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Non voice tele caller

NTT techpvtltd
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
July 18, 2021


Initiate telephonic contact with existing and prospective clients in order to generate sales.

2. Given their reliance on spoken language, Telecallers ought to display excellent verbal communication.

3. tele-caller is to make cold or unsolicited calls on behalf of a third party, to obtain information or sell any product or service.

4. Starting from customer service to technical process, a lot of departments would require tele-callers.

5. Your voice is most critical tool in tele-calling so use it as your advantage.

6. Always be pleasant and your smile should reflect from the phone when you speak.

7. Speak clearly and don't get nervous. Be friendly and address the client by their name.

8. Excellent communication skills.

9. Creative thinking skills.