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Health educator

Proways dynamic resources
Ibadan, Borno, Nigeria
January 13, 2022


Health Educator Job Description

We are seeking a knowledgeable health educator to design targeted health education programs for our community. In this role, your duties will include gathering data and developing health education initiatives aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, wellness, and a healthy environment.

To ensure success, health educators should possess extensive experience in developing health education programs and the ability to determine educational needs. First-class candidates achieve sustainable results by actively involving the community in healthcare initiatives.

Health Educator Responsibilities:

Conducting assessments and surveys to determine health education needs.

Collaborating with health specialists and stakeholders to set goals and achieve sustainable results.

Developing plans and policies toward achieving health education objectives, and monitoring the progress.

Designing and distributing health education materials and aids, including pamphlets, notices, video, and audio clips, images, and posters.

Facilitating health education events, workshops, conferences, and presentations.

Promoting health education initiatives via press releases, media campaigns, social media platforms, and websites.

Identifying strategic partnerships with organizations and stakeholders that promote health education.

Coordinating grant applications to obtain funding for health education programs.

Documenting activities, recording information, and maintaining databases, as well as overseeing health education program staff and volunteers.

Providing staff, community agencies, and organizations with access to health education resources.

Health Educator Requirements:

Bachelor of science in public health, or similar.

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) preferred.

3-5 years of experience in healthcare education.

Extensive experience in collecting and analyzing data, as well as formulating objectives.

Advanced ability to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate health education programs.

Ability to develop educational materials and aids, and to promote and present health education initiatives.

Exceptional ability to achieve sustainable health education program results.

Extensive experience in fostering strategic partnerships and coordinating objectives.

Ability to document processes, maintain databases, and provide access to resources.

Excellent communication and networking skills.