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Bsc nursing 2019 fresher

NTT techpvtltd
United Kingdom
22k to 35k
July 21, 2021


She will be responsible and overall In-charge of Nursing Services in a hospital or specialized centres irrespective of the number of beds.

She will be responsible to the Medical Supdt. or Addl. MS or chief of Centres of the hospital or centre as the case may be.

She will be responsible for implementing hospital/centre policies amongst various nursing units.

She will assist the CNO in formulation of hospital policy, particularly concerning nursing services.

She will officiate as CNO in the absence of CNO (The senior most amongst the NS will do so).

She will recommend personnel and material requirement for nursing various nursing service departments of the hospital.

She will assist MS/Addl. MS or Chief of Centres in recruiting nursing staff.