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electrical maintenance

any of city, Hawaii, United States
August 02, 2013

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Marvin Jem S. De Gracia

Al Rigga, Deira Dubai U.A.E

Mobile No: +971 50 1427740



I'm looking for the job or position that will enhance and take full

advantage of my professional and attainment and be responsible and

competent to whatever task/work your company can offer.


1. Electrical Technician

Emirates Flight Catering LLC

PO Box: 22525, Dubai U.A.E

March 5, 2013 till present


Essential Duties

. Electrical maintenance repair and troubleshooting power line and

control and mixing addition power lines, breaker panel board and


. Electrical maintenance Hobart machine and repairing

switch, magnetic contactor, photo sensor, timer and relay.

. Check motor repair and proper wiring connection for Hobart machine.

. Calibrate of control valve, transmitter and pressure gauge, air value,

discharge valve and solenoid valve.

. Termination of control cable from junction box.

. Termination of low voltage control panels.

. Lay out conduit and cable trays.

. Check lubrication of chain and conveyor motor.

. Check main conveyor tension and operation.

. Check safety switches.

. Check for unusual noises.

. Check seals for leakage.

. Check pump intake for any obstruction.

. Check pumps intake screw nuts for tightness.

. Check drain overflow O-ring.

. Check magnetic float switches.

. Check the float surfaces.

. Check drains lever mechanism.

. Check magnetic interlocking door switches.

. Check door spring.

. Check water deflection transfer plates.

. Check all pipe works is secure.

. Check wash arms throttles are in position.

. Check wash arms, plugs and jets.

. Check wash arms, locating clips.

. Check wash arms, spray pattern.

. Check alignment.

. Check rigidity.

. Check for distortion.

. Check for any damages.

. Check for proper fitting and location.

. Check O-rings.

. Check the jets heads.

. Check all switches especially for damage and operation.

. Check all indicator lamps especially for damage and operations.

. Check water supply for pressure and temperature.

. Check steam pressure is correct.

. Check air pressure supply is correct.

. Check for blocked drains.


. Emergency stops.

. Safety switch on funnel services hatch.

. Check Air Connection and Fittings.

. Air Hose.

. Double Slide Valve Stripper and Guide.

. Sensors for Double Slide Valves.

. Covers of Cable Trays.

. Discharge Valve Plate.

. Discharge Valve Cylinder.

. Sensors for Discharge Valve.

. Compressed Air Pressure (7bars).

. Compressed Air Regular.

. Compressed Air Filter.

. Packing and Packing Gland.

. Hatch and Hatch Cover.

. Any Leakage.

. Lamp test.



. Check bowl, Vaccum Chamber

. Check the electric heaters & connection

. Check water supply connection

. Check tilting mechanism, Drain valve & tap handle

. Check steam packings, and any leakage

. Check packings, Fittings and tilting handle

. Retighten all screw and bolts

. Check any damage or distortion

. Check function and correct operation

. Check the safety pressure relief valve


. Check electrical connection & control wirings

. Check heating elements, thermocouple & control switches

. Check electronic part like touch pad, tilting controller & main PC

. Check water supply connection & water taps

. Check lifting device & condition of linear motor

. Check condition of lid cover &spring tension

. Lubrication of pivot shaft

. Check any damage or distortion

. Check function & correct operation


. Check heating plates & electrical connections

. Check control wiring of each heating zone

. Check indicator light, selector switches & electrical panel Condit

. Check earthing/grounding condition

. Check safety features & heaters mounting

. Check actual ampere reading

. Check any damages or distortion

. Check correct function


. Check electrical connections

. Check heating elements, control switches, fuses, limit switches an

. Check drain valves, strainer, basket & drain pan

. Check any damages distortion

. Check function

2. Electrical Technician

Cygnet Interior LLC

PO Box: 78364, Dubai U.A.E.

July 2, 2008 up to August 1, 2009

Essential Duties

. Installation of power control cable in cable race ways cable trays PVC

(Polyvinyl) conduct, Rigid Steel Conducts, Electrical Metallic

Conducts Utility Boxes Electrical Devices.

. Wiring lay out of power, lighting and control cable of instruments,

motor lighting fixtures and electrical devices.

. Cable termination, Splicing of low and medium voltage of power

lighting and control cable.

. Installation or ground in grounding lay out system.

. Check and repair defective motor controllers of panel boards,

magnetic, switchers, breakers, relays, fuse, capacitors units and

electrical components of electrical motor, air handling units, motor

operated valve, motor pumps and air conditioning units.

. Check record in conducting plant preventive measure maintenance.

3. Electrical Maintenance

Marhaba Hotel Group

PO Box: 4339 Deira, Dubai U.A.E

May 18, 2007 up to June 15, 2008

Essential Duties

. To secure all the sodium light function.

. To maintain all the light in the office, also in the hotel.

. In charge in trouble shooting with regards electrical problems.

. Responsible for checking wiring where in connect properly.

. Monitoring the timer while the motor is working.

. In charge of maintaining the follow current.

. Monitoring and checking all the piping lay out.

. Responsible for any leakage trouble during working hours.

. Can piping and lay out in roughing-ins.

4. Electrical Technician

Ecolab San Miguel Corporation

Darong, Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur, Philippines

November 17, 2002 up to April 12, 2007

Essential Duties

. To maintain the level of the compressor pump tube lining.

. To monitor the timer, the pulsotron pump not to overheat.

. Responsible for cleaning and maintenance of compressor pump, pulsotron

pump, solenoid valve, pressure tank and timer.

. Responsible for checking the wiring where it connects properly.

. Exhauster Pump check machine as per given check list, checked and open

hatch for the exhauster impeller to observe any unusual loose bolts

and damage, checked all nipple nozzles for if in need to apply grease,

checked and cleaned module filters, tightened all loose bolts & nuts

on the motor housing, checked the stability of compressed air supply

for the system.

. Filter Cartridge System checked and remove all filters inside

exhauster module for cleaning and replacement.

. Cyclone Separator checked as per check list. Checked and cleaned

cyclone filters and separator module, checked, remove and cleaned

copper filters, checked motor belt for possible worn out, checked if

in need to apply grease of the motor, manually open and closed dump

lid to checked cylinder sensor stability.


> Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

Davao Merchant Marine Academy

Tagatto, Buhangin, Davao City Philippines

March 20, 2000


> Date of birth 14 May 1977

> Marital Status Single

> Nationality Filipino

> Gender Male

> Languages Known English & Tagalong

> Passport No EB7225704

> Visa Status Free Zone


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