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ES Pvt ltd
Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, India
January 13, 2022


They need to look for appropriate supplier and take quotes from all.

Once they receive the best suitable quotation then they can finalize the order and start with issuing of order.

It is essential for them to confirm the delivery date with supervisors.

In case if industry needs credit from banks then these engineers need to prepare application letter for it.

To receive the ordered consignment they first need to complete all documentation work.

They must be aware of purchase guidelines before entering in to any kind of contract.

Before making payments they should scrutinize all invoices and also look for safety standards.

They should select proper mode of transportation of good keeping in mind the maintenance factor.

Their next step would be to get clearance for goods and scrutinizing custom related documents.

They need to maintain proper communication between their superiors and suppliers in order to convey every bit of details properly.


Interpersonal and negotiation skill is essential.

They need to have good communication skill with convincing power to crack the best deal.

Being good with written communication can make it easy to draft applications.

They must have efficient knowledge about goods available in market.

They have to maintain contact with best traders to achieve maximum benefit out of trade.

Candidate must be literate in computer.

Having good planning skills can be favorable.

They must be good with business and material management.