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411014, India
March 31, 2011

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N. LAKSHMIKISHORE / +91-955*******



To work in a professionally managed organization that utilizes my skills

and abilities as an effective Telecommunications test engineer


More than 7 years of experience in Telecommunications, primarily in

UMTS wireless network and product testing (both at Network Level and

Network Element (NodeB)) and Femto Cells

IELTS (General Training) overall band score - 7.5


. Expert knowledge on the WCDMA protocol stack and Femtocell

implementation -- (RRC/RLC/MAC) protocols and Layer 1

. Good Knowledge on LTE protocol stack and LTE architecture

. Good knowledge on the core network protocols - RANAP in particular.

. Good exposure to UE IOT

. Exposure to drive testing to simulate the real field scenarios using

tools like Agilent, TEMS.

. Hands-on experience on various protocol analyzers and tools like TEMS

Investigation, CAIT, QxDM, NETHAWK (M4 and M5), Tektronix G35,


. Working knowledge on simulators Ubinetics (for UE) and Catapult (for


. Worked on Alcatel-Lucent proprietary tools like the BSC Log file

analyzer, LAMP, PSAX, CDM.

. Has onsite working experience of 15 months in Germany (Alcatel-Lucent)

and the UK (ip.Access)


Working as a Systems Test Engineer, for Ip.Access (through QSG Resource

Management), Pune from September 2010

Worked as R&D Module Lead at Airvana networks, Bangalore from April 2009

till September 2010

Worked at Bangalore, as a Senior Software Engineer for Alcatel-Lucent

(former Lucent Technologies) from November 2005 till April 2009

Worked as a Project Engineer for Wipro Technologies from January 2004 to

November 2005



Location: IP Access Sytesm Test Labs at UK and Pune

Duration : September 2010 to till date

Role : Systems Test Engineer

. Worked in the systems test labs of IpAccess at Cambourne UK on various

OMCR and AP related features

. Actively participated on the analysis of AP and AC PM counter testing

and analysing several KPIs

. Worked on Automation rigs that were used to stress the load on AP with

continuous PS and CS sessions made successively

. CS Handovers and HSUPA throughput related test cases were executed as

part of release plan

. New features like the Cell Broadcast, Traffic Volumen Measurements and

Load control were also tested

. Documentation of test plans for SOHO8 AP, Co-siting of Nano8 and GSM

BTS, and IuH

. Train the newly joined candidates on the UMTS basics and the Ip.Access

network architecture

. Raised several bugs and enhancement requests to improve the

performance of the system


Location: Airvana Networks, Bangalore

Femtocell is a small cellular base station, typically designed for use in a

home or small business. It connects to the service provider's network via

broadband (such as DSL or cable). Airvana's femto cell solution is called

as FAP (Femto Access Point).

Duration: April 2009 to September 2010

Team Size: 6

Role: R&D Module Lead

. Understood the principles and implementation details of FemtoCells

. Worked on the IOT of various UEs used in the field from various

Vendors like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and several data cards

. Define the test strategy and assign work for the new team members

. Involve in the TR activity, and plan for the phase by phase execution

of several test plans for various features

. Testing for basic features viz., voice, video, SMS, MMS and PS


. Worked on the radio features in FAP like Intra/Inter Frequency

handovers, Cell reselection, Cell FACH implementation, 5th user


. Worked on the FAP OAM features like Remote Environment Monitoring for

the selection of UARFCN and PSC by FAP, Closed Access Control in FAP

and Home Zone Indication

. Throughput related test cases for various PS calls with different QoS

(R99 and HSXPA)

. IOT testing of UEs with various FAP hardware and software versions

. Understood the principles of TR-069 and IP Security functionalities

. Test plan documentation for Intra Frequency handover, Femto Home Zone

indication, RAB combinations and transitions supported by FAP

. Test plan documentation for various day to day scenarios and also for

some advanced scenarios including multi-rab tests, HSDPA and HSUPA

data transfer related, SMS and some rainy day scenarios etc

. Implementation of Iuh interface with the NSN GW

. Worked on the sanity testing of the various software releases and also

on the trunk loads that are released every day on a particular release

NodeB- ISS (SubSystem Integration) Testing

This project is about the product testing of Alcatel-Lucent's (ex-Nortel's)

UMTS base station (NodeB). The stability, capacity and quality of NodeB was

tested using simulators (Catapult for RNC, Ubinetics for UE)

Location: Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, Bangalore

Duration: July 2007 to till April 2009

Team Size: 18

Role: Senior Software Engineer

. Understood the Architecture of Nortel Base Station, the software

Architecture and the hardware topology

. Worked in the Endurance testing to test the NBAP Protocol for V6.0 by

using scripts like ENDURO, NUSCM, and STABILO for all customized

DCH/HSDPA/HSUPA scenarios.

. Executed automated test cases to test HSXPA and R99 calls

. Gained experience in RNC/NodeB simulator (Catapult) usage, UE

simulator (Ubinetics) usage.

. Hands-on knowledge of IMT (IBTS Maintenance Tool) usage. This tool

allows us to monitor, collect traces, understand and diagnose the root

cause of problems at a site without requiring technicians and

equipment to be brought on-site.

