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sharing - remotely part-time

Elite Store
United States Military Acade, NY
1500 +
July 22, 2021


Job Sharing - remotely part-time

I want someone (resident in the United States of America) with experience to join us and participate with us in performing this job to work for a reputable company in Japan and this company is listed on the stock exchange.

Read carefully Job description and objectives below.


• Speak with customers to settle on reason for overdue payment

• Reconciled discrepancies with clients

• Record information regarding financial status of client and status of

collection efforts

• Granted extensions of credit

• Coordinated collection efforts

• Review terms of sales, service, or credit contract

• Sort and file correspondence

Job Tasks and Responsibilities :

· review and verify invoices and check requests

· set invoices up for payment

· track expenses and process expense reports

· prepare and process electronic transfers and payments

· prepare and perform check runs

· post transactions to journals, ledgers and other records

· reconcile accounts payable transactions

· prepare analysis of accounts

The time required will be 10-15 mins of your time 2-3 times weekly. Your

point of contact would be either phone calls and eMail. There will be no

travel involved. Your reimbursement of 5% will be deducted from every

payment received and your monthly salary will be sent out to you by

the company at the end of your first working month with us. Method of Payment will be wire transfer to your bank account or

Bitcoin. All payment made to you by our customers, will be solemnly

controlled by you.