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Hiring For Boiler (12Th Diploma)0 To 4 Years

ES pvt ltd
Puducherry, India
10000 to 20000
January 15, 2022


• People in this career work all shifts, including nights and weekends, and report directly to floor supervisors or managers.

• Boiler operators work within boiler rooms and equipment rooms and rarely travel in the course of their day-to-day duties.

• Boiler operators perform frequent inspection checks and regular maintenance on boiler systems and related valves, gauges, piping, and other equipment.

• Boiler operators repair piping, valves, and other boiler machinery as needed.

• Boiler operators replace defective valves, gauges, and other boiler parts as needed.

• Boiler operators adjust valves and boiler controls as needed to control the amount of pressure in the system and keep the boiler system functioning safely.

• Boiler operators work in industrial environments such as factories, power plants, warehouses, and in the equipment rooms of large buildings that run on boiler systems.