. Gained expertise in many other tools such as TIL-Local Installation

Terminal (tool is used for installation, testing, and maintaining the

BTS.), MDL-Mobile Data Logger (used to validate Ubinetics scripts),

Serial Tester (Automation tool used in the project)

. Worked at beginner level in scripting languages like Perl and Unix

. Configuration of the NodeB on the PSAX (E1 to Oc-3)

. Worked in the development of an RNC simulator (LAMP) and to automate

the test cases for regression

. Also part of the "Mentoring team" to educate the new joiners in the

team about UMTS and train them on the NodeB ISS project

UMTS-Network Level Testing

System field test group verifies the overall functionality of UMTS network.

It is a field like setup with all real elements (both UTRAN and CORE).

Several sets of test cases for different features included in each software

build are verified in the network before certifying the load.

Location: Lucent Technologies Nuremberg, Germany

Duration: March 2006 to June 2007

Team Size: 9

Role : Software Engineer

. Understood the concepts of Performance Measurements and initially

worked on that area, KPI calculations, counter measurements etc

. Worked on the Cross feature testing involving HSDPA and Multiple-PDP


. Worked single handedly on the 900MHz trial NodeB testing and provided

support for the field trial at the clients place

. Worked with tools like CAIT, QXDM, NETHAWK, TEMS, Tektronix K1297,

Weinschell electronic attenuator and the Lucent proprietary tool BSC

Log file Analyser.

. Monitor progress and co-ordinate on technical issues with customer.

Monitor alarms, performance, interfaces with other vendors and

customers, maintain issues list, daily reports preparation, and

participate in technical discussions with customer.

. Understand call flows very well, debug problems, understand and

analyze signaling traces, understand and analyze alarm logs etc

. Written test cases for different field-like scenarios and worked on

their execution

. Participated in the drive tests done as a part of Field testing in

Nuremberg using Qualcomm UEs (chipsets 6250, 6280, 7210)

. Also worked on the Installation, maintenance and upgrades of Lucent

RNCs and NodeBs

BSR-Network Level Testing

The BSR-Femto is a small cellular base station designed to be located

inside a building such as a home

(a house or an apartment), using a DSL connection to backhaul the traffic

into the operator's existing

UMTS network. The BSR bundles all of the UTRAN (RNC and Node B) and packet

core nodes (SGSN and GGSN) in one unit, and uses a supporting node (the BSR

gateway) to integrate into the existing 3G network easily

Location: Lucent Technologies Bangalore

Duration: November 2005 to February 2006

Role : Software engineer

Team size: 15

. Studied the functionalities of BSG (Base Station Gateway)

. Understood the concept of BSG and the implementation of it in the BSR

NLT level

. Understood the broad overview of the BSR project and of UMTS

. Presented the understandings for the team at Bangalore during the BSR

NLT ramping up process

. Worked on high level test cases involving BSG

. Worked on the functionalities of CGF and how CDRs are generated

. Worked on the Network level testing for the initial release of BSR

AIMS (Air Interface and Mobile Subscriber Simulator)

AIMS is a combination of software and hardware solution for control and

monitoring of mobile terminals providing an API for end-to-end- testing of

the switching network. AIMS is used for stability and load testing during

network I&V, and for regression testing during type acceptance and PLM. In

addition to the mobiles, AIMS also provides solution for fax and ISDN

terminals, and for fixed line phones. This tool is used basically to test

the GSM, GPRS and WCDMA Networks and End Terminals especially mobiles.

Development Environment : Erlang (OTP), C, C++, Linux

Client: SONY ERICSSON, Germany

Location: Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad

Role: Project Engineer

Duration: from January 2004 to June 2005

Team Size: 22

Roles & Responsibilities:

. Detailed study, design, development and sustenance of client server


. Detailed study of the Semiconductor Roaming Simulator module.

. Competency building for newly inducted team members on the project as

well as on the Telecom basics.

. Worked for the development of the feature - Group SMS

. Single-handed development of "configuration of Access Point Node",

"out of coverage mobile group management" and "Caller-Line

Identification Protocol" on the mobile GUI. Coding these features was

done in Erlang/C.

. Worked in the development of the feature - Video call

. Design document preparation for the inclusion of CDMA mobiles in AIMS

. Detailed study of CDMA AT commands using Kyocera 7135 mobile to

incorporate the technology in to the project

. Documentation of user guides, investigation reports, feasibility

analysis reports, unit testing and functional test cases documents

. Completed the installations of 5 out of 8 racks delivered.

Installations included cloning of the Linux PC, thorough functional

testing of all the modules with standard set of test cases and

qualifying the PC for software stability.


Telemetry: Design and development of Temperature measurement using remote


Duration: 6 months

Team size: 5

Role: worked as the team leader

The project is developed in a way to emphasize the use of modulation to

measure the physical parameters (for eg., temperature) without actually in

contact with the body under observation.

Other achievements

. IELTS overall band score - 7.5 (valid till April 2012)

. Wipro-Hallmark certified ISDN professional (Level 1) - Only one to be

certified out of 42 candidates across India

. Achieved spot awards twice for good support for field trials and in

the quick bring up of the lab during the campus movement activity

. Awarded "Recognition Award" by Airvana for the good work done in

certifying the R1.1 Release deployment ready

. Attended and got certified in the 3 day workshop on "Mastering HSUPA"

by Award Solutions at Nuremberg, Germany

Highest Education

Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communications

Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad. Achieved First class with Distinction.



Date of Birth: 22nd December 1980

Marital status: Married

Passport No: J1406959

Permanent Address: Flat No. 301, Siri Residency, 1st Cross

V. Naganahalli, RT Nagar PO,

Bangalore - 560032

I declare that the details mentioned above are true to my knowledge and


-Lakshmikishore N


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