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Q: Why exchanging jobs?

The more jobs you have and the more jobs seekers you have - the better you serve your clients (recruiters).

If your job board or ATS has job feed, PostJobFree may include your jobs into PostJobFree search index.
We are sending over 3M job search alerts every month.

Q: What job feed format should I use?

We accept most popular feed formats (usually in XML).

Please make sure your job feed has the following fields:

- referencenumber (job id)
- title
- description
- location (e.g. city, state, country, postalcode).
Other fields, such as salary and category are optional.

Q: How would I receive job applications?

There are two options how PostJobFree would send you job seekers' applications:

1) By email.

This is simplest option to implement.

We would just send all job seekers' applications to your email.

If you want to send job applications to different emails, then please specify email for every job in your job feed.

2) By web API.

That option is more involving and requires you to have API on your web site.

The most obvious API implementation is to add web page that would receive HTTP POST requests with the following parameters:

- id (referencenumber or the job)
- resume
- coverLetter
- email (email address of job seeker who apply)
- ip (IP address of job seeker who apply)

Using web API allows you to automatically receive and process job seekers' applications.

Q: How much does it cost?

Standard integration is free. If you have to ask job seekers custom questions when they apply for your job then you would have to pay for applications.

Q: Can you redirect job seekers to my jobs to apply?

We can, but only on PPC (pay per click) basis. Minimum CPC is $0.10/click. However if possible, we would prefer sending applications to you for free as opposing to sending job seekers clicks on PPC basis.

Q: Who do I contact?

Please email your integration requests to: