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Online Native French Teacher-- Part Time

Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
January 21, 2022


Job Opening Native European French teachers Wanted!

HiTutor is the biggest online language institution based in Taiwan. We offer language tutoring for more than 17 languages including English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Korean/Thaiā€¦and so on. We are currently recruiting online native French teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate in teaching.

HiTutor Business Philosophy-

Language learning brings you new pleasures and it makes you dare to communicate with the world. It is warm, and it becomes meaningful when interacting with people.

**Job Description:

[Teaching Method] Online Teaching Platform

[Equipment Needed] PC/laptop, headset and webcam

[Working Hours] You can plot your own time slots

[Class Type] 1-1 teaching

[Class Length] 25/50 minutes

[Teaching Material] Provided by Hi!Tutor

**Job Qualifications:

Higher education degree or diploma

Six months teaching experience or above is preferred

Fluent in English or Chinese

Comfortable with technology and has a stable wired/wifi Internet connection

**For quick contact you can reach at:

Skype: hitutoraa50028

Wechat: Hitutor-hr06

Whatsapp:+886 968 518 655

Line: hitutor-hr06

=Important Events=

It is expected to be listed on the OTC in 2021. IPO in April 2021. Public release in 2020. Become the agent of British Council Aptis in 2020. Won the National Brand Yushan Award in 2018. In 2017, a business team was established in Japan to expand overseas territory to all parts of Japan. In 2014, it passed the innovative research and development plan of the Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and invested in the research and development of a dynamic teacher certification system, an independent enterprise platform and a dual-track training model, a smart customer service delivery system and a personalized precision marketing model. In 2013, through the innovative research and development plan of the Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we developed online multi-language courses, including 17 languages: English, European languages and Asian languages. We are currently the only one in the Philippines that has online professional language learning institution with multiple foreign languages