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Specialist Emergency Medicine

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
July 21, 2021


We are now looking for a Specialist in Emergency Medicine to join the team.


Collecting medical histories

Thoroughly examining patients

Drawing conclusions and order tests

Deciding on appropriate courses of treatment

Emergency resuscitation

Placing intravenous lines

Taking whatever steps are necessary to stabilize the patient for transport to another area of the hospital or transport to another hospital

Effectively treating less serious injuries, such as broken bones or lacerations.

Determining if patients need to be admitted to the hospital for further evaluation

Deciding whether

Discharging some patients with instructions for self-treatment and follow-up with their personal care physician for additional evaluation on an outpatient basis.


Must effectively communicate with your co-workers to ensure the best care and the proper procedures. Must be able to communicate in high-stress environments.

Offering your full attention to an individual person or group in order to fully understand problems and their nature.

Must use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

Needs to be able to act autonomously and make difficult decisions that would benefit the patient or make corrections.

Must consider all benefits and repercussions of potential actions and choose the appropriate one.

Must be able to identify complex problems and develop and evaluate corrective options and implement solutions.

Must be able to endure intense situations and handle the pressure that comes with extreme situations you may encounter.

Must be trustworthy because you have people's lives in your hands and what you do could help or hurt them. They are entrusted with great responsibility and must live up to it.