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Servant Leader Intern

Nashville Freedom School Partnership
Nashville, TN
March 11, 2023


As a Nashville Freedom School Partnership (NFSP) Servant Leader Intern (SLI) you would be joining an intergenerational team for a eight-week summer enrichment program serving children and youth from underserved communities. As a SLI, you will be trained to help children and youth see their power to make a difference for themselves, their family, their community, and their world through social-action based curriculum and culturally relevant literacy and enrichment programming.

SLI candidates should have the following skills and qualifications:

Must have completed at least one year of college in good academic standing

Strong interpersonal skills

Ability to creatively think and collaborate

Ability to work on an intergenerational team

A strong commitment to the well-being of children and youth

Ability to develop and successfully implement lesson plans

Ability to effectively communicate with others and clearly express complex ideas

Proficient active listening skills to understand and adapt to children and youth’s various learning and social-emotional needs

Strong public speaking, oral presentation, and writing skills

Excellent organization and time management skills

Preferred Experience (will not impact candidate's hiring opportunity if doesn’t have this experience):

A minimum of 1-2 year experience in teaching, leading/facilitating educational or community programs, social work experience,

Experience in implementing restorative justice circles/practices with young children and youth