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Manager Company

New York, New York, 10075, United States
March 02, 2011

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: A.A. (Bram) Hulsebos

Address: Fransche Bloemweg 16


The Netherlands Antilles

Tel: Cell:+599*-***-****


Date of Birth: December 29, 1961


A surely very experienced manager/entrepreneur with a strong focus on

solving problems or building opportunities. Creative and highly motivating

people. Hands-on and pragmatic.

Worked and lived around the globe, speaks 5 languages and gets the job


20 over year experience on executive level, managing director, CEO or


Management Experience:

2010-2011 CEO PAY IBA, Curacao, New York (USA)

Location: Curacao, Antilles, New York USA

Company: New bank brand, now ready for introduction

Assignment: Building company. Founder

Assignment type: Finance

2010-2011 CEO Primrose Capital, Curacao

Location: Curacao, Antilles, New York USA

Company: Venture Capital, stock exchange listings, Spin outs, fund


Assignment: Building company. Founder.

Assignment type: Finance

2007-2011 CEO HoverSmeight (Trust) NV, Curacao

Location: Curacao, Antilles, Santiago Chile, Sao Paolo Brazil

Company: HoverSmeight Trust, mainly client asset protection, tax


Assignment: Building company. (sold 50% 2010) Founder

Assignment type: Finance

2006-2008 CEO E-Trading House NV, Curacao

Location: Curacao, Antilles

Company: ETH NV, Providing offices, tax exempt status, offshore

companies, tax advice.

Assignment: Building Curacao (head) office.

Assignment type: Finance

2006- COO Global E-trading NV, Curacao, France, NL,


Location: Curacao, Antilles

Company: GET NV, B2B E-zone Internet Portal for Fresh produce Industry

Assignment: IPO (AIM London) preparation, new investors, (15) mergers and

acquisitions, COO operational tasks. Managing Director

Curacao+ Clearing+ Futures companies

Assignment type: INTERNET

2003-2005 CEO Toren Invest Holding, Netherlands, Belgium, UK

Location: The Netherlands, Belgium, UK

Company: Toren Invest, Holding company of 16 companies. 120.

Manufacturing of communication devices GSM/GPRS, satellite

communication. Tracking and tracing devices.

Assignment: Total shake up of all related companies. Complete

turnaround, new investors.

New strategy. New products. From loss position back in to

profit situation. Through UK interim cie.


2000 till 2002 Commercial Director EDS The Netherlands, USA

Location: the Netherlands, USA, UK

Company: EDS, worldwide 140.000 employees, NL 2000 empl..

Turnover Netherlands US$ 200 mln. NYSE rated. IT


Assignment: Change organization. Growed revenues. All disciplines.

Commercial policy.

Achieve new business opportunities with world top 500

companies. Boardroom level. Company management.

Assignment type: IT (OUTSOURCING)

Dec. 1999-June 2000 Interim COO Chief Operations Officer //hot-, NL

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Company: //, E-commerce first mover.(B2C)

Assignment: Start-up of the entire org.; all disciplines. In 5 months

from 3 to 60 empl..

Responsible for all managerial tasks except PR.

Turnover from zero to several millions. Interim.

Assignment type: indirect through Deloitte & Touche Interim



Aug. 1999-april 2000 Interim CEO KPNQwest Belgium SA

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Company: KPNQwest NV . Telephone Company. Stock exchange rated

Assignment: Migration and combining KPNQwest Belgium with KPN

Belgium.(Unisource) Migration Ping (Internet Service

Provider) to Planet Internet. Migration Eunet NV to KPN

Belgium. Ending Belgium organisation (120 empl.) also P/L

responsible. Guided through IPO.Turnover US$ 400 mln.

Complete shake up and 100% turnaround

Assignment type: indirect through KPMG Interim Management


Also: President ISPA ( Internet Service Providers Ass.)


1999 Interim manager Optimix N.V, NL

Location: Amsterdam NL

Company Optimix venture capital, private capital management.

Assignment Design of full commercial policy.

Assignment type: indirect through KPMG Interim Management


1998-1999 interim CEO van Dijk Studieboeken B.V., NL

Location: Kampen The Netherlands

Managing/commercial director

Company: Van Dijk Studieboeken. Turnover US$ 50 mln. 200.000 mail-

order customers 1200 empl. Bookstore/publishing study books

Assignment All Managing Director tasks. Change commercial policy.

Commercial strategy.

Turnover / profit increased by 50% net. Turnover P/L

responsibility. Assignment type: indirect through KPMG Interim Management


1997- 1998 interim manager Hagemeyer/ Freetime Outdoor Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, France

Company: Hagemeyer, trading company. Turnover fl. 15 billion.

Freetime daughter of Hagemeyer is world's largest supplier of

outdoor products. (US$ 100 mln TO). Stock exchange listed

Assignment: Change of commercial strategy of Freetime Outdoor in full

marketing and sales organization. (moved from B2B to B2C)

All MD tasks.

Complete new and central distribution warehouse, including

all automation.

12 new sales offices in Europe, Africa, Australia and


3 Brand introductions and 1 new product line.

Turnover, P/L and ROCE (ratio) responsibility.

Assignment type: TRADING

1996-1998 interim managing director Brunel/ Euromatch, NL

Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium)

Company Brunel, interim high educated personnel Turnover US$ 110

mln. Euromatch, Daughter company of Brunel. Interim non-

technical high educated personnel. (Multec technical

personnel) Turnover US$ 20 mln. Turnover/ profit

responsibility. Stock exchange listed

Assignment: All MD tasks. Preparation for stock exchange listing. (IPO


+ Member of Multec Management team.

Newly developed: Executive search. P/L resp.


1994-1996 CEO McDowell Dinx BV/SA, NL, Belgium, France

Location: Etten-Leur (Netherlands), Gent (Belgium)

Guise (France)

Company: Mail-order company in car-accessories

Newly build concept for mail ordering in car-accessories

Franchise construction.Own company.

Dealer network of 190 dealers.

Import of products. Own brand products.

Assignment: own company. Company sold to tire-importer.

1993-now consultant several companies NL, UK, USA, F

Shorter or longer period consultant in marketing, sales and/or


E.g. DeLuxe Inc. (NYSE rated) USA,UK, Sage Financial Software New Castle

(UK), Pegasus Software (F), Quadrant (King software) NL, Rekenmeester

(Accountview software) NL .

1993 commercial manager Exact Software NV

Location: Delft (The Netherlands)

Company: Exact Software financial and logistic software. Turnover

US$ 190 mln.

Assignment Restructuring and managing commercial department (200 man/


All aspects of commercial management .

Personnel motivation .Managing 1200 dealer network.

1987-1993 Managing director and owner of several companies in The

Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark

1987-1993 Advertising agency, MCP Parcelys', Groningen, Gouda,


1988-1993 Marketing agency, Atson Grand Ltd. Colchester UK.

1991-1993 50% of Maxi AS Copenhagen (DK)Advertising agency.

1991-1993 Holding, real estate.

1992-1993 Private Schools, 4 sub's Boerhave B.V. NL.

1992-1993 50% Aluex aluminum molding NL.

In 1993 sold all companies to Investment Company

1985-1987 marketing manager De Wit Instruments Roden NL

Company: De Wit produces instruments for pressure-, temperature-

and humidity control. Turnover fl 45 mln.

Established marketing department.

Introduced DTP.

from 1998-1999: consultant for Freetime.

from 1999-:2003 consultant/advisor advertising agency.

from 2000-2004: Member advisory Board +


from 2000-: consultant for informal investor

from 2000-2004: Shareholder //

from 1999-2000 President Internet Service Providers Ass. ISPA

from 2008-: Chairman of the board Mobile advertising company The


from 2008-: Member of advisory board USA internet E-commerce


1984-1985 Officer Military Counter Intelligence


1982-1983 State University Groningen

Business Administration Propadeuse 1983.

Dutch Law Propadeuse 1983.

1981-1982 Nijenrode, university for business administration


Fluent in Dutch and English, well in French and German and (very) basic


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