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Preschool Teacher

Kiddie Academy
Livermore, CA
15.00-20.00 hour
July 22, 2021


Kiddie Academy of Livermore is looking for a seasoned Preschool Teacher to join their team!

A successful Preschool Teacher will have various skills and qualifications to perform the required duties, including the ability to effectively instruct young children, patience and communication skills with young children and the ability to adjust teaching methods to meet different learning styles. Preschool Teacher skills and qualifications include [but are not limited to]:

Ability to develop activities that are fun and educational for young children;

Ability to instruct young children in rules of conduct and learning new tasks;

Ability to select the appropriate teaching method and adapt to children’s learning styles;

Ability to effectively communicate with children and parents;

Proficient active listening skills to understand and adapt to the various needs of children and parents;

Patience and compassion suitable for working with young children.


At least 12 Early Childhood Education Units [infant/toddler & school age units included preferred]

At least 2 years of experience within a preschool setting

At least 1 year of independent teaching preferred but not required

A strong ability to multi task, go with the flow, and stay positive