ray Diffraction.

o Optical Microscope.

o Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer.

o Cell culture and bench top Fermenter operation (includes shake flasks also).

o Supercritical fluids (mainly CO2).

o PCR, Western Blot techniques.


• Presentations and Posters:

o Cell immobilization and biosurfactant-induced pellet formation as potential means to

retain Trichoderma reesei cells during in situ affinity foam fractionation for cellulase

collection. (Q. Zhang, C.-M. Lo, N. Srinivasan, L.-K. Ju) Fall 2008 ACS National

Meeting & Exposition, August 17 - 21, 2008, Philadelphia, PA.

o Supercritical CO2 Hydrolysis and Explosion as Pretreatment of Guayule Bagasse for

Fermentation Feedstock, 236th ACS National Meeting,Philadelphia, PA, August 17-

21, 2008.

o Supercritical CO2 Hydrolysis and Explosion as Pretreatment of Guayule Bagasse for

Fermentation Feedstock, Monday, August 10, 2009, 1st International Congress on

Sustainability Science and Engineering, Kingsgate Marriott Hote, Cincinnati,OH.

Student Poster Session.

• Computer Skills:

o Programming Languages: C, C++, BASIC and Visual Basic

o Applications: AutoCAD, ChemCAD and MS office.

o Minitab and SAS for Design Of Experiments

• Teaching Experience:

o Teaching Assistant for Material and Energy Balance (Fall 2006)

o Teaching Assistant for Chemical Engineering Tools (Fall 2007)

o Lab In-charge and Teaching Assistant for Chemical Engineering Lab (Spring


• Scholastic Records & Extracurricular Activities:

o Member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), student

chapter, The University of Akron, Ohio.

o Member of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) and American Chemical Society


o Student member of Society for Advancement in Electrochemical Science and Technology


o Active member of Electrochemical Technologists Association (ETA).

o Selected for NSF Travel Grant at the 1st ICOSSE, Kingsgate Marriott, Cincinatti.

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