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RHC Workforce Solutions Joined: January 13, 2021

RHC Workforce Solutions are expert consultants within the Commercial Construction and GREEN Building industry. We specialize in Workforce Consulting and provide an array of prefabrication, renewable energy, and general trades construction services.

We are experienced in all areas of construction, contract types, and contract management. Further, RHC Workforce Solutions has a full complement of qualified sub-contractors to augment our in-house capabilities, which enables us to meet all contract requirements.

​As a corporate partner, we provide a host of support services to effectively manage workforce development and job training, project staffing, and supplier diversity. Our focus rests on new design, expansion and renovation, installation, and repair projects for the Healthcare, Government, and Institution sectors. For each project, we delegate field coordinators and safety representatives to accompany our tradesmen for logistic support to ensure client satisfaction and timely completion of projects.

Our fully integrated operational organization provides a full spectrum of services that has a proven versatility with a carefully coordinated hands-on experienced team of professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves as a client-focused solution provider, engaging in projects from inception to completion in compliance with quality, health, and safety regulations.