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Mount Professionals Recruiting Network Joined: February 11, 2012

We are professional career recruiters working for companies all across the U.S. with great jobs available for you! We use our experience to place you in career opportunities that are the best fit for both you and the employer.

Our hardest job is to find YOU! We know where the great paying jobs are... you just have to tell us why you are better than all the rest. Then, if we believe you are a good candidate for the job, we use our influence with the hiring managers in the companies we deal with on a daily basis to get YOU the interview. The rest is up to you...

Here's a really important hint for successful job hunting: Read the job requirements carefully. If you can honestly meet those requirements, make sure your resumé tells the employer HOW you meet AND EXCEED them! Don't make claims you can't back up.

Our contact email for job seekers is

Best wishes in your search!