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Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisors.

Impactstaffing Ltd
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
To be Determined.
January 12, 2022


This person will be responsible for the planning, organizing, and developing of the overall operation of the housekeeping and laundry department.

Responsibilities Include:

*Manage the hiring, evaluation and disciplining of housekeeping employees; prepare work schedules and maintain adequate staffing.

*Inspect cleanliness of facility, sanitation and infection control; take corrective action where necessary.

*Provide supportive leadership; a feeling of complete trust, security, and satisfaction through demonstrations of competence and willingness to serve.

*Develop a stable, competent work force and encourage personal growth of all personnel through periodic evaluation and review.


*Provide effective oral and written communication skills, having the ability to work well with others at all levels.

*Full knowledge of pertinent regulatory agencies and the policies, codes, standards, and regulations that applies to the clinical equipment in their area.

*Must have detailed organization and prioritizing skills with the ability to train; teach, show and follow-up on all assignments, when necessary.

Must be able to work a varied and flexible schedule including days, nights, weekend, & holidays.

We will provide the work placement/work permit (Visa) with our Corporate clients.

If you are interested by a position in Hospitality area, please, send us a resume thru email.