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Global Channel Management, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
July 20, 2021


Biologist needs 3+ years’ experience

Biologist requires:

• B.S. in biology with experience working in an academic or industrial research laboratory

• Hands-on experience and familiarity with contemporary techniques in cell and molecular biology research fields is a must.

• Experience on generation of stable cell lines with various cancer cells is desired

• Work experience in cancer biology related research is a big plus

• Ready to take on new challenges and open to learning new skills

Biologist duties:

• Work closely with research scientist in a cell and molecular laboratory and perform experiments daily • Maintain, passage various adherent or suspension cancer cell lines, prepare cryopreservation frozen stock for long term storage.

• Conduct and assist to conduct plasmid DNA transfection of cancer cell lines using lipid based reagents, electroporation, as well as viral based methods.

• Conduct and assist to conduct experiments to select and generate sub-lines with stable exogeneous expression of gene of interest from cell transfection.

• Perform cell based assays including cell proliferation assays, cell survival assays with cytotoxic compounds using multiple technology platforms

• Perform biochemistry assays including western blotting, ELISA, multiplex ELISA

• Perform molecular biology assays including DNA, RNA isolation from cell culture and tissues, RT-qPCR for gene expression analysis

• Assist in other experiments and laboratory maintenance related activities

• Maintain accurate laboratory records and data.

• Do initial data analysis in Excel and other analysis software, prepare experiment results summary

• Work with scientists from other teams in a collaborative environment