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100% WorkFromHome 1099 Mortgage Loan Originator- NMLS(JobPosting)

US Mortgage Lenders We Train & Hire 954-667-9110
Remote 100% Commission (JobPosting)
March 11, 2023
Premium Recruiter


(JobPosting) 100% Remote 2.75% Comp Mortgage Loan Originator 1099

Job Description:

US Mortgage Lenders LLC is hiring remote Loan Originators with a proven track record of honesty and integrity. We are a highly established mortgage company seeking self-sufficient loan originators to offer unique loan programs and specialized services. We respect our loan originator’s independence and encourage them to work remotely while giving them access to our 100+ lender’s systems and processes and daily Zoom meetings. We pay the highest commissions in the field of mortgage lenders while still offering the most competitive rates options.

Mortgage Loan Officer - MLO Originator- NMLS & State Required

New Career? We Hire/Train 1099 (MLO) Mortgage Loan Originators

US Mortgage Lenders We Train & Hire 954-667-9110 or email

Mortgage Loan Originator- MLO Originator- NMLS & State Required

We Hire & Train New Mortgage Loan Originators

We need LO’s with UST license, or willing to get it

Ability to self-start and work remotely (from home) on a set schedule in a secure

Strong Phone Skills, Strong People Skills, Strong Sales experience

NOTE: You must be NMLS licensed first.


Sign agreement, Transfer license, get logins and start submitting.

Process your loans while you transition.

Onboarding including a description of lender programs and lender recommendations.

One on one Account rep support and training learn new systems.

Weekly Lender provided training webinars to learn new systems.


We Hire+Train Remote Mortgage Loan Originators

Rank City Population

1 Jacksonville 954,614

2 Miami 439,890

3 Tampa 387,050

4 Orlando 309,154

5 St. Petersburg 258,201

6 Hialeah 220,490

7 Port St. Lucie 217,523

8 Cape Coral 204,510

9 Tallahassee 197,102

10 Fort Lauderdale 181,668

11 Pembroke Pines 169,391

12 Hollywood 152,131

13 Gainesville 140,398

14 Miramar 135,077

15 Coral Springs 132,822

16 Lehigh Acres 124,523

17 Palm Bay 122,942

18 West Palm Beach 117,286

19 Clearwater 116,674

20 Brandon 115,909

Ways To Originate Mortgage Business

Knowing “how to generate the mortgage business” is easy! The problem is not with the strategies and techniques of how to do something; the problem is that we don’t “do” what we know.

1. Loan originators should visit and call realtors at real estate offices frequently, with or without flyers. You must always be sure to inform the agents about all the new loan programs available to help them sell more homes. When you call or visit these offices, always give the impression that you are very serious about your business and adding value by introducing the new loan programs available. Don’t rely on flyers to grow your business for you. Flyers are only useful for announcing a new program that’s unique to you or your company. If you are using flyers as a crutch (to give you a sense of security) to call on offices, do it!

2. Ask to talk at weekly meetings for real estate offices. When you do land a meeting, be sure to prepare. Make them want to do business with you. Loan originators should always try to inform the realtors about all the new loan programs available to help them sell more homes. Do something different from everyone else. Make them laugh, make them better, and make them want to do business with you.

3. Attend weekly real estate office meetings and bring goodies. Answer questions, be available, and build relationships with as many realtors as possible. Make your presence known when you attend these meetings. Let them know (in your own way) that you are there to do pre-approval of their borrowers and that you are available to help them.

4. Go to your local board of realtor’s events and parties. Make friends and build relationships at the events, hand our cards and ask for as many cards as your can. Realtors love giving out their business cards. Caution! Don’t drink too much. Your conduct must command respect if you are attending these functions to grow your business